Week #90 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

Alright, this week has been more than just hellish since it was first exams in the cycle and I’m feeling tired and depressed since I’ve failed most of them but I’ve promised myself to get better in my grades and forced me to study some more days. That’s exactly why I have only read three books during the entire week; they we’re OK books I guess but I’m waiting for something more out of the lame ordinary.

First book I read was A Chase of Prey by Bella Forrest, the eleventh one in the A Shade of Vampire humongous series.


Caleb and Rose are on the run in Brazil after he abandoned Annora in a tumblr_nibrijhAwJ1syb5woo2_250horrible state and he prevented Rose from being offered to Lilith, besides he runaway with her through some portals so… His biggest enemy is looking for his head and her freedom while Lucas and Sofia get more desperate by the second with no news from both their witch friends neither from their daughter. Will Rose and Caleb admit their feelings for each other, or become the prey of more dangerous beings than just some black witches.


And everything was ruined by the small details I couldn’t understand until five minutes passed and of course there was the infamous kiss between not so lovely Caleb and cry baby bitch Annora in front of my sweet Rose, those motherfuckers!!!! My happiness was melted because of complications in a love triangle that shouldn’t have existed; I’ve got a feeling next book is totally going to ruin me and my otp feels like Bella never did with Sofia and Derek, I know Bella will break me so heartlessly.


Second I read A Shade of Doubt by the same fastest author alive.


All Rose wanted was to spend some quality time alone with Caleb in an island as calm as the waves, but what she got was not what shetumblr_nw00nkYxJH1rl07pso8_250 expected. Now she, he and Annora are left with nothing more than their almost nonexistent survival skills in a deserted island that look nothing like the Shade, as Rise begins to question whether Caleb has gained his feelings for human Annora back. On the other hand, there’s the unexpected yet threatening visitors arriving to talk to Sofia and Derek with some dark inhuman purpose, trying to use their weaknesses against each other.


I knew those Sanctuary witches couldn’t be trusted and now they’ve unleashed that fucked up flesh eating creature out in the island who not only mercilessly devours humans but also messes up some vampire minds and trust issues tearing couples a part, including breaking Mona’s heart therefore the witch is back in the Sanctuary having left the Shade without protection, in other words: we’re screwed. While on a new deserted island Rose and Caleb were finally bonding and had gotten rid of bitch Annora until the crazy ex managed to trade Rose as a slave for the harem of the ogre prince through a portal; so yeah everything is screwed over there as well.


And the final book was The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter, the first book in the trilogy of the same name.


Kate’s life hasn’t been easy since her mom was diagnosed and she had tumblr_m63k2oxZIM1qjnrebo4_250to quit being a teen to take care of her and spend as much time as she can with her before she’s gone. And now she’s spending her senior year in her mom’s little old hometown, where after an accident that involves a bitchy cheerleader and a river she meets Henry: an enigmatic and mysterious young man that claims to be Hades the ruler of the Underworld and the only one who can give her more time with her dying mother, so when he asks her six months for all her life to spend with him; her answer is already on the table.


Somehow, I didn’t felt really connected with all the characters in a humane level; like their reactions towards certain revelations weren’t believable or they o were too quiet to be consider real people. And some can argue saying they’re not but c’mon at east and omfg moment when Kate found out about Persephone’s connection to her? was it much to ask for it to be realistic and emotional? I mean all I got from there was fear or just pure naked violent anger, besides that was only the tears I dropped for Kate’s initial situation with her mom dying and her just wanting to regain some time with her. That’s how I know she’s a human being. All this situation is definitely sad because the plot line has so much edge and potential to become a beast in YA but the lack emotions is affecting it so I truly hope that the sequel has better reactions and stuff.



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