Week #96 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

Sorry for been a day late (I’m not sure if that’s the right conjugation), but I was so tired last night and I had a back ache from which I’m suffering to this very moment. But anyways, I had a little more time to read this week and I managed to read three books, I know it’s not much but it’s something.

First I read The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, the second installment in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series.


Grover has disappeared from the face of Earth in his last quest for Pan tumblr_inline_o2eahf8kch1qhb2yl_500just like all his predecessors, but somehow he’s still not gone for good because Percy is having some strange visions/dreams of the satyr dressed as a bride chased by a terrible monster. In other news, Thalia’s tree was poisoned and all the wards against enemies are fading around Camp Half-blood letting some deadly creatures in and forcing Annabeth and Percy go look for their only hope: the Golden fleece hiding in the home of an ancient monster that strangely resembles Percy and his new shy friend.


I didn’t read this till my midterm exams week ended, and it was worth the wait. The plot line was on fire and everything set into place, everything happened for a reason explained somewhere in the adventure and we see al characters have a human side besides not all the gods are shitty parents after all: Hermes and Demeter are such peculiar creatures and they should be cherished, I’m talking to you Luke I mean you could’ve ended up with Poseidon or Ares as a father for all I know, so be thankful!. Then there was Percy discovering his soft side with Annabeth (I love that already) and Tyson, God! that little cyclop is the cutest kid ever, he’s so innocent and should be protected from all evil (literally, please let me adopt him). BTW, I already read the synopsis for the next book and I got a feeling Grover is not very good at his job, at all. he’s very funny but should try perhaps not being an explorer trying to find Pan but a little horticulturist for a change: that could work for him.


The second book I read was The Titan’s Curse by the same author,inside the same series.


Now that Thalia is back she’s part of the crew sent to help Grover with his new assignment : two young twelve year olds who are definitelytumblr_mec7vlcjxq1rrtflm demigods in a dangerous school. Somehow the day is saved with the exception of Annabeth’s disappearance, thanks to hunt goddess Artemis and her loyal band of young female followers but fate turns a tumultuous turn when the goddess also disappears forcing her followers to work hand in hand with the demigods to try to find both girls and destroy the mysterious evil that’s keeping them captive.


I always venture in these books with a sense of fear and concern but then they always manage to make me love them devotedly. BTW, I’m feeling a bit in love with little Percy which is concerning since I’m way older than him and smarter in many levels: I mean, I figured out the General was Atlas the moment he complaint about his neck pain, I just couldn’t remember his exact name so after a two minute travel over Wikipedia I got it and got to know Zoe’s secret past life as well. so what was really surprising was that revelation in the end about the twins’ father and now I want to know who was that suited man who took them to the Lotto casino in the forties. Who could have been so twisted and cruel?! In other news, I’m pining for Percabeth but I can’t stand her remote belief that Luke can still be fixed after all the shit he put her through.


The third and final book I read was The Battle of the Labyrinth by the same author, inside the same series.


The stakes are higher than ever, and now the crew has discovered that tumblr_m4xaw97RrB1qml18ithe labyrinth in Theseus story has been below America all this time and Luke wants to use it as a way to attack Camp Half-blood when they least expect it. However, Annabeth thinks something better: that finding Daedalus, the labyrinth’s Creator, could assure them victory if only he agreed on destroying his master piece. But there’s something the crew is not considering : the old inventor should be dead and he’s not so innocent as stories describe him to be.


Though the arch wasn’t as childish and not so wonderful as the previous ones, I was still pleased with the creativity coming from the labyrinth’s monstrous creatures and also the back stories for many of the new characters introduced, besides I felt our main characters were forced to mature and grow up in a rough and raw way, with the exception of Annabeth (perhaps) cuz I still can’t get her sick infatuation with Luke’s alleged innocence in all this shitty situation with the big ass children eating titan: I get that she was his friend and she spent most of her childhood with him (she also has a crush on him) but she needs to understand that the nice protective kid who walked hand in hand with her and Thalia is long gone, he has been gone for a long time ago and that kid is not coming back. Seriously, gurl. Oh, and also I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable with Annabeth feeling things for both Luke and Percy, I now she’s an hormonal teen but somehow I expected that Athena’s right mind would fix that part of her personality, what a pity.


Oh my God, anyone saw TO or RPDR last night? Cuz I’m still in shock, I mean the CW better make a time jump and bring my Haylijah back together or else I’ll be mad and they won’t like me mad. And who was expecting Sasha Valour to win the race? I certainly wasn’t, I was expecting good old talented Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. (*sobs*)

Books & Coffee, 



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