Week #88 of Reading Like A Maniac

This week had me going crazy with stress and anxiety about my French teacher and my statistics project, but now I’m sort of alright and I’m gonna practice the last ones even more to get good grades somehow. Anyways, I managed to read six books and still wake up at 5am every morning to leave for university, I know I’m a goddess of punctuality.

First book I read was the fifth in the Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep, Midnight Frost.


Despite not having Logan around anymore everything seems to go fine tumblr_mnu2o0UKBw1qfz3hfo3_250for Gwen, until a person close to her heart fell as collateral damage and now is fighting to survive this murder attempt with all the help he friends can give. But she needs the only thing that could save him, the cure to his affliction that is located through a dangerous path that could serve her on a silver plate for her enemies or drive her to an important piece of her family tree. All she knows is that the clock is ticking, and she’s already late.


Nice follow up, genuinely impressed by the final product. Everything grew in here and I shared some reactions towards what Gwen did and said so I felt truly close to this determined young girl like when she basically told Logan “to grow a pair and stop whining” or when she threw his dagger to the abysm. On the other hand were the obvious secrets like the fact that Covington wasn’t trust worthy since Rory said he had been the hero in that frightful night, or when the baby griffin was so thankful that it told its dad about helping her during the blizzard; however there were remarkably shocking moments like the existence and back story of Rory, Logan’s arrival, Nickamedes drinking the bottled water (seriously dude!?!) or Metis infatuation with the librarian, oh and the fact that Gwen’s dad was a Reaper until he fell for her saint of a mother. Overall, I felt pleased and encourage to keep reading the last book in the series.


Next book was Killer Frost, the final one in the previous series of unbelievable novels.


Logan’s back and Nickamedes survived his assassination attempt. Gwen should be in peace, feeling happy and thankful but there’s no time fortumblr_n2xmebjHse1qal0zgo3_r1_250 sentiments when Loki gets closer to attack the academy by the second and she remains ignorant to how could she end him once and for all. And if her position wasn’t complicated enough there’s still Loki’s Champion desperate to get her revenge on Gwen and drive her to be hated by her own friends and loved ones.


There we’re no permanent scars left in me which was a bit anticlimactic but I’m not complaining since I’m sure I would have cried otherwise. Anyways, I’m happy with the way my dear Gwen matured, how she showed the world who’s boss threatening everyone’s ass if they didn’t saved grandma and how she owned Viv’s brain like a pro. I felt so satisfied with that cuz not many characters do that nowadays, they are so not smart or not totally nice and just ruin everything but this girl is lawfully good and still managed to boss everyone around like nobody’s business. It was glorious.
Ps: I’d like to make a mention, because Nickamedes is the best paternal figure ever.


Third book I read was the first in the series of the same name, I’m referring to A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.


Sofia Claremont never had good luck: her mom went crazy and was put tumblr_lxm5lkQ4n11qgp3doo1_500in an asylum when she was a kid, her dad refused to raise her when she was nine and left her with his friends with some economical help, she fell in love with those friends’ son but he only sees her as a back up friend and now she has just been captured by an abusive and unpredictable vampire to join his brother’s harem in a lost island. Sofia starts to recognize she might be gone through the same path as her mom since she is falling for this brother who’s not only an enchanting blood sucker but the reigning Prince of the strongest coven of vamps ever constructed.


No matter how cliché the love story might be, it turns out really addictive since it has every guilty pleasure I want in a supernatural tale mixed with young adult like a sort of consensual harem (don’t ask me why I’m delighted by the idea), siblings fighting over a girl, choosing family or love, fate and wonderful yet crazy as f Stockholm syndrome romance. Overall what I enjoyed the most were the scenarios since this sort of vampire village is truly something with the magnificent houses on trees or the human slavery, also the whole idea that besides this being an island it is still secluded with a huge Berlin Wall surrounding it magically to protect its inhabitants. Everything just screams innovation and just exquisite world building.

