Week #93 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all

This week has been one of the worst in my university years, I’m stressed, nervous and afraid of everything because of the effing survey I must make for my Statistics class. I’m literally the one who is the most worried about our progress, to not say the only one. So yeah, books have become a way out for my sanity and myself.

First was Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, the first book in the Syrena Legacy series.


Emma’s best friend died before her bare eyes and there was nothing tumblr_muxcfvIdLJ1rg559so4_250she could have done to save her, right? The new kid, Galen thinks she could’ve done more since he believes she belongs to an ancient race of merfolk named Syrenas. He is one of them and she appears to belong to an special branch of these creatures, she could be the new hope or threat to his kind and their future. But there are more problems coming because she truly believes herself to be a regular human, but what’s normal about talking to fish? He should kill her but there’s something about her bubbly personality that makes him happier and horned between duty and love.


I wasn’t expecting to actually like these mermaid like creatures and their background and all their badass history and feud with humans but I did. I was astonished by the whole mystery surrounding Emma’s true nature and her existence, because it was far from simple and predictable I mean you could think is the obvious answer for an avid reader but it isn’t so it takes time and in the end you’re still shocked you didn’t see it coming but still think is one of those one in a lifetime question marks where the fun is in the process of finding out what is it. Another think I liked was seeing how Galen slowly realised how much he loved her that he was willing to lose his large years under the sea to spend her years with her above it. So romantic, but in a way that doesn’t make me feel like a cliché teen.


Second was Of Triton by the same author.

Of Triton cover

Emma’s reaction to her been a half Syrena hybrid was priceless but the one to her mother’s reveal was the most shocking. Everything turns todd1e37315bb0f28e150addd7b9b63ab9 hell when Nallia runs away with her and forges an animity with the Tritons because of her desperation to protect Emma (she kicked the crap out of Rayna) and her belief that her long lost love is dead. It becomes a persecution, while some civilian traitors try to dethrone the monarchy with lies and secret alliances.


I feel so fucking guilty and such a shitty person cuz for a while I doubted Rachel’s loyalties and thought she was allied with the doctor to make experiments against the syrenas, and now… I’m an awful distrustful misfit. This is the very first time I feel bad for not relying on someone and it’s not a pleasing feeling, cuz she was so good and nice and resourceful and such a mom for the Tritons. 😢 Anyways, the plotline for this follow up was fantastic, everything wasn’t as shocking as the first one but I was still intrigued by al the political revolution going on and all the badass powers surrounding my baes and how it all turned out. I must say I’m pleased, I’m satisfied with the outcome and I want the next one.


BTW, I like Nallia’s father so much, he could be the father figure Emma lost when her own dad passed away.

The next one is Of Neptune by the same author.


Galen and Emma are still suffering the aftermath of Rachel’s death, the tumblr_mh420g7jf31rke39co1_500new order in the Syrena society and their own waiting future, so when her Poseidon grandfather offers them to travel to a secret town named Neptune they can’t refuse. However, much more than a town of hybrids awaits for them, because intrigues are a global thing and kidnappings are not far from it. Besides this, misunderstandings are ahead of their seemly perfect relationship.


When I went into the first six chapters I began to think: is this the same couple I left in love a book ago? Because all they did was fighting and just being sick of each other’s presence and needs; and I felt uncomfortable during all his possessive moments and her own getaways of not giving a shit about his whereabouts. It was so unpleasant, but changing the topic I did liked something and that was the lovely epilogue! It was softly romantic and realistic for this trilogy. I was more than OK with that, I could literally read through their raw emotions.


The following book was Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis, the first book of the Daughters of Zeus series.


Persephone prefers to go by the name of Kora at school, she doesn’t need more weirdness in her life. Somehow she always attracts YGPLsvZunwanted attention because of her beauty and jealousy from the girls. But the ultimate strange detail about her is revealed when she’s almost kidnapped by a creaper: she’s a Greek goddess, daughter of Demeter and Zeus; and the God of Winter wants her for himself.


Technically I began reading this as excited as any other Greek mythology groupie would be, however I found it shocking that it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be: it had great potential but I found myself falling asleep in the process to the point of reading without comprehending a thing until I reached the part she was having some positive inexplicable feelings for Hades. There I woke up, cuz I was intrigued and finally I liked it because of her bravery, cleverness and determination to do as her would commands no matter the risks she could go through. And then the shocking turn of events was just out of nowhere cuz I trusted this person and now I’m scared for her future and chances with Hades, besides her killing powers are simply appealing to my twisted mind.


The final one was Daughter of Earth and Sky by the same author.
Bevis, Kaitlin - Hijas de Zeus 02
Hades still doesn’t want to accept his relationship with Persephone and tumblr_o2rx7h2bIh1r83d7lo8_500it hurts her. Thanatos’ forced promise hurts her as well. Melissa’s desire to be free and away from her hurts her too. And her mother’s omissions of the truth gets her breaking point. She’s stressed, she sees no way out of her pain and when she meets Aphrodite she immediately relies on her new sister’s care to rest for a while from all her responsibilities and duties.


I was teary, annoyed, sad, angsty, shocked, disgusted and really scared with the book’s revelation about Zeus identity. I literally wanted to vomit, I mean how could any breathing thing be interested in a revolting abomination like him?! I mean I thought Poseidon was the living shit hole for all his back story but he wasn’t such a nonsense and I’m even tempted to trust him. He seems reliable now that the most trust worthy insignificant ones have become powerful.


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