Switched at birth – #14


Happy Black Friday/Thanksgiving to y’all. I hope you spend a great weekend with your love ones or reading a thematic book perhaps. Here in my country there are no holidays till Christmas so… Anyways, I’m here to tell you about the characters I’m comparing today, and to let you know about the future book tags I’ll be using since next week until I can get imaginative enough to think about this exact tag again. Today’s dreadful/unique/fierce pairing is composed by Harper Price from the Rebel Belle trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, and Collette Iselin from Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender.

Exhibit A. Frivolous Lack of Knowledge.


Well, both this youngsters started off like this: beautiful and ridiculous as f. First of all, there’s our sweetlin Harper with the delicacy of a wild rhino and the kindness of Cruella de Vil.tumblr_nj295kj9uk1sbzw9ho1_500 She was practically born as a mean popular girl, with nothing else to do but admire herself in the mirror and dictate people’s status according to her preferences. She believed she was so above everyone, and got worried by minimum stuff like the color pink in her finger nails. Such a superficial girl that almost reached out to look like a stereotype of Cher from Clueless (first half of the movie), but once she got kissed/transformed by the old gross janitor she was forced to change in order to survive her new life but somehow she manages to maintain her old ways in the best way possible. She’s still stylish but no longer selfish. She becomes a good kind of plastic, and smooth like glittering fabric.

Then was Collette feeling us about how all of a sudden her img_20161123_194444easy and privileged lifestyle change from one day to the other when her dad cheated and she faced the fear of not only loosing your family but also all the money you never learned to cherish. There’s where she insists on not telling a thing of her new home/smallest apartment on Earth, to her friends who next to her are the most popular girl’s in a Private Girls School; she thinks pretending is her only option to keep being part of the exclusive clique which takes her to extremes when it comes to her fashion obsession, after all she’s capable of taking her style to he next level. Specially when going to the capital city of Fashion itself, she proves all the girls that she’s able to fit in a world that could have eaten her alive just because she wasn’t rich anymore. She cares much about the surface but almost never about the actual pain her mom’s going through neither for her little brother’s concerns.

Exhibit B. Oblivious Lack of Understanding.


When it comes to talk about the friendship area, it feels like a mine field cuz that word could mean slavery or falsehood emma-roberts-photoshoot-for-the-hollywood-reporter-september-2015-_1with these girls, in order words: trust no bitch. In Harper’s case, she had some good old friends that shared her shallow ideals, but what she never expected was for them to turn their backs on her the minute she showed realistic emotion or caring for people “she shouldn’t”. They were girls that didn’t know her quite well, they only saw the shining shelter she presented but never even witnessed her good-natured personality, neither her intelligence or rising strength. They saw her like the rest of the school did: as a cold-blooded bitch with no brain and low morals; and even her boyfriend agreed on this. Only one guy and a real friend recognised the nice girl that was hiding behind those pink outfits.

With Collette, well, she was right to fear her friend’s neglect if they ever found out about her new life and family secrets. holland-roden-524917l-pozaOnce they did, hell broke loose: one hated her because of the lie, while the other didn’t care for her enough. Hannah proved she only cared about herself and her cheap looking clothes, and her inability to capture a Parisian hot rich guy like her. There were struggles and realisations she didn’t need this treatment from her supposed sisters till death, but she received a hard punch that served her well to become her own person and choose her companions more wisely than before.

Exhibit C. Badass Lack of Fears.


Since the gross exchange of saliva in the restroom, Harper won abilities to protect the sweet/annoying reporter dude she couldn’t care less about; but she wasn’t only strong 572enough to kill some serious creepy villains and defend the lord in distress (David) from serious danger, but she also learned to like people she never thought she would. She began seeing nerds like the air breathing humans they were, she saw how wrong her behaviour had being and recognised her real clique: one formed of love and truth in every possible meaning of the word. Besides, did I mention she became deadly? Trust me, no one should challenge this blondie without facing her wrath.

From the time the killings started to connect her with Marie Antoinette’s assassination, Collette became overprotective of holland41those in need and those who truly deserved some sweet bloody justice I’m the shape of a guillotine. But no matter how shitty her friend (Hannah) was to her, or how fucking cheeky Armand turned out being, she tried to save them both from the axe of the vengeful spirit. Besides showing great bravery there (let’s not forget the girl almost died), she started to become her own persona worrying about her mom’s happiness, her brother’s growth and her real friends. And all thanks to that sweet Jules guy, such a sweetie who thought her that all that truly mattered was family.

Between both these ones, I would choose Harper as the most skilled in the art of kicking bitches’ assess, and I’d pick Collette as the most developed in personality. Both experienced hard events that made them change but in any way, they both needed this to achieve their true maturity or at least a part of it.

Song Time:

I know I always say this but I just came up with this song that I didn’t even know existed, so check through the new Tove Lo album that I hadn’t realises was already out on Spotify, in desperation to find any song that somehow could recreate the inner feels of Harper and Collette while dealing with the neglect of their friends and relying on the sweethearts. I’m talking about *Imaginary Friend by Tove Lo*.

Crushing my heart, tear me apart
Hate on this world ’cause reality sucks
Feeling their doubt, shut them all out
Crushing my heart, tear me apart
Hate on this world ’cause reality sucks
Feeling their doubt, shut them all out
‘Cause I need you

Imaginary friend, stay with me ’til the end now
Keeping me dreaming
Imaginary friend, stay with me ’til the end now
Over, over again

Remember I told ya there would be replacements for this book tag? Well, I created these new ones Monday morning as I waited for my friends to arrive at university and as always they were super late so I had an entire hour to think about this. Like OTP Soundtrack, How the Book Character should have ended?, or Must be TV Adaptations. I’ll start with the OTP’s one because why not? Trust me, you’ll like it very much.


