Week #94 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night, fellow readers.

My week was pretty interesting since my Statistics madness was fixed and my French fears were dismissed. Now I’ll be entering Midterms exams and I’m eager to study my way out of them, so during the weekend I’ll be reading my Translation Theory notes and practicing the formulas for Statistics (I’ve never hated anything like this pain in the ass). Anyways, going back to my dear old week: I only managed to read three books but they were worthy and too long to take only two days to terminate them.

The first one was The Iron Queen by Kaitlin Bevis, the third book in the Daughter of Zeus series.


The search for Persephone has started. Everyone is desperate and giphydriving themselves nuts with the possibilities of what could Zeus be doing to the young goddess. The only person who seems to still share a connection to both the predatory captor and the kidnapped girl is the one Hades and Demeter will never trust: the ever so horned Aphrodite. She informs them of Zeus insane requests in return for the girl and none of them is willing to give up. Until they get a taste of her constant torture, and hurt; the clock is ticking and someone’s got to make a decision : the goddess or the human race.


OK, so Zeus is still a perverse little shit. like for real. I’ve never wanted to kill a God so bad just to eliminate his sorry rotten ass from the face of the Earth. This was just sick. I mean I know gods like him don’t give a shit about their offspring but he was so fucking attracted to her body and I wanted to puke, so glad he’s gone and he suffered. Changing the topic, I totally knew that the sacrifice would come from Demeter and I still felt moved when it happened, she was the most human of the gods and that’s exactly what they all need: that humanity that Aphrodite gained without even noticing it. (There’s no need for words in this gif)


Second book I read was Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter, the number one novel in the White Rabbit chronicles.


Alice lost her family in a strange car accident where she came out alive with unreal visions of what truly happened to her parents. Now she’stumblr_nu7mbybARR1qj2ep9o1_250 moved to a new town with her grandparents and is desperate to move on and forget, all until she meets and shares a peculiar encounter with the dangerous Cole. There’s where everything started to turn the turn to the insanity : Now her dreams are most likely memories, the rabbit cloud she fears could mean that death is near and her little sister could be a friendly ghost. But above all, in her look for answer she’ll find that the dead might not be so dead after all.


I remember I saw this book cover and a little preview in a Mexican Booktube channel and I wasn’t quite interested, somehow the story kept in my mind till in 2016 (four years after our meeting) I decided to give it a shot. In the beginning I saw Carroll’s influence with the rabbit shaped cloud and possible insanity, then it vanished and I had no idea where that went, I said to the author in my mind: Gena, you’ve created a tangled mess, and I’m falling in love with it. Therefore, in page 100 I knew I couldn’t have stopped reading even if I had wanted to, I just needed to finish it and unravel its layers like the torrid love story between Alice and Cole, the badass chosen one like plot line surrounding Alice’s abilities, the lost and hatred towards the living as well as the regret and purpose a girl fees after being heartbroken because of her parental assumptions. The book let’s us go through a path of a girl’s process through mourning and sorrow, but also through acceptance and defiance, which is pretty amazing when one sees it portrayed on paper. Overall, I need more and I won’t stop.


Third and last book I read was Through the Zombie Glass by the same author, the second one in the series.

Through the Zombie Glass_cover(1)

Her relationship is shifting after Alice shares a steamy vision with 1D4another hunter. Now her heart is bleeding and madness is taking over her, the pictures in the mirror may mean that an epic fight is about to begin cuz this time Alice is no longer the only resident in her body but a dark spirit is ready to remove her from her mind. Must Alice give in and enjoy her last days? Or battle to the end for her life? All this while the crew starts to realize that their troubles are far from gone when the crazy principal went away.


I honestly thought this would be like the typical second or third book in a series where the love triangle is introduced and the female protagonist suffers for her lover’s decisions. However, this wasn’t the case entirely : I even found this innovative cuz Ali never felt a thing more than moral disgust for Gavin and I felt the characters made some personality progress. She showed her dark side and it didn’t mean wearing leather jackets but smashing a bitch’s head against the linoleum like a beast (that might made me emotionally disturbed but wth), she kicked so no regrets’ ass like nobody’s business. And I loved it, besides all my love for this girl I found the plot interesting and logical to the point of insanity if that makes any sense.



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