Week #89 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all!

I was a little down starting this week until now because I’ll have to do some mandatory community service (I know it sounds shitty of me) besides my statistics project began as a stressing deal and I have a French test next Monday; but things got better since I’m beginning to see this new responsibility of teaching English to kids in need of all the knowledge they can get as a good and healthy thing, also my hard as nails project was organized and I’m breathing again so that weigh is off my shoulders. Now the only issue I have is studying some French; but tonight is not that night so I’m going to show you my review on the following six books belonging to the A Shade of Vampire series by the talented Bella Forrest.

First book I read was A Blaze of Sun.


Derek knows something was strangely familiar in that vampire girl he saw in Borys’ army, she’s beautiful and he feels unexpectedly connectedtumblr_inline_mo79inR4i71qz4rgp to her but until now he only knows her name: Emilia. However, when she appears as a hostage in the Shade, Sofia knows this could go the worst way possible and things take a turn for the ugly when not only her identity is discovered but also her dark allies with an unsuspected motive that could finally tear our main couple apart.


I say that because the moment Kyle narrated his story of conversion, it was more than just obvious that it was because of Anna’s immune blood but somehow everyone wasn’t aware of that and Rex and Ingrid died in their ridiculous attempts when it could have easily been resolved; I guess it suited the plot better. Anyway, that was my only complain cuz the rest of the story was believable and emotional and got me crying for some impotent scenes like the one where Sofia let herself go and yelled at Aiden for all those years he left her and Ingrid just turned away while Borys hurt her. Besides that, I’m curious about her future children with Derek but I just hope Kiev doesn’t succeed at taking them away when she gets pregnant or I’ll be ready for more tears.


The following book was A Gate of Night.


Aiden and Vivienne can’t help themselves but to think for some tumblr_ll58qlhOGQ1qa2gm6o1_500moments that sending Sofia and Derek on their honeymoon was a huge mistake, after all the princess is still unstable and Aiden just discovered he holds no power over his former crew but they let them continue their happy time. Unfortunately, their paradise is interrupted when a foe comes for Sofia with surprising news about their future and how the Shade will fall sooner than they thought right in front of their crying eyes. While the Elders prepare to ruin all pure things the vampire islands have, and form their own hell on Earth.


From heart stopping discoveries to unbelievable superpowers, this one was a definite winner in my view. It had more angst than anything, I spend half the book expecting something cliché to happen and save their unfair day and the other half crying because there was no real hope in the disastrous turn of events. It was like a fated Turkish period drama, so good yet so heartbreaking, so full of intrigue yet so naive to the world that Bella Forrest just threw to our faces like a paint bullet; from falcon like winged saviours to uncontrollably inflammable former camps and an annoying high witch that makes me wanna rip her silver hair from her fucking skull every time she fucks with my babies. Besides that, omfg that ending with Sof and Clara, I was like: “oh shit”.


Third book was A Break of Day.


All Sofia can think of are three things: Derek, her lost baby and blood. She just became a vampire and is now a host for a powerful Elder withtumblr_ln9u6bdS4s1ql18vyo1_500 twisted motives and heartless ways of getting what he wants so she has no power over her own body neither on what she’ll do to her loved ones. On the other hand, there’s Derek who has the weapon to kill those beastly vampires but needs a witch to succeed besides he’s desperate to get Sofia back without suspecting her sudden changes. One thing is certain: they’ll risk their own existence to have their child in their arms and form the family they we’re lucky enough to be rewarded with.


There we’re plot lines that I just wasn’t following cuz I never finished understanding like the whole Original Elders stuff since they could have been defeated anytime but weren’t cuz of those damn portals and the bird people as well and the neutral witches. Everything was just so fucking confusing so I’m gonna refer to things I actually understood like the desperation of parents here: there were Derek and Sofia pining for their twins and just being comforted by the simple act of breast feeding, there was also Aiden who sacrificed everything so his daughter would have her happy ending with his grandkids there was just lots of devotion. On the other hand there was the couple kind of love: with Ashley was he realization that she had killed her loved one and now all her emotion resides in her own hidden guilt and little Abby’s existence, then there were Vivienne and Xavier who finally got their happy ending and made me cry with their last reunion (I know it was such a cheesy cliché but it was a beautiful one), the passion and trust they had for each other for all those centuries and they somehow weren’t there to give up on each other but to believe in their future more than anyone. In the end, I felt terrified for all the shit that happened in those realms, in love with their seemingly perfect ending and intrigued by that werewolf appearing in the shore. I haven’t had my piece of cake on this one yet.