Switched at birth – #13

Hi, this is Ale and I just watched Seeds of Yesterday on Lifetime, so I’m fresh to start a post of decent and kindhearted characters. Ok, that joke didn’t work out as I thought it would. But anyways, this week will be the first one to be about normal good natured characters who aren’t boring at all. The ones I came to love because of our resemblance when it comes to personality and admiration for books. I’m referring to Katy Swartz from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Cath Avery from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Exhibit A. New Wave Book Groupie.


With that title I tried to say “gif like FANGIRL” without actually mentioning none of those words, I don’t know why… But both these april_pearson_instagram_a3nix5ox-sizedgirls show no remorse when it comes to the written word. With Katy is more than just one series or stand alone, she has made her book addiction into a sophisticated piece of time in her weekly schedule. She has a blog which is only about books, recommendations, reviews and receives books by publishing companies looking for advertising, so she has the life every reader could barely dream of all those years ago. But she’s no old maid with cats in her ancient home, she’s still a teenager with no real love experience living with her single mom and surviving her new school, and many other unfortunate events that take over her life like one of the book plots she so eagerly worships. Her love for reading and writing never vanishes, not even when a dangerous alien invation is right on the corner; she doesn’t give up on her blog, and tries to update as always, being loyal to her readers out there. God bless her genuine and reckless heart, for not having her priorities reorganised.

Then with Cath. Oh, dear little sweet Cath. She’s not so one of a kind, she’s every college freshman with a crush on the characters J. K. Rowling wrote all those years ago. Of course, here’s her tumblr_inline_n0324obsv21so1xk1infatuation with Simon Snow and Baz, to the point when she even writes a fanfiction worthy of becoming a novella of the original series like an alternate dimension or something. She’s passionate about this series and is definitely not ready to grow up and abandon that side of her, she feels there’s no more than the crazy fangirl in her. She doesn’t know who she is without those books, and those characters, to the point she even chose Creative Writing in college to improve her fanfiction work. Until she got rejected by her conformist teacher, who shut down her magic creativity like she had punched a puppy. That’s many of us, that’s me at the moment as I try to figure out who am I and whether I can love that person. With all our fears of actual contact but with our knowledge of years reading like maniacs, both Cath and I can get through this.

Exhibit B. Love Means Strength.


Before Obsidian, Katy’s life was the same: school, mom, reading, blog. And she couldn’t feel even more proud of it, but once she met the Black family, her world was dramatically changed for the rest of tumblr_mfvnwji93d1qfg9j4o1_500her life. She didn’t only made good friends with Dee but also ended up falling in love with the sarcastic, hot, annoying, charming and quirky Daimon Black. They hated each other at first resisting their obvious attraction, and the tension kept growing until it broke. Being together was a challenge of world war proportions, both ventured in what I called a wild field loosing people they loved and their trust in humanity and good hearts; but this love made them both more brave and tougher than they ever considered they could be thanks to their wish to stay together and protect the other as precious stones. It is true, Katy lost her mom and dearest friend, and that pain will never go away but with the big family and peace she won over: it is not hard to deal with it.

In Cath’s case, it was a little more complicated. Sure, she wasn’t fighting against crazy aliens made of dark nor light, but she had her own mental issues. She was scared of living, her sister technically abandoned her, her only writing friend betrayed her and she’s jake-jenna-jenna-and-jake-25725450-368-180loosing her mind over college as her stress and tension keep growing to insane levels. But she finds a refreshing presence in Levi, he’s not into books and definitely not into being outside of the social world, he’s talkative and nice, and funny and also the ex of her roommate. But once that thing is dealt with, he helps her open herself to the wonderful adventure that is getting out but not entirely of the literary world as she teaches him about her fanfiction and he wants to read it. They become a couple and she is encouraged to fix her problems with her sister, her alienated mother, her beloved dad and her own fears of failure. As a girl like her, I feel connected and desperate for an end like that, a happy one full of hope and baby steps to society and acceptance.

Exhibit C. Kick-ass In the Most Unexpected Area.


Many people will agree that one of these characters grows to become a badass but the other is not applying. Allow me to differ from your maxresdefaultpoint of view. Everyone knows that Kathy becomes a hybrid of Lux and human thanks to Daimon saving her life, and when the moment comes for her to save the day: she doesn’t disappoint nobody. She can talk like a boss with her sassy awesomeness of not taking no bitches’ crap way before she could kick some ass like a boss with her cool Lux powers, she was no damsel in distress (most of the times) making her own mistakes and maturing on the way. This teen wasn’t going to just stand there and wanted to learn to defend herself and others, she took advantage of it to try to get out of difficult situations that she might or might not have been the one to put herself in but she did it like pro.!

With Cath, it all went to the point where she just couldn’t hold her mother’s selfish crap neither Nick’s bitchy plagiarism. So she show them, that nobody could just step upon her and get away with it, she after all is really overprotective of the ones she love like a ferociousawkward-3x19-550x349 lioness. Cath wasn’t going to leave her mother inspire some kind of hope in Wren to only throw her away like a paper bag so she remained strong and took care on her own of her dad and drunken sister. Then when Nick tried to screw Cath, she screw him in return by ruining all his chances of becoming a known author one day because of PLAGIARISM! Suck on that, Mr Lying Pants! And she proved Mrs Piper, she wasn’t only a fantastic fanfiction author but also a fiction terrific one; she proved the world and (better) herself that she was worthy, she was talented and no matter what she was the young woman she never knew she wanted to be. So so inspiring. No bitch messes with a FANGIRL!

