Week #92 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

So… This week set off pretty good and it ended up with me having constant headaches because of all the homework I’ve got to do if I want some free time to read later. There’s French, English, Theory of Translation and Statistics! They all make me wanna die in a lake made of my tears and sweat, I’m already exhausted. However, since the week didn’t start getting awful till half of it I managed to read four fabulous books.

The first book I read is the first in the Viking Warriors series by Harper St George, Enslaved by the Viking.


Merewyn used to be a free young woman just wondering near the tumblr_mzvt1zSCC41ridkjdo1_250shore of her island until the Vikings arrived and her sister in law gave her as bait to them so they wouldn’t tear the village down. She’s now under the orders and care of Eirik, a strong hearted  and bravely stubborn warrior who refuses to let this Saxon girl get into his core and change his ways and what his people expect of him but there’s a difference between reason and love. And none of them will be able to fight it.


I thought that this would be a quick boring and cliché little romance historical fiction novel from the 90’s but now, I learned a lot of Viking invasions and its brutal yet organized culture and the OTP! It was glorious, it was expected when it came to secrecy and unexpected in strength of emotions area; I felt as happy and satisfied as a teenager from the early 2000’s while listening to The Black Eyed Peas: I was ecstatic in the love scenes and their little sweet details with each other.


It was certainly lovely.

The next book is the sequel, One Night with the Viking.


Kadlin and Gunnar had been friends for a long time, but both feel like more than just a little childish mate for each other. So after a night of largepassion and revelations, he leaves and she’s forced to marry to guard her torned shame and the consequences of that night. But when they are reunited, she must think and rethink if she could trust him again since they aren’t both children anymore and have to stand up for their choices.


Communication was definitely needed between these two, Gunnar seriously needed to stop thinking so low of himself cuz she loved him dearly and gave him a son. Anyways, I grew to love these characters and the unfairness of their situations; Kadlin was so brave and constant and passionate that I couldn’t help but to immediately adore her, even though she waited and waited and waited for him to realise that Avalt was his son. And all because of his moronic excuse of a father who renounce to love cuz he thought it was a weakness when it clearly was never that. Anyhow, I felt this story was more mature and had more things that I liked, however I wish it had had an epilogue like the previous one.


The third book I read was Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Ivy is part of a race formed on destroying deadly faes and getting rid of 16668211them for the human’ survival. But all the rules fade when she is attacked for a human like fae that resists to die of iron knives. And everything gets even more complicated when sarcastic and mysterious Ren who puts all the things she’s thought she knew into question including her reluctance to fall in love.


I admit that despite it been a JLA story, I had my doubts reading the first chapter but once I got to know this badass main character and its hilarious companions (I’m referring to you Tink). I just never was deeply interested in the “killing the fae” business cuz I believe it is terribly misogynistic and such a communist behavior, but in here these magical creatures have no real humanity, and crave human’s energy and life. Besides that, there was the steamy love scenario between Ivy and Ren which was just so mature but still fun and childish in so many ways. And now she just discovered that huge plot twist and I’m desperate to find out how this ends.


The final book was the straqnge stand alone by Alexis Noelle named Breaking Free.


Holly decided that since the moment she was attacked she wouldn’t be involve with any other like that and that brought consequences like sheorig feeling unable to be touch by nobody. But that changes when she meets rock star Drew and his rock solid body that’s capable to tickle her instead of bringing back traumatic memories; and she’ll go through he’ll to stay with him, literally.


This had the worst feminist message ever, despite being her choice to move one from him and her traumas it still didn’t manage to make it OK. Everything about that relationship was toxic, sometimes hot and other times one just couldn’t stare at how Holly was so suddenly into his no strings attached idea or his dominating tendencies; it reached a point of becoming a bit concerning. Also there were the too unrealistic scenes like their insta sexual attraction and how he was the only one who could touch her and she was so eager to remain with his abusive behavior. I other words, it managed to keep me entertained but it gave me no comfort in the moral area.



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