Week #86 of Reading Like A Maniac

Merry Easter!

Hope you’re having a good time near friends or family, I know I had a great Friday morning eating some pepperoni pizza and watching some 80’s movies on Netflix while catching up with my dad and his various pets. Besides I managed to read a lot during my first week back in university, it was a sort of “hot n’ cold” week, at least that’s how I felt (like something awful would happen and then it didn’t) but I enjoyed my reads so that’s a plus.

The first book I read was Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris, the 12th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.


Sookie was invited to another vampire party after the glorious passing tumblr_na68fpaSW11shd8d6o1_250of the new Louisiana King’s wicked lackey, and his pompous majesty is looking for the killer; unfortunately for Sookie that’s not all that is to fear because someone is trying to frame Eric for the murder of a young stripper and on its way attempting to tear their relationship apart in their already precarious state. The answer might not be so obvious, after all, at least not for our dear blonde waitress.


I shifted sides, from annoyingly hot Eric to sweet stubborn “always-there” Sam Merlotte. The plot contributed to it much, because overall the other books Sookie has seen how the rest of Bon Temps moved on with heir lives getting married/having kids/doing human things and those things gave her a melancholic feeling but just that, however when she thinks Sam could have gotten married to Jannalyn she looses it. That’s her breaking point like when he died, though the way how this was approached wasn’t the best nor the most believable which was a pitty. In the other hand, who would have thought Claude was the betrayer all this time; OK that plot line was weak but interesting and sad as well.


Next book I read was Dead Ever After by the same author, the last book in the series.


Sookie knows that after saving Sam, her relationship with Eric might never recover but she doesn’t regret it and while she deals with the71cc84ecec022e7bf33cfe982b15739e aftermath of her new “resuscitater” status and new threat is setting her as his or her target. A former friend dies, Sookie is imprisoned, Eric is more distant than ever, Sookie looks for comfor somewhere else, life isn’t what used to be neither fair: or at least, that’s how things go in the new supernatural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.


This book had so much potential to be fucking perfect but i don’t know what the f happened to Charlaine’s creativity after book ten. Anyways, the book was OK because of the whole who is supporting this baddies into killing Arlene to fuck Sookie’s life up; I felt kinda dumb for not realizing it couldn’t be the most likely to but whatever. In other news I must admit that for a long time I’ve only thought of Eric as a hot empty she’ll so Sookie’s heartbreaking break up didn’t reach my edges neither my cold cold heart but I’m happy she ended up with Sam, I just wished their love story would have longed longer and I could have been more epic and realistic. I just wanted more to make sense, I hoped for so much more.


The third book was Right by Jana Aston, the second one in the Right series.


Everly has always had one thing in mind when it came to life goals and tumblr_mv1ossUVdk1qd4w1no9_250that was getting together with her brother’s best friend Finn but things haven’t progressed yet. He not only sees her as the little sister of his mate nor just as a student in the college he teaches in but as his annoying and stressful self-proclaimed stalker. However, she’s still trying to be in his mind but things get complicated when his older brother appears and his enormous ego claims her as his own. Sometimes, what you think you want is not what you need neither what you have.


The book itself was both cute and an idealized romantic adventure, since there were no actual problems like cheating or different ideas or just fighting al the fucking time so that was like a nice breath of unreal air. I felt a #50Shades vibe when she realizes he’s the owner of the building and is a millionaire and they have some foreplay in front of his large window but it had no bdsm so that we out of the question. I found it very original and fresh, which is not something one finds easily in new adult novels; I didn’t feel there were any clich√© story lines and I was happy with the characters cuz they made me laugh specially Every and her lovely inability of finding a filter in awkward situations, she doesn’t make a fuss about stuff and definitely does not overreact and that makes me admire her even more.


The fourth book was Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, the first book in the series of the same name.


Amy Gumm has always been Kansas’ pariah and she knows it. After all, she lives in a dirty caravan with not enough money coming from hertumblr_mt73f6UW4o1r4fzhbo4_250 irresponsible divorced mother and being the constant target of the most popular girl in school. She has never had a purpose more than getting the he’ll out of that sinkhole of a life, but when her wish comes true in the shape of a tornado that drives her to no other place than Oz; she’ll have to face a worst Bitch in Charge than the one she left in Kansas, and this one wears the most stylish red high heels ever. She’s so far away from home now.


So Dorothy is nothing more than a red high heel shoes bitch. And all her little mates became little egocentric or delusional beasts, but I always though Glinda was a manipulate little cunt so there was no surprise for me there. omg, I love the world building, how everything was Oz but in a twisted more ruthless way, a way I loved by the way. And the characters were really complex (but Dorothy, until now she’s just a power hungry bitch) like the Tin Man with his unrequired love that ended up being his demise, and also as Glemora and her hatred for hee heartless traitorous sister. But I also liked the fight scenes like that last one between Amy and the Tin Man, or the one between Gert and the not-so-Cowardly Lion with the other wild sort of mutant animals. I crave for more of that.


The last one I read was The Wicked Will Rise by the same author, the second book in the Dorothy Must Die series.


After trying and failing at killing the Wicked Bitch of Kansas previously tumblr_m7vtqzIetz1r1ubkao7_r2_250known as farmer Dorothy, Amy has to fix her mistakes and follow the instructions of the Wizard to end the tyrant princess once and for all by taking away and destroying the gifts he gave to Dorothy’s partners himself a long time ago. In the way, Amy will discover ugly truths, lovely lies and devastating consequences that could ruin Oz and Amy’s life forever. They say there’s no place like home, but in her position, do you even know the answer?


I’m still recovering from that last two episodes. I’m confused, shocked and frightened, however I’m a bit intrigued as well to see how things turn out when Amy will try to look for something familiar in the new Kansas perhaps, -I mean… what will she find instead of her mum or fucktard Madison? What will become of Pete? Will Dorothy die eventually? What the f is the matter with the witches and why were they suspiciously waiting for Amy? I literally want to know how all the traumatic and shifting shit that happened in this book will make a stand in the next installment, for example: the Hulk appearance Amy develops when she lets magic take over her, or maybe the presumed new mental state of Ozma, or Nox’s new suspicious yet sweet personality. All I can say is that this book left me amazed by the creativity of the scenes and in a constant “WTF” state.