When it comes to the battle for the seat on the Book Paper Throne, then there’s no comparison. One writes fiction and is crazy about Simon Snow, the other is a blogger with a passion for all books. They are both killers in their fields, and are great role models (specially my dear Cather) for young girls who think they are alone reading while the rest is getting wasted in hardcore parties. These girls told me that I was great for being who I was, and that I shouldn’t feel ashamed to say till this day that my hobbie is both reading and writing and that in a near future I hope I become an author, I don’t mind not being famous or even getting a publishing contract, I just want to do it, and be happy because of it with no regrets neither fears.

Song Time:

I literally just chose this song, and thanks God this was the next time in my playlist so I’m freaking glad! Otherwise I might had had to go through the entire list once more, I wasn’t expecting that this single was gonna be the one for them but it talks about how never letting people tell you can do things just because you don’t look like you could be able because you fucking can! As Cathy was able to deal with aliens as she updated her blog, and Cath threw an F bomb on Nick and to been shy to take over her real self. Now I bring you *Show You by Shawn Mendes*.

And I will walk this road ahead
Hundred miles on my hands
Do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you
And if you don’t believe me now
I’ll flip the whole world upside down
And do I need to show you?
Guess I gotta show you

Switched at birth – #12

Greetings, friends.

This week has been pretty hellish, right? Even I, a 20 year old coming from a third world country in South America, can feel the lack of happiness and hope there might be in your hearts but just stay strong and as many beloved book characters: Fight for your rights, for your freedom and your home.

Anyways, let’s go back to the reason I’m writing tonight, which is that I fell asleep after coming back from a fun English class and a headache known as French tuition (I did fine, actually! So yay!), and I just woke up from that six hour sleep; after all I couldn’t stop posting this book tag that I hope one day will become popular or at least known. But that’s not the real aim of this blog, I do this cuz I love writing as well as reading and the English language, I think of this as a therapy for annoyance, after all who doesn’t find comfort in living other lives through the written word? Or analysing characters like the ones I’ll be comparing which are Corrine Foxworth from the Dollanganger series by V.C. Andrews and Jocelyn Fairchild from the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. Many people will possibly be challenging me because I think these two are two leaves of the same branch, not because of the hateful reason only but also cuz of the mood change after depression. Trust me, you’ll understand why I made this choice by the end of this entry.

Exhibit A. Dream Youth.


Alright, let’s make a statement by saying that I’m using the ‘Garden of Shadows’ upbringing, not the ‘Flowers In the Attic’ loveless img_20161109_225324memories Corrine told Cathy about so… Her childhood was pretty happy with both her ‘parents’, actually it might have been too perfect since she became a spoiled teenage girl with expensive hobbies like horseback riding with daddy Garland and other more tender ones like sharing special talks with mommy dearest Olivia after she finally understood she wouldn’t become a proper naive young lady. After all, she was the last child and only daughter they ‘had’, besides being the apple of her father’s eye since she was born. But it wasn’t until Christopher arrived that she found selfless love and the adrenaline that was living in what people called sin inside that isolated swan room. It was young love, for which she risk and lost the parental love as well as their money and control but she didn’t care. For the first time, she cared for other rather than herself. She wasn’t only the beautiful ornament but the other half of what she thought was the epitome of true perfection.

In Jocelyn’s case, she came from a loving Shadowhunter family. The Fairchild bloodline is quite known for thisimg_20161109_233522 particular trait, they are loved as much as they give away that love too. And this youngster was no exception, she loved and cherished her best friend Luke in his darkest moments but she made a mistake in falling for Valentine, like most people did at that time. However, this stunning teenage redhead was joyful when she married him and in their first instants as a marriage, even when she became pregnant with their first child to the point of trusting too much. There’s when she was betrayed by her own kindness and faith around the one she should have never given in. When her own newborn child became the victim, and she became the helpless victimiser. When her heart surrounding that past became of stone, as hard as the kicks and punches she gave away while hunting demons.

Exhibit B. Loving Mother.


After running away with Christopher, they got married in no time. Many things had to be cut short in the money area for a start,  she made that sacrifice, she killed that for love. Andpicsart_11-09-10-52-36 she regain that good cheer with her children, her four gorgeous Dresden Dolls, that became her pride. She couldn’t show up as many jewellery as she would prefer, but she would parade her perfect rays of sunshine for the world to see. For all, her mother had told her that those born out of that incestuous sin would turn out being deformed circus freaks, but she was wrong: she gave birth to porcelain skin and fair haired little angels and she adore them dearly. She realised she was jolly being their mother, that she only needed her little family to feel that way. And she was admired by her children as well, as a beautiful woman in every possible way a person could have any beauty. And even after her most out of character time, she looked for their forgiveness in the only fashion she knew: sacrifice.

With Jocelyn, there’s no doubt she is a devoted mother to Clary and even a bit to Simon. Despite having her own picsart_11-09-10-58-33skeletons, she did what she thought was right for her daughter; she didn’t want to make the same artless mistakes so she chose for her daughter to give her a bright and peaceful childhood, and why not a possible future as well. She became exaggeratedly overprotective of Clary, and she had good  reasons: since the Shadow World had let her down in every conceivable form, she didn’t wish for her daughter to suffer the same as she did so she blinded her to the awfulness but also to the wonderful things about it. The redhead matured, became way more fierce and learnt to trust again but only in few people as Luke allowing him to enter her daughter’s life or Magnus and Tessa, the ones who showed them forgiveness for her past actions. All for the daughter she was always proud of.

Exhibit C. Trauma Leads to Cold-hearts.


