Week #98 of Reading Like A Maniac


I want to apologize and sort of explain what kept me from updating, I’ll give more than one reason/excuse for it so… Let’s start. During my first absent period I was in speeches and finals week so my mind was full of headaches and stress driven fevers that made my life a living hell (literally, I mean I was sweating like a rabid monkey and it was winter in my country!). Then it came my first free time in months that mixed with Peruvian Independence Day, therefore there was not such thing as “free” time for me since I had to take some Teaching Lessons to work for a Language Centre (I’m still going through that), I also had to visit my annoying grandmother’s house for the holidays and see my obnoxious little cousin and try teaching her some English (she’s not very cooperative), besides all this I’m doing some French Grammar classes again and it takes all my time. So yeah, that pretty much sums it up; changing the topic I was able to read five books during this huge hiatus. And BTW, I’m probably going to update once every two weeks from now.

The first book I read was The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series.


Three strangers find each other in a bus. One has no memory, the other tumblr_nsdb6thGsc1s4selvo3_250two seem to know a lot about him. And one satyr couch seems to know the three of them, specially when some air creatures attack the trio and they end up being part of an adventure to fulfill part of a premonition that sees all gods and humanity extinct by an unlikely for if they don’t succeed.


Look, I’m not complaining like a crybaby but I felt not so connected to the main character and the individual archs themselves, though I must admit I’m intrigued by this whole Greek Roman demigods plot. I felt Jason was too plain to be the main lead, like he had no personality thanks to his memory loss, while on the other side there were guys like Pipper and Leo that were fun to know about and to read from, their perspective and personal background is rich in so many levels and there I felt like they were truly characters one can trust and relate. But anyways, I was shocked when then most obvious plot twist was thrown at us reader in the end, I was like: how didn’t I consider this?!


The next book was The Son of Neptune by the same author.


Percy will have to deal with the same trashy situation that Hera forced Jason to handle. With no memories more than that one of his lovely 2j3fwit_largegirlfriend Annabeth, he’s left to survive the harsh Roman nature of Camp Jupiter and their way of working things out. There he will meet the two other heroes that will help him recover a sacred object and a deadly God from the claws of a new giant living in the end of the world where no divinity has power, therefore no demigod neither.


I missed him so much, his badassery and his ability to make me laugh with his so called ignorance when he’s actually a freaking genius. But in other news, Rick Riordan started to set up the drama for the next books like a possible love triangle between funny useful Nick, kind hearted Hazel and sweet old Frank, and I’m worried about suffering for my favorite baes! Talking about baes, I was so glad to discover that one of the few things Percy could remember was Annabeth’s status as his girlfriend. In other news, I want to fucking kill Octavian and anyone in the middle of the peace between the Greek and Roman demigods.!


The following book was The Mark of Athena.


tumblr_npv90iSiW11up42jgo4_500Annabeth has been keeping a secret, one that could join Romans and Greeks for good but could also kill her in the process. The Mark of Athena is real and is a new bus stop for the Argo II, but is a defiant test that only a child of the goddess of Wisdom alone can achieve.


OMFG. I can’t believe that final plot twist, I was like, “oh shit balls!”, I knew that fucking floor was gonna fall, no spider web is that strong to hold some demigods and a huge statue or Argo! But going back to how the whole story began, I don’t like how ignorant and just batshitcrazy Romans are and I don’t know why but I’ve got some Luke vibes in Reyna, I mean a person is only capable of handling loneliness and heartbreak for a while and it’s supposed to get worst in her teen years so I would be interested in seeing her as a future villain like working for Gea the way Luke did for Kronos: I would be intrigued to see that angry and sad side come about her unfortunate luck in life. In other news, Joan Jett’s repertoire is amazing while reading the fights of Jason and Percy vs the Musical Theatre giants, so fucking good. But I’m still upset about Percabeth going down there because of Aracne’s tricks.


The fourth book I read was The House of Hades.


Not only Nico is left traumatized and everybody feels guilty, but Percy everyJordan-in-Dance-Academy-jordan-rodrigues-39714686-245-245 and Annabeth are in the horrific kingdom of Tartarus where every nightmare is a divine fantasy in comparison to having to survive there; in other news our heroes will have to face their strengths and secret weaknesses to keep going through the path of their destiny.


This took me days to finish cuz it was too damn long and there were some things that bored me, like inner thoughts coming from Hazel or Frank and now I get that Jason is super lame. But the story line that made me finish this pretty descriptive book was Leo’s and the whole thing with Bob and Damasen, oh and also Nico’s secret feelings (that I had kinda already figured out, the moment everybody started presuming that it had to be anabeth). That kept me going, Leo’s slow burning romance with hopeless Calypso (he made me like her, which a surprising accomplishment), then Damasen and Bob’s wish to see the stars and be good like two huge Teddy bears, and Nico with his angsty emotions. Even Couch Hedge’s new family addition got me into this (I kinda knew that also cuz Shrek 2’s ending scene). Overall, it was a good book with badass monsters and some lame thoughts, so I want to read the last one.


The last book I read was the Blood of Olympus by the same author.


Gaia is going to raise from dust and the underground and there’s no tumblr_inline_mgsxjbtoXQ1rt2432way to stop it, just like the rest of the prophecy that includes a dead hero to end mother Earth’s journey through the land of the living. Anyways, our darling demigods find their way to make it happen their way, with their rules and their weapons but will it be enough?.


I became emotional for things I never thought I would get emotional for, like music and cheesy Greek love archs between demigods and immortal entities. I was shocked about many things, like Leo’s whole ordeal and secret plans that included self sacrifice (a thing I hate everywhere I read about it) and the entire “let’s go along with the prophecy” aptitude but I couldn’t cry when he made those things true, I don’t know, perhaps I knew he couldn’t be gone forever or something but I didn’t even felt but and I love Leo and his funny emotional side. Another thing we that There was a lot of closure for many characters like Leo and Reyna, their fears where not eliminated but they learnt to cope with them and not allowing the past or their perception of life thing their future, I love their strange bonding time. Besides all this, I’m glad for the comic relief overall, because I would have died over the drama and stressing situation they were all in with Gaia and her giants. Cool story, can’t wait for the Trials of Apollo.



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