Week #97 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night, fellow readers.

This week was OK filled with irresponsible team mates and ridiculous festive days that don’t suit your university schedule. But somehow I managed to read three pretty decent books, that I highly anticipated for a long time.

The first book I read was The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan, which was the fifth and final book in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series.


Percy is soon to be sixteen and not only he has to deal with his torned tumblr_npv90iSiW11up42jgo3_500and incomprehensible feelings for two lovely girls, but he also has to figure out a way to save the Olympus and the future of the world as we know it by killing the cruelest Titan that ever existed inhabiting his nemesis’ body. Besides, now he knows the prophecy everyone was hiding from him and he knows why, will Percy be willing to risk it all to fulfill his still strange fate?


I wasn’t too convinced when I started reading because of the whole Rachel being into Percy so soon, and him not knowing what to do. However, this event was let behind and we focused on the real issue which were the most baddass battle scenes I’ve read about ever, I had never read something like that because there’s always the middle battle and then the big war, except that in here there was war after war after battled after war after big ass war on the Olympus and I was amazed with this, it was so good! Then I also like the plot twists, the first made me cry and the second just cringe but still I was moved by Rick’s intentions and I seriously can’t wait to read the next series.


The next book I read was the new adult stand alone Too Late by the always talented Collen Hoover.


Sloan is trapped in a violent and self destructive relationship with drug dealer Asa, she has a way out but that would mean hurting andtumblr_inline_n7w8fgu0R01sz03jf damaging the well being of someone she deeply cares about. She has given up on waiting for a hero until she meets charming and mysterious Carter who helps her heal and forget her miserable relationship, but there’s a problem: Carter is working for Asa’s drug dealing business, so is she choosing the best option or just going for the same in a different wrapper? Is he worth risking her life?


So this clearly wasn’t the best ending Colleen could have given to a book, but it was creative and out of pure naked hatred and that made it innovative to my realist eyes, still I found it to be quite disturbing. I guess I have never been in that kind of situation under such stress like to go to my crazy part and let it act through my body like both Luke and Sloan did. Anyways, I was kinda upset Colleen didn’t give us this redemption/self forgiveness/moving on sort of ending but this twisted, weird and raw scene filled with revenge and pleasure. I don’t really know what it was, but it was definitely something else.


The last book I read was definitely the best, I’m talking about A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Mass, the third book in the ACOTAR series.


Tamlin thinks the meek naive girl he met is back. He’s wrong. Lucien tumblr_mipuxwsrxY1rkhucho1_250believes she’s a double agent working for the Dark Court. He’s right. Because Feyre doesn’t want revenge, she seeks for justice and a way to win the war that’s closer and closer everyday that passes. After what happened to her sisters, she’s coldblooded towards those who harmed them forever. But she’s not the only one who wants justice: Nesta realizes her darkness is bigger than her humanity and Elaine is not longer the happy girl she once was, they have lost parts of themselves and will have to figure out how to go through this without loosing heir sanity in the process.



I knew this would be insanely perfect before I even started reading it, Sarah J Mass never disappoints when it comes to ACOTAR, she always manages to bring special twisted marvellous wonders to out imagination and not every author can do that. But if there was something I appreciated the most would be (strangely) the three shocking teary scenes where my heart almost came out and my face was filled with black mascara over crying like a freaking Magdalene : 1) when Mor revealed her long kept secret, I mean I started off pretty confused and then I related and after that I cried a fucking river over her pain and I also want to find her a right match, 2) when Nesta accepted her feelings for Cassian and he did too and they were so ready to die holding each other, omfg I cried like a baby insulting SJM if she dared to actually kill them I mean I wanted to seriously bury my head underground so I wouldn’t have to see them die in the hands of the Hibern king, 3) when Rhys died, I literally read all of Feyre’s quotes with such emotion as I was feeling the pain in her mind with tears in my eyes and refusing to see the light, specifically when she begged Tamlin that she would give him anything if he saved him, and again I cursed SJM name in two languages. Overall, this book was a pleasure to read as I expected but so much more and now I want to read more about Nesta’s way of dealing with death and Elaine getting to know Lucien.


Who watched Shadowhunters this week? I’m obsessed with the new Ruelle song that played during the Clace fairy kiss, so excited for that BTW. 

Books & Coffee, 



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