After Christopher’s tragic death, Corrine lost a part of what made her this new person. She lost the good nature that drove her out of frivolity and heartlessly, she lost the one that made picsart_11-09-11-08-01her truly believe that all she needed was love. So when she realised she had to survive, she suffered with the worst decision of her life, because locking her children in her parents’ house’s attic was her undoubted doom. Without Christopher, she went back to been spoiled and developed such an obsession with her father’s inheritance that she was willing to let her own children starved for a week, be mentally and physically abused by their bitter grandmother, be unable to feel the sunshine on their skin, go to school, talk to others besides themselves and take away their innocence by force. She indeed stole their childhood as Cathy accused her of during their brief and last encounter in ‘If There be Torns’, she did gave away their love for damn jewels and money. That time she didn’t sacrificed herself, she sacrificed her sinless children and forged them to be heartless, selfish and hateful towards her, but inside they were still scared and shattered for all those years without the mother they once loved.

For Jocelyn the moment she saw her son’s dark eyes and all because of what her own husband had done to that little baby, she just couldn’t hold him. She tried hard to love him and she did, at least the child she always wanted to have, the idea that maybe she would grow to love the actual child she was holding. We could say she conformed with little demon blooded Jonathan, and once she thought he had been killed by his own father, she cried and remembered the poor child’s fate. That’s the real reason why she protected Clary, so she wouldn’t be reduce as a bargain for Valentine’s purposes and hatred. After that unforgettable way of loosing one’s child, she kept recalling him by looking into his baby box proving she love him or at least pitied him like anyone would do to a lone toddler. But when she knew he was still alive and had killed, she knew her concerns had always been right that the innocent sight of a harmless boy was gone, and instead there was a loathsome monster. Right until she was turned into a nefilim full of good, she could finally see her baby with green eyes and was able to mourn her boy with mother’s tears. However, from my point of view I saw her apicsart_11-09-11-34-45 bit of a bad mom around him and I’m not trying to defend Sebastian (trust me, I hated the guy till his death) but of she had tried harder she would have still had some kind of mother feelings for him and not try to kill him right away or judge him as an abomination before knowing about Max’s murder. When he was a little boy, he suffered because of his mother’s lack of love for him that made him believe he was a dreadful monster incapable of changing. Every mother, no matter how fucked up the child is (just ask Cathy about Bart in ‘Seeds of Yesterday’), will preach to that child, won’t let anyone hurt him and if the mother did wrong will try to beg for forgiveness seeing the man as a child still. I saw non of those characteristics in Jocelyn, which for me was a bit hypocritical during ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ whe she let him die in her arms and dared to cry. I know I’m no mother to judge her on that but, that’s just how I saw it. She gave away a son, for a daughter. #NotRight

These two are two particular mothers, one neglected on child till he became what she wanted him to be and the other drove her four children into an incestuous getaway, a suicidal way out of pain, and arsenic covered donuts. They were clearly victims as well as victimisers, there’s doubt about it; but if I had to choose the worst one would be Corrine, because… Do I really need to tell you?!.

Song Time:

When I came up with these two women, a song never came to my mind. There was non called “shitty mom” on my Spotify playlist so I had to find one that could technically justify their actions, so one’s lyrics made me thought of how the lost of Christopher affected Corrine, also how the tragic ‘death’ and appearance of Jonathan touched Jocelyn. So I came across *Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey*.

And there’s no remedy for memory your face
Like a melody, it won’t lift my head
Your soul is hunting me and telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead
Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side
Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
But there’s no you, except in my dreams tonight

Switched at birth – #11

Soooooo, I’m done with midterms for now and I’m feeling relieved, though a bit worried about my Linguistics and French tests. But anyways, I’m here to bring you two characters I love that I always had heard so much good stuff about but never got interested in reading until I made up my mind I went for them till I finished each trilogy, which had the most human and realistic main characters not because of their environment but because of their reactions towards extreme situations, they showed the pain and fear that is one’s nature working against itself. I’m talking about Ruby Daly from the Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken, and Juliette Ferrars from the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi.

Exhibit A. Deadly Weapon.


These both girls had a rough start in their maturity journey, it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t right, it wasn’t beautiful, it was cruel andimg_20161102_111336 heartless. For Ruby, it all started with a pandemic disease affecting children, most of them died but she and a few others survived gaining supernatural abilities that the world saw as too dangerous to coexist with. She was forgotten by her parents, and forced to have a life of mistreatment in a mean place that for me was like a concentration camp, just a little less hard. Her life was harsh but it wasn’t until her captors found out about her real powers that she truly was a the most dangerous position. She would be kept as a rabid dog or worst, her Orange self was able to alter thoughts and memories and more secrets of the mind; therefore Ruby was a ticking bomb for the adults survival.

In Juliette’s case, she was raised and treated like a monster for most Join or Dieof her life. All because of an uncontrollable power no girl like her would ever desire, she can kill and torture with her bare touch, most of the times without even desiring that. Her life was an accident thanks to that, her parents misunderstood and hurt her both physically and emotionally, she was just a child whose mother burn her hand to prove if it was normal, she was the girl whose father locked her so they wouldn’t have to deal with their abomination. For the rest of the world, she was too much of a risk for humanity so she was locked in an asylum away from any contact with other living being until her time came to be used as a grenade waiting to be thrown at someone.

Exhibit B. Isolated Outcast.


Since they were told they were things, beasts and less than that, these girls believed it too much. They actually thought so little of b1110ff43bbd19748188d697ac3cd4b6themselves, they were afraid of the world finding out about them and were forced to lie to survive. For Ruby, she had to avoid using her power and barely making a friend that she later lost because of her being an Orange. She wanted to be alone, even when she was “rescued” the first time, she needed her space and didn’t want to forge any relationship with the ones she met in her way to freedom. But her desperation for company and being able to trust in someone were stronger when she met Zu, Chubbs and specially Liam. But for most of her lifetime as a pariah, the guards that kept her as a  caged beast next to other kids made her believe she wasn’t good or worthy, so she avoided the world like the world would be smart avoiding her.

