Week #87 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening, fellow book addicts.

This week was the real start of university’s stress fest and I’m heating up to feel awkward, embarrassed and potentially teary over projects, homework and exams besides my TBR list which I won’t be abandoning but I will definitely reduce the amount of books to read per week; however that’s not starting this one since I’ve read six unreal novels I’ll share with y’all.

The first book I read was Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige, the third book in the Dorothy Must Die series.


Amy is back… In Kansas. The witches are with her as well and Nox has 2qce5u0a new position to ascend to, but Dorothy is still alive harboring power to get her kingdom and the fear of the rest of Oz. And the only key to returning to the magical dying land might be a special pair of shoes hidden in the last place she ever wanted to return next to the horrid people she swore wouldn’t trust nor be tamed by. Sometimes we have no choice but to get the craziest allies.


Beginning to read this, I was so confused because this book contradicted previous statements about Amy’s mom as how she managed to see her through the palace’s magic picture, besides Amy’s aptitude was totally more naive and immature which was an immediate “turn-off” for me, I mean she didn’t use to be like that, she was a down to earth badass not a whiny girl with no plan more than a bit unsuccessful manipulation. But then things shifted and were starting to become interesting like her relationship with Madison and her ugly baby, then came he huge battle in the Thin Man’s palace which was unbelievably intense, and finally the decadence of Dorothy ending her for good (?). Overall it was a good story with a not so strof tone, it was a great follow up just that it wasn’t polished enough.


Next book was the creative stand alone American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout.

American vampire

The small town of Penance, Ohio used to be a nice little community with villagers looking for a sweet life and some good times with thetumblr_ma2b2t2AWF1qmahxv family in the hard working neighborhood but now all that is gone. Peace, tranquility, happiness nor trust is to be found in this raw land where only fear, judgement and secrets haunt everyone who sets a foot in this field. Until a vampire joins the imprisonment next to the rest of them, Graft realizes that once you’re in this town there’s no way out and that a terrifying guardian keeps everyone in, specially an appealing and mysterious young woman whom he will slowly develop an inevitable attachment.


This might not have been the best vampire stand alone ever but it was an OK tale with a bitchingly creative story line. The whole supernatural aspect of the ghost town lost in its own land was creepy and gave me some Silent Hill movie vibes which is a pretty good sign, on the other hand there was the monster/demon like creature eating people up with its snake and bull like features terrifying the villagers. And then there was the annoying female main character, who kept living her fucked up lifestyle as the on and off mistress of his shitty ex until she falls for the vampire which is not a good way of moving on from a toxic relationship but the ending was so good and swiftly unexpected that I’ll let that go.


*Being completely honest, when I got the book I thought it was written by JLA. 😨

The third book I read was Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep, the first book in the Mythos Academy series.


When Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Frost lost her mom in a terrible car crash she tumblr_n1eimkcoTf1r0rwtlo2_500just wanted to stay with her grandma and cry all day long for the injustice that had plagued her happiness, for the guilt she felt over that accident because if she hadn’t used her “abilities” perhaps her mother wouldn’t have gotten involved in all that mess. She never expected to be sent to the strangest of schools to learn how to use her “gifts” next to other “special” teenagers and young adults. She was sent to Mythos Academy where all myths and legends are true, and an impending war is getting closer to Gwen ’cause she’s more than just the poor weird Gypsy chick.


Let’s face it, the book started a little slow, repetitive and sloppy but after the first six episodes everything went up and up with a sometimes obvious but still shocking plot line which kept me reading until I felt so attached to the main character (Gwen) that I cried every time Logan made her feel awful. My heart broke next to hers, somehow. Also there were all those times with the joyful memories of her mom and the dress they bought, as well as the picture of her and the friend teacher whose name I feel embarrassed I can’t recall. Besides this, the writing style was on point since it made me finish this book tonight when I thought I would be done with it by tomorrow night or afternoon (it was crazy, and I feel quite accomplished).


The following book I read was the previous’ sequel, Kiss of Frost by the same author.


