Week #95 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

This midterms’ week was tiring, hurtful and filled with drama. I mean I just realised I passed all my tests and I could be a potential sociopath since I have a strange greed for chaos and I kinda always see others as pawns to get what I want, I’m serious it’s pretty scary: i totally need to get an appointment with my ex psychologist that I haven’t seen in two years, like now. And in other matters, I managed to read just two books which is sad cuz that means I wasn’t able to listen to my Deezer playlists since I had no time for anything but studying and pitying myself. Next week, I promise I’ll read more.

First book I read was named El Libro de Jade (The Book of Jade) by Spanish author Lena Valenti, the first book in the Vanir saga.

el libro de jade

Aileen is about to finally open her wings and fly away from her tumblr_n9hdahLENR1ryey6zo3_r1_250controlled coffin/family life with her estranged distant father and his millionaire company. She’ll graduate and she’ll fly to London to start a new life with her best friends and a raging career as a teacher. However, her journey gets cancelled when her home is shattered, her father is murdered and she is abused by dark violent vampire like creatures that keep insisting she is guilty of killing one of their friends. Nobody seems to believe her and it is too late when the truth is unveiled, and her life is altered forever by a peculiar book found in a bridge which unlocks memories and more troubles.


As a hopelessly romantic I liked it but there were many aspects that my feminist human heart couldn’t deal with, like Aileen’s first encounter with Caleb. If one only let oneself be guided by first impressions, that would be an issue cuz a regular person would have stopped reading and declare it the new shitty sex book the literary world has to offer filled with patriarchal thoughts. but as I don’t consider myself that, I went through that and actually started to get into the story and then there were the almost non existent stuff like power struggles between the main couple that I just wasn’t taking anymore but then it was interesting again, so here I am totally confused and horned between my feminist morals and my child bubbly heart. In the end, I believe that some of the scenes weren’t needed and were such clichés looking to be innovative and rough in the edges however it didn’t achieve this goal cuz of its reasoning and though it try to give a “Girl Power” message, it didn’t manage to follow that path, which was a disgrace but I guess that when a book goes down that it can never reach civilization again.


The following and final book was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.


Percy’s life has never been easy. He’s twelve, he’s always been labelled as a bad kid, he has dyslexia, he has been expelled from numeroustumblr_m2btgsxbI61r1yj84 schools and is about to be kicked out of the new private school he’s attending. His life seems ordinary with his stinky stepfather and his dedicated mother, but that’s about to change when he discovers he’s a demigod: the offspring of a human and a Greek god, and yeah they do exist. But that’s not all, now another dark god wants him dead as he understands he must make a stand to survive.


The studio practically Disneyed it up and then MTV it up to make it better for teens, and finally they Hollywood it up for “crowd acceptance”; with this I say the book was so much better even with them being kids and stuff. I wasn’t bored as I had presumed I would be, I got driven into the story right up, the characters started to grow on me and the situations weren’t ridiculous by the only exception of the Medusa background which for me was an insult to Greek mythology and I know the kid audience would be pretty fucked up after reading the real story but I still feel ashamed of that part. Leaving that aside, I’d like to mention how glad I was to se gods not feeling shit for their kids cuz I’m not a fan of Poseidon for the Medusa or Demeter or any other walking vagina he couldn’t keep his gross hands from issue; though I feel Zeus and Athena might be good humane parents after all, I mean he surely loved Thalia to grow a three in her dead place and Athena surely loves Anabeth if she writes to her. So I’m strangely happy about that, who would have thought that Zeus had a beating heart for his kids.




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