With Juliette, she was made that way. Since she was a small child, tumblr_inline_o2jxc8teas1rn0a6d_1280her parents taught her to see herself as a life-threatening monster that would destroy everyone she touched so there was no surprise in her having no friends. She was mostly away from people she wanted to share and be friends with, she wanted to love and take care of. Cuz she believed bad things would happen if she broke her parents rules,  and a particular event proves it so. The moment she tried to help a boy in risk, she accidentally killed him and that made the authorities of the Reestablishment get their paws on her and lock her in four walls. She could not talk, not smile, not see, not remember in detail some aspects of her life. To the point she was a 50% of the time, in an dementia state.

Exhibit C. Cherished Heroine.


Once the fear was taken away from them, each girl took control of their powers and bodies to do good. To be the girls they wanted to be but nobody let them. They were freed from their prisons to live their life for the greater good, not the good for half of the population but for everyone.

First Ruby’s time as a part of the Children’s League wasn’t completely voluntary but once she understood the purpose and real ideals of it, she wanted to be with them all. She wanted to fighttumblr_static_tumblr_static_19588f1a5yo04oco80w4ggcgc_640 against the cruelty of the camps, the injustice of the government, the brutality of the treatment and the terrible world they were living in where selling a child was ok in exchange for money or food. She wanted equality and freedom, she wanted her long lost family, she wanted a smile in Liam’s face, she needed to be Zu’s family, she long for Chubb to go to college as he always dreamed of, she wished Judd had a chance of not loosing his innocence, she was greedy for a happy life for Vida. She wasn’t fighting for herself, she kicked butts because of the children in those evil camps; she used her powers to gain justice and the union of people for the right reason. She didn’t even think of being a heroine but she became one.

The unfairness of the Reestablishment went too far with Juliette, their inhumanity towards her was too much. Once she was out of it-s-octavia-she-s-probably-off-chasing-butterflies-the-100-tv-show-37056328-245-240her new golden cage and regain her trust in her lawful virtuous nature, she didn’t care if she had to go to war and eliminate those who wronged the people she loved dear in Omega Point. Even without Adam’s approval, she became her own person. She wasn’t the poor helpless child her parents raised, she was a powerful independent woman willing to take a bullet for the innocent, and do everything to avoid other children going through the same malice and indifference she experienced in her own skin. She did it for Kenji, James, for Sara and Sonya, for Adam and Warner; and for all the children who were killed in the bombing. She never intended to be seen as a saviour, she did what she felt like doing, she did what that little lonely girl always wanted to do: she helped others.

If this was a match, let’s face it, there’s no way one of them could become victorious. They are both too good at fighting and using their powers, I mean Juliette could try killing Ruby but then the other would erase her memory, and this could go on and on and on for an eternity. They are awesome, badass, kind besides being a pair of worthy of every respect young ladies; and no bitch can deny that.

Song Time:

Let’s be honest right here, I chose this tune just five hours ago and strangely it doesn’t seem like a rushed decision. This one applies to them in a classic but edgy way, it tells the raw truth of how people reacted to their powers but leaves it with an empowerment end, maybe a bit dark but how could I describe them without a dark touch?. I’m talking about *Control by Halsey*. (BTW, she’s my fav singer, nowadays!).

I sat alone, in bed ’til the morning
I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
My mind’s like a deadly disease
I’m bigger than my body
I’m colder than this home
I’m meaner than my demons
I’m bigger than these bones
And all the kids cried out,
“Please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?

Switched at birth – #10

Greetings from Peru. I’m beyond excited today, since my class had the opportunity to practice our English speaking with a native British man from Yorkshire, we were able to ask him many questions about his visit to our country, his musical knowledge and his life back home. He didn’t speak Spanish so that kinda forced us to try harder to improve our pronunciation. Of course, I missed some slang terms and the name of specific towns or regions, but overall it was fantastic. But I’m not here to talk about my day (sort of), I’m writing so you’ll understand why I chose today’s characters; I skipped a rule and selected two main characters to compare to other two main characters. I refer to Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar, as well as Reed Brennan and Noelle Lange from the Private series by Kate Brian.

Exhibit A. Material Girls.


img_20161026_140258a08d13416b815ca1c2950eb30162841aThere’s no question when it comes to this couple of Upper East Siders that they are indeed the number one fans of expensive designers, jewellery and beauty in the most misogynist sense of the word. Serena likes to have fun while drinking a couple fancy drinks in a fancy sort of bar, she adores fashion and defines it with every choice she makes. She’s beyond beautiful, she knows it and only sees the superficial aspect of everything; people are more than right when it comes to the assumption of who she truly is. Nothing more than a perfect façade with an air filled bubble head, no moral compass. While with Blair, the situation is a bit different she’s the typical daddy’s girl who follows all Audrey Hepburn has done but most of all her style and she makes it her own. She wants the best looking for herself, many times made to be selfish and distrustful; she’s a control freak that only thinks of herself and her utter happiness filled with materialistic fantasies despite her obvious intelligence amd loyalty towards friendship and love, and all of that comes after the worst heartbreak of her life. She becomes this empty porcelain doll.