All Gwen wants is some dignity, after all she just survived the murder attempt of Jasmine in the library as getting her heart broken by the tumblr_inline_nvssfiEkL91qk9936_500hottest of Spartans, Logan. However, that’s not on Daphne’s plans since now her new entitled best friends wants her to accompany her and her skilled boyfriend to a school trip in one of the most luxurious snowy resorts in the US to forget about her sadness and gain the confidence that as the Champion of Nike she should have. Soon Gwen will find out that all that liberty maybe more dangerous and risky than she ever thought.


Don’t get me wrong, it still held its regular clichés like for example that the obvious bad guy is the new one in town or that Logan had a dark/teary family secret. But it managed to have more innovative aspects to make me not feel upset or bored about those aspects, like the fact I was guessing till the end of that scene if perhaps Oliver had a thing for Gwen (despite she saying it wasn’t her) or that Preston had something to do with Grace’s death next to that mysterious girl in the coat which makes me plan my theories about secret twins and hair dying friends or other things; there’s also the lovely fact that Logan and Green are some sort of an item now. However what I enjoyed the most was the transition of Green from making stupid decisions to showing her bravery and kindness in the most kick butt way ever.

jorah and selmy

The fifth book I read was Dark Frost, the third one in the series.


Gwen is having a blast (?). She’s been technically forced to venture in tumblr_n2xxlmRlnW1qhfmeyo2_500the mind of one of her mother’s murderers every day after school, she’s slowly progressing in her own fighting skills, another Reaper is totally attending the academy, she has to find a lost dagger that could unlock Locky’s imprisonment and besides all that: Logan won’t define their relationship or at least inform her of their status. She’s under much pressure with a sword who won’t stop talking about murdering foes with its British accent and a long lost furry friend, but she’ll have to endure and just keep going because she’s still Nike’s Champion no matter the failure neither the pain nor the blood she’ll have to spill, everything is for the greater good.


There were the same issues like the bit of repetitions and a little non feminist reactions but I’ve learnt to deal with those things and focus on the good sides like the whole mystery behind the “cloaked girl” who nobody knew who it was I mean even I started to have my doubts but when it was revealed who it was I was a little disappointed cuz it would have been Bette if it had been a character we’ve known since day one and no this sudden newbies we got on our radar. Other thing I liked was that Gwen kept growing in her butt-kicking ways and never gave up on her warrior skills even though she’s not the best or a born fighter but she tried hard enough to shame some skilled Spartans; and can we discuss her new power? Holy shit! That was creepy and so cool and I just couldn’t help by imagine Pearson growing little and skinnier by the second until he looked like an old dead man. It was just sick and twisted and unexpected and she surely needs to try it on fucking Loki.


And finally I read Crimson Frost, the fourth one in this passionate series.


She failed but somehow Gwen’s in her first date with the always charming Logan, despite the dirty looks of some idiot girls. But shetumblr_mhnkvwIqKK1qcg5dbo1_250 knows that so much calmness can’t last, and that’s exactly what happens when a secret someone gives Gwen up to the highest of authorities of the Pantheon with lies about her behavior and murderous desires besides they now think she’s supporting Loki. She’s imprisoned and put into question, she thinks that another secret Reaper is on the run and wants her head for the weak Nordic God of Chaos but reality is way worse than just her death.


Seriously, I was waiting for a bit of murder or at least some easy dismemberment that never came, I was literally pining for Gwen to cut Vivian’s ring finger or some stepmother’s neck to remove her bitch necklace, but somehow Gwen never catches them and stays wondering about irrelevant and redundant things. She’s still nice and buttkicking however that doesn’t exclude that girl needs a lot of work to do and stop being afraid of her “life extracting power” so she can beat Locky how it’s meant. In other news, the mysteries were shocking (like how couldn’t I find out about this earlier) though the revelations were predictable to some extend; however the climax scene remained being bloody and filled with anxiety and nervousness which I strangely enjoyed.



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