The next book was A Shade of Novak.


Years have gone by and some aspects of the Novak family have c446de6bed379ab3f42e26a44aa8b460changed, like the vampire state of not only Derek and Sofia but also Aiden to be able to protect the Shade and all it’s new inhabitants (vamps, humans and witches) besides their own set of twins: Rose and Ben. But soon our older couple will have to learn that their children are no longer babies but rebellious teens with secrets and desires of their own. Like Rose who’ll prove that she not only inherited her mother’s piercing green eyes but her susceptibility for the forbidden and dangerous as well.


It wasn’t entirely polished but it somehow managed to turn out nice and a bit passionate. I have some problems connecting with the twins, it took me half and a quarter of the book to figure out Rose’s game and her personality, on the other hand Ben was completely plain and not entertaining at all, I literally wanted to skip his episodes to go back to Rose or Sofia. BTW, I came to adore this new violent fierceness in Sofia when she said that Anna had been kidnapped, like it was her own kid or something; one could see​ the rage and loyalty. Besides that, I seriously crave that slow burning passion between Rose and sweet Caleb.


Then I read A Bond of Blood.


Eight month pregnant Anna was kidnapped and everyone blames tumblr_n0843vyZlM1tog324o5_250Caleb, so when everyone gets tricked to go to Annora’s castle to bring their precious friend back Rose is wiser than most or at least she thinks it so. She needs just a word of the guy she passionately kissed on the shore and she’ll believe in what she felt; but is she risking too much in what could be a lie or are those her insecurities speaking?. But she’s not the only one trying to find Anna, Ben was raised by the human for a short while however he’ll go through a risky path to recuperate her trusting in the most unlikely of allies.


I was looking for more interactions and self realization from Rose and Caleb’s obvious strong feelings for each other, they had the quick meetings but I wanted something more like a tiny more povs that talked about their emotions and hopes. However, one thing I did liked a lot was the incursion of Abby being so into Ben (despite him having her big brother’s name, pretty weird if we talk about sexy times and she’ll have to call him thinking involuntarily in her brother), then was the fact they included Kiev and his spin off friends and love in this giving them all a special and important place in here (specially that hughable ogre Brett). To finish this, I’d like to make a mention on how seeing the redhead teacher with Eli broke my heart as fast as Aiden’s, this poor man needs some love and Eli already has his pet vamp dog so please?!


Lastly I managed to finish A Spell of Time last night.


Annora’s spell is like a clock in Derek and Sofia’s heart and nobody seems to notice, except Caleb who will go against all odds to save Rosetumblr_inline_o2lpk2tS0c1rwt71l_250 from the pain of loosing her beloved parents but this young star crossed lovers will try to cheat their hearts to get a short break on their painful forbidden love: Caleb will try to find comfort in rescuing Annora’s soul and Rose is going to encounter adrenaline in a new resident werewolves of wild ways. The clock is ticking, and their infatuation could come to a disastrous demise.


OK, you know I’m a big shipper of Rose and Caleb so when he became so desperate to get his old Annora back I was beginning to get frightened cuz this could be a real thread to their ideal future together in the Shade but thank all the gods above he made it very clear (to me at least) that it was a way of distracting himself from his desire and tenderness towards the princess therefore I’m happy as fuck they are little runaways trying to go back to the Shade to save their asses and be force to talk about their feelings cuz there’ll be no way out of it. In other news, I’d like to point out that Sofia’s sense of humor is pure and clean in every way as she still was a surprisingly extroverted teenager playing dress up with other people’s hair. Going to more serious stuff, desperate for a baby Vivienne had a vision and it implied Rose might work as a new body for Lilith (the eldest dark witch that ever lived) and I’m scared towards what could happen and what are Rose’s hidden powers.


Who watched Riverdale last night?! Who expected all those sick dirty secrets? There’s surely no family like the Blossoms; but I still would have liked it better if the killer had been dark Betty, I want more of her and her black wig. 

Books & coffee, 



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