Since day one, Reed was desperate to get the exclusive life she always desired cuz let’s face it, that’s the real reason wanted to get admitted in that posh school. So the moment she saw her shot, she fell in love with it: the hot rich boyfriend, the cold-blooded but popular clique of friends, the power of her new status, the given new clothes and accessories, the spa days, the trips to aphrodisiac islands, the million dollar contacts and all she never could have dreamt of acquiring. She played innocent well until she saw how down under she truly had fallen into. On the other hand, there’s Noelle who herlsef was born that way with a spoiled personality of a wicked queen getting all she asks for and without any effort, She’s clever to be mean and cruel besides being the resident puppeteer of every girl and guy at school.

Exhibit B. Worst Friend Forever.


Serena and Blair were once one of the best friends ever, almost related. They were loyal having fun and comforting the other if she was sad, they help each other and nobody could ever break their bond. Of course, that is part of the past since Serena lost her virginity with Blair’s boyfriend crossing a line that no matter how much Blair forgave her, it wound never be the same. She tried to do what she does with other stuff, controlling it with a smile and loosing her senses. But this never worked with Blair who still  blames her for abandoning her when she needed her the most (her parents divorce) with no reason, for no valuing their friendship.

With Reed and Noelle was a bit more different, Noelle always felt threatened by Reed’s potential and she was right. Once the older one was out of school (expelled for crazy behavior), this newbie started seeing her ex in a fresh different way, though she had a boyfriend the moment. Until hell explotes in their faces when she socially kills her, and Reed goes back being the nobody,  everybody made fun of. There’s where you realise there was no true friendship but a need to control and be controlled by the other, most didn’t even noticed this screwed up situation when Noelle and the rest of the Billing girls framed her new boyfriend for the previous’murder, but I did notice their unstable relationship was an obsession of power and control.

Exhibit C. Sisters.


No matter what happens to S & B, they overcame their issues and fixed each other’s heart, through the pain of being neglected, or dumped, or not knowing who you truly are, or the fear of loosing your future. They became once again the dramatic and fashionable two go two clique they always had been; drawn to their popularity like moths to the flames. Talking more mature stuff and catching up in everything they missed more about the other. Playing with little camaraderie jokes and reckless desires. (Remember, I’m only in book three so don’t be mean).

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With Reed and Noelle, it was different because they sort of (secretly) hated each other for the entire premise until they both discover they are half siblings thanks to their biological father upbeat affair and the magical way their grandmother sold the whole thing. So, against a new deadly thread, they must work together for their own welfare and sanity, and because of their odd and still controlling friendship that Reed somehow wants to keep no matter what. It’s not about the luxurious gifts or the exclusive world anymore, but other strange reason that until this day I remain ignorant of.

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There’s no question about why this girls a dreadfully gorgeous and frightening empresses ruling the sad world of the living. They are winners but when it comes to true wickedness, there’s only room for Noelle  and her no feelings policy.


Yeah, your saw right. There will be two practical but meaningful songs for the amount of girls being compared. I’m talking about *You don’t Own me by Grace ft. G-Easy* and *This is What Makes us Girls by Lana del Rey*.

I don’t tell you what to say
I don’t tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
And I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please

This is what makes us girls
We don’t look for heaven and we put our love first
Somethin’ that we’d die for it’s a curse
Don’t cry about it, don’t cry about it
This is what makes us girls
We don’t stick together ’cause we put our love first
Don’t cry about him, don’t cry about him
It’s all gonna happen

Switched at birth – #9

Hello, greetings from my tiny room up in the second floor of a middle-class house in Lima, Peru. I finally have some time to write, next week it’s my Linguistics and French midterm and I’m a bit afraid about it but today’s not about my fears, technically. Now I’ll compare these two wicked little monsters, I’m talking about Maven Callore from the Red Queen series (?) by Victoria Aveyard, and Joffrey Baratheon from the A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

Exhibit A. Perfect Exterior.


So yeah, these characters are painfully gorgeous, like just pure 4e03df7d-c77d-4ce9-81f8-502c345655b9beautifulness. Those bitches! First, there’s Maven. He’s pretty with his appealing features that define him as the lovely second Prince who is smart and super kind. Such a nice guy, with the best intentions, only trying to help the main character and slowly growing in her heart to the point of seeing him more than friendly like. He has obviously inherited the best looks on both his parents, her mother’s exquisiteness and his father’s feral demeanour. He’s perhaps not as hot as his older brother but he’s definitely a guy to look without regrets. His manners are so polished and polite with everyone he believes should be treated equally, he seems fair and loyal. There’s no question right there, he’s just a prince with lots of bad luck.

Then comes Joffrey. Dear, most people have only seen the portrayala8f14139029d6bfe78c24d265c39e4b3 of the TV adaptation but you must understand this young man is not just attractive in a way, he’s the embodiment of Prince Charming. At least in everyone’s (mostly Sandra’s) side, with his curly yet long golden hair that competes with the sun itself, his perfectly shaped bone structure that brings up a memory of innocence and delicateness that somehow manages to maintain his masculinity intact, but let’s not forget those cat-like green eyes. He surely has no problem in being charming and such a flirty gentleman with every lady he sets his eyes on. He indeed inherited the Lannister’s extremely good looks from his hurtfully dazzling mother. He starts behaving like such an stereotypical way that makes the reader understand in bits why dummie Sansa comes to adore him so much. And besides, he’s the crown prince!

Exhibit B. Mama’s Boy.


There’s some serious SPOILERS if you had planned to read this book so don’t keep reading if you did wanted. It is known in the fandom tumblr_n0a0m7fpae1sp020zo1_400how fucked up that plot twist was. But I saw it coming, cuz no bitch is that dreamy unless they have some messed up issues going on; with Maven it was his mommy stuff. He worships her to a really dark level, it doesn’t touch incest but it is almost like it. He would do terrible shady stuff cuz he’s just as manipulative as her. He wasn’t as greedy, technically, but still he lets her rule his whole life. He truly follows that odd and old quote of “Mother knows best”, he irremediably lives by that “rule”. And of course, mama wants the best for her kid even if it meant to reign above the ashes of a burning empire, or ya know letting him watch how you force his older brother to kill his father. Yeah, that kinda fucked up.