The following book was A Shade of Blood by the same author, the second one in the vampire series.
Sofia and Ben are the first humans to succeed at leaving Shade island with the permission of Derek. They both will try to move on but what tumblr_static_tumblr_inline_mldyee0vyg1qz4rgphappened in their hearts will never change, they can experiment with former loves or the darkness in one self until a reality check comes in the form of a seer vampire girl that wants these two to give themselves a second chance in love and leadership of this cold piece of land.

To sum up, I liked how it ended but not how it started. I mean Sofia is too naive and too pure for this world that it comes so close to become just stupidly innocent, because Ben was manipulating her since the start of their friendship by making her feel guilty and just bossing her around like he was the vampire in charge. (God I hate that repulsive being!) And then she just forgave Derek for all the shit he did and almost did! In the last book I somehow felt she was a bit more feminist and aggressive when she was with the vamp Prince but she was so different until she clarify that she didn’t belonged to him but with him. On the other hand, everything about her family secret was shocking and crazy, while I fell in love with Vivienne and I hope she can make a man out of Ben during her confinement.

The fourth one I read was Castle of Sand.
A dangerous and deadly threat has fallen on Shade Island and his name tumblr_myjbivXCW91s0t9k2o5_250is family treasons. Lucas is now working with the most vile of the enemy covens, Gregory Novak is back and will do anything to separate the happy couple, Camilla Claremont is a crazy vampire with some sick secrets she’s keeping from her daughter and Aiden will never allow his Sofia to date a blood sucker. Sofia will have to walk through blood, deception, indecision and hurt to keep following the prophecy so Shade will find its vampire sanctuary once and for all.

wow, everything was so freaking surprising and thrilling and bizarre and epic at the same time. Like the almost revolt the Naturals were gonna make with Sofia as one of their leaders and supporters against the mistreatment and sacrifice that the elite were about to perpetuate under the king’s orders (I can’t remember the name of that impotent mf). She was so brave and aggressive, besides she has all the qualities to be a true queen. In other news I still can’t believe Vivienne is dead, she won’t be into I see a body or get a public confirmation by Aiden, anyways the times have changed Ben did died 😔, and I can’t believe I cried for his death and because I wanted him to have some kind of relationship with Vivienne, now that’ll never happen 😭😭. On the other hand, there was Sofia’s sick twisted mom who is way more contradictory and stressful than Claudia, God! this woman was jealous of her own nine year old and delivered her to that fucktard brutish Oasis vampire king like a freaking slice of pizza. I seriously need some tranquility after all this hellish situations.

The final book was A Shade of Light.
Nobody thought their love was such a big deal, even though Derek is forced by her dad and his own weakness to leave her side and she has 2b266775c5210e52d8b4be3f73a2e9c1 to live without him until she can get her way out. Sofia has always known she’s different, she even thought she was going insane but that’s just a syndrome and now she’s just discovered she’s immune to vampire venom and she’ll never be able to be turn into a vampire which gives her hope about a possible cure to his beloved’s afflictions. However, Derek is also facing his own issues like a civil war right ahead and a human revolt besides a probable attack for no reason with the other covens and she’s still manages to think of her love without darkness.

Everything was filled with incomprehensible characters I though I knew that kept changing like a freaking chameleon, people like sweet Vivianne proved to be weak for trusting her dad but also heartless and loyal to her cause, others like Aiden proved to be contradictory and hypocritical towards their own decisions and the reaction people get to their lies, then were complex camps like Ingrid/Camilla that obviously have a rough broken past (it obviously implies rape and neglect) and have maintained their hearts frozen and don’t know how to fix that until they just stop caring I just feel I need to hear her story and for her to take Sofia’s side for once acting like a though as nails mom. But going to another place and leaving the whole lie arch Aiden gave us behind, I’d like to refer to that last two chapters with that female vamp making Derek feel stuff, I don’t like the direction this could take. I’m a jealous person, it’s my weakness and what drives me to cry in books: the possibility of infidelity inside an otp.


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