Week #91 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all

Even though I had much more time than I did last week, I still only managed to read three books. My university life is becoming organized and I’m not so about to lose it every two seconds of over thinking, however my reader existence is getting slower by the second and I surely need to find a more equivalent balance between my heart and brain.

The first book I read was Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter, the second one in the Goddess Test trilogy.


The moment Kate returned home to her husband and happy new tumblr_m5vjflNKQ21rnzrrzeternity, she realised the odds weren’t in her favour since all she ever wanted seems to crumble and vanish as Henry gets kidnapped by an old foe of the six original gods is brought back by an envious bitter goddess with a special hatred for Zeus and Kate. In order to get him back, she’ll have to ask some help from his ex: Persephone, her older sister. As her emotional health deteriorates as a dying flower.


Everything hurt in this book, I spend the first half and a quarter crying my eyes out while listening to sad Katy Perry songs and Marion Cotillard’s version of “Take It All”; I seriously think this was far beyond Bella in New Moon when Edward in anti-feminist standards, the pain was raw and unstoppable. I mean Henry was being a cruel dick to her on purpose and all because of his inexplicable jealousy of her friendship with James, he kissed her bitch sister because of that and I cried as I read whatever my poor sweet Kate said during those heartbreaking moments. And then everything was so nice and fixed and we were on heaven and shit happens, Ava turns her back on her Pregnant bff, yeah you read that right, and gives her away to cray cray relatable Calliope. Everything was pretty fucked up right there. But I must admit the author managed to make me feel more real and raw and though during her emotions scenes, so thanks Aimée.


The following book was the end of the mentioned trilogy, The Goddess Inheritance by the same author.


Betrayal is a bitch, because it comes from a close friend, someone you trusted with the most valuable thing in your life. That’s exactly whattumblr_m0mwwwMHwr1qb7rx3o1_500 Kate has been experiencing in the last months after she found out she was pregnant thanks to Ava who gave her up to psycho Calliope for her own advantage. She has been under Cronos’ constant watch, and this Titan will be the one who forces her to make the ultimate choice between her child and Henry; what will she choose? How will she live with it?


Somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to ultimately forgive Ava neither Walter, I mean there’s no question on why not giving a chance to the second one but our ex bff just never reached my heart with her apologies and reasons nor her sacrifice. I just didn’t have it in me. Nothing she could ever say would make me forget what she did. On the other hand, one thing I can mention I liked was that Kate grew a pair and faced her fears and her own obstacles to get her kid back and restore her family to some sort of peace cuz of her good heart, besides her wary relationship with Persephone really grew on me cuz she’s a bitch but pretty fucking clever and she says it like it is so I love that smart ass bitch.


The final book was the fifteenth in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward, named The Chosen.


Maybe you should double check before spitting something out of the sudden. That’s a lesson Layla will have to deal with when she accidentally reveals her involvement with xCor during her pregnancy to Quinn. All the consequences will be tragic, dramatic and painful because it involves choosing between her new family that she might be loosing and her love mate who’s dealing with some serious depressing memories and family issues that had better stay burried.


I loved the many aspects this plot had like the angst, one could almost feel how impotent and depressed with her current life Layla was and how angry and irrational Quinn really was about her “betrayal”. Then we see how they go up and down until they find their peak in her badass motherly aptitude and his emotional understanding and the action of forgiveness he had with others. It was a book of growth and family bonds, some were made, and others just found in this big happy community named “Everyone That Lives Under Wrath and Beth’s roof”. And what about this Therese chick! who was expecting that to happen?!
The only thing I would complain about would be how I felt that Throe’s arc wasn’t polished enough, with that witch kind of grimoire I just don’t know.



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