When it comes to Joffrey’s own mommy deal, it’s a little different. I xu2_oi2_rpmean his mom/aunt is a bitch but she’s too overprotective and has zero control over the little monster she raised. She only thought him to be aware of his looks and power, but never to respect her voice neither her status a his mother. He had a bad example from the beginning but still holds a bit of tenderness (if we could call it that way) towards her, just an almost inexistent bit. He had no father figure to show him what being a king was from the start, so he only had the idea that being a ruler was being a dreadful dictator and that everyone became his with the crown to end if he wanted so. Well, if we also had a sociopath for a mother who also enjoys crazy shit like having loveless sex with many people but still claims to love her brother, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her other kids (yeah, I said that and still hold that), who pretty much feels awesome when a poor little girl is beaten for her son’s pleasure. It was obvious that the thing that came out of such despicable beauty was meant to be equal, a maybe a bit more effing mental.

Exhibit C. Vicious Creature.


For me, Maven was always the bad guy. I never like him, not even tumblr_n2tc2ajonh1qkws5mo2_500when he pretended to be all goody-two-shoes, I didn’t believe that act for a second. When you read that much YA, you start to become aware of many details and you expect things like this too happen, but I was definitely not remotely ready for him to take Mare and make her his slave at the end of Glass Sword. Too unexpected. With that one scene we find out many other details, and a bit of the character’s background as well. I mean, I found out that Mare wasn’t his soft spot, the thing that made him human but his mother because once she was out of the picture. Little usurper went nuts, he was already twisted and bonkers killing weak reds cuz of their powers but now he’s frighteningly sadistic and bloodthirsty, and I’d also say that he could easily be bestial in the next installment. It makes me worried and so scared (like wetting my bed, scare) for what could poor Mare endure with this wacko.

After that, there’s young bitch Joffrey. Cuz he’s not only a definite mind fuck but he also manages to evolve into an irritating cowardtumblr_n1b9lopghq1r3xthuo6_250 who hides under his mother’s skirt, for real. Battle of Blackwater, may I mention it? Then he handles to turn into a mysoginist piece of crap when he sends Sansa to be beaten and stripped, but in her face cuz her liked her face. WTF, that little shit needed to die since day one, seriously. When he killed those kittens and showed them to his “father” I was so proud of Robert for kicking that crap out of that weirdo, I’m not pro child abuse but this was just insanity! He even terrified his little brother, even his own terrible mother. That little bastard (literally) was like Trump on steroids with an actual pretty face, so you can’t imagine how much I laughed while listening the audio book at the exact moment I was waiting for a class to start and Joffrey suddenly died. I swear, I held the happiest smile ever.

BTW, I couldn’t help myself from imagining Maven just like Joffrey when I read the first one but then my perspective changed. Because even though Joffrey was a badass maniac, he still was a little moaning coward. When Maven might be the most annoying one I’ve read in a long time, he faced his battles and wasn’t afraid of showing the world just how screwed up he was. Two ravishing and sinister kings, they had to be twins!

Song Time:

For this I just picked one. This describes pretty well both characters, it’s like a more modern version of them was singing it up to me. The lyrics fit them so well, and I don’t know what else to say to convince you this is theirs. Here it goes, *Savages by Marina and the Diamonds*.

Is it running in our blood
Is it running in our veins
Is it running in our genes
Is it in our DNA
Humans aren’t gonna behave
As we think we always should
Yeah, we can be bad as we can be good

Underneath it all, we’re just savages
Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages
How could we expect anything at all
We’re just animals, still learning how to crawl

We live, we die
We steal, we kill, we lie
Just like animals
But with far less grace
We laugh, we cry
Like babies in the night
Forever running wild
In the human race

Switched at birth – #8

Greetings to anyone who’s reading this. Thanks for the last likes, it was gratifying to feel that people actually read these posts. And I don’t know about you but I feel I’ve been comparing many girls since issue number two, I mean my first VS. in this arena was between two male wicked bitches and now I’ll be comparing two more likeable characters. They are from different books, different timelines, different genres and different positions when it comes to my heart. I’m talking about Dorian Haviliard from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, and Maxon Schreave from The Selection trilogy (I still don’t know if it’s considered a series because of Eadlyn) by Kiera Kass.

Exhibit A. Dream Boy.


It is know that these two heartbreakers started as a little girl’s first dorian wet dream. The sweet handsome young prince with the golden heart. PERFECTION in a male counterpart. First of all, there’s Dorian acting like a sort of knight in shining armour “rescuing” Caelena from that cruel prison because he needed a kick-ass champion but them slowly falling for their shared traits and loving features. She sees he’s like her in so many ways, they both adore reading huge amount of books and then when he couldn’t be even more cute, he gives her the most adorable and spoiled little puppy ever. Dorian easily (unfairly!) becomes the friend-zoned guy keeping secrets of the main character, being super kind and polite, and loving, and brave, and smoothly hot as a whole meal at Taco Bell. With his dark hair, piercing blue eyes and ardently cold voice; this Prince should definitely be in The Bachelor’s fantasy YA edition.

Then comes the real contestant or should I say lucky single guy in the futuristic version of the show known as the Selection. Prince08f5ed6b0a0c20b29fc37d5ffed8004e Maxon, seems calm and gentle with a like for rescuing damsels in distress. He understands and recognises some honest and bravery in America’s actions the first time he shares some words with her. He seems like the perfect heir, he wants to change they way things had been handled, he desires equality and hope for a better tomorrow. He doesn’t know much about his own past but he is willing to let the main character challenge him and his righteousness. With tension filled encounters and almost kisses that make you believe your watching TV season 3. Btw, he also has some good looks, even tho I first pictured him like Ian Somerhalder and then it came to my shock that this Prince was a blondie! I was like WTF! But now I’m kinda ok with it. He’s still so cute.

Exhibit B. Only Human.


But as every other human being in real and fictional life, we only see the glittery wrapper but never the sour bittersweet that can bedorian-1 underneath it. With Dorian was a little less hard when it comes to my feels, his hidden truth was not so painful cuz it only included his secret power and a bit of evilness. He was also part fairy, well it is known his family had those genes but none activated for a long long time ago and now he, the eldest son of the king who wants nothing more than to exterminate magic and dominate the world becomes a magic master who has to hide it from all. He shares this by accident with Celaena when they become friends after she refuse to be his love to be with his bff, his heart was broken but he trusted in her with his sweet aptitude. And then it all went to hell, his new love Sorscha is killed in front of him and he remains a captive of his father’s evilness. He turns cruel and mysoginist, it turned out kinda fun seeing him so free, without fears showing. Even when he went back to be himself again, there were some traces of bad Dorian left. And I’m strangely (so so weird) turn on by that, now.

After that we have the most indecent assault that ever happened to the_prince_illustrationmy shipping feminist heart. I was totally shipping Aspen and America for most parts of the trilogy and them Maxon started to grow on me, and I liked he’s tender way of being. He managed to melt and conquer my soul with various attempts until he succeeded, and the it all fell down harshly to the ground. Maxon kissed Celeste like a posh kid. Believing he had all the “right” to do it no matter how much it could hurt the only one who truly loved him and I know that she made out with Aspen like all the effing time but never to Mason’s face, bitch hid it like a pro! And then she accepts this and goes and marries him?! I mean, wtf?! I just wasn’t all for it, I’m still not all for it. I would keep my not cheating Aspen. At least he would have never kissed Celeste! How low could Maxon get? Was he making a contest on how low can you go making out!? Choices!

Exhibit C. Love/Hate Him.


Nowadays, people change teams. It is not like in the old days when you never switched from Team Jacob to Team Edward and vice versa,51860f12b25a53b5fe7ba1f6037301ef there are no loyalties so people don’t stand to their ships. Neither to their literary boyfriends/men candy. With Dorian, it was just awful! He became the new target for everyone, even his so called friends wanted him gone for good because they couldn’t control him neither have the sweet manageable Dorian they used to neglect and discard like a doll. And he had to ultimately save himself, he became his own hero. And not even because of that he turn into a fan favorite, everyone loves spoiled “Aelin” and her cheesy man whore that apparently fell in love between books 3 and 4 causing a great shock im many. They came to hate Dorian’s love interest in book two, but now at least they don’t bother him cuz of his love life. He’s a recently independent king with his own fan base that love him everyday and book more.

Finally, with Maxon. I don’t know how people love him. They said maxon_schreave_by_chrysalisgrey-d75xvl9he had to deal with America’s confusion but he never had to do it for so long, I think he did it for an instance and then she was the one who suffered because of his Selection candidates. He didn’t want to change all the shit his dad had done, he didn’t want to accept the truth of his inheritance neither that the election was on America’s side, not on his. He was bossy and nosey, annoying at some stages and I don’t know how he still got to keep the girl. Anyways, there are those who are so into him and those who can’t stand his guts but in the end he’s a character to talk about, to do an exhausting research on and stop at every said detail of what comes out of his mouth.

While reading those books I often found myself imagine the same face for these two because of their prince like resemblance until I was able to see the deviations between these two (recently, I got confused with their names while chatting in a blog). How they were not the same, at all, not even in their perfect physical features. Very very dissimilar.

Song Time:

It wasn’t easy to find a non masculine tune that still absorbed the essence of Dorian and Maxon without diverging from their recurring cores. But I managed to get one, that reflected into one of the characteristics I haven’t mention yet which is their tenacity and how they want to rule their world, their life and finally be their own boss. That’s why I chose, *My Way by The Girl and The Dreamcatcher*.

Take me where I know I won’t be right or wrong
Don’t need no permission to do what I want
It’s not worth the cost, it’s not worth the cost
I keep finding diamonds every time I fall
So why would anybody play it safe at all?
It’s not what I want, it’s not what I want

No, no, no, no, no
No, I’m not the same as anyone
No, no, no, no, no
How’d you know I could be anyone?

I wanna do it, wanna do it, my way, my way, oh
I wanna do it, wanna do it, my way, my way, oh

Switched at birth – #7

Hi! As I promised, here I am trying to write an entry for anyone who’s reading this. Please spread the word, I don’t wanna keep feeling like I’m talking to myself as I always do, so get me some likes. Anyways, this entry is dedicated to a couple of characters that share details of their progress during their standalones, they both find themselves after getting out of their shy box to explore the world they’re most afraid of. These two are Emily Hughes from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson, and Isla Martin from Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.

Exhibit A. Plain Nobody.


There’s no doubt that these girls were that. Afraid, shy, naive and 3fee2b09925fbe3b1ebccd69fb510b14hopelessly devoted to people that maybe didn’t deserve the effort, they were already passionate without even noticing it. Like with Emily being always the follower/cargo of her bff Sloane, going around her steps when it came to relationships and popularity. People didn’t know her because of who she truly was, not even by her own name but for being the best friend of the rebel troublemaker that the world seemed to adore. She was such an enigma, that once Sloane went away without a word, Emily became the boring lonely daughter of two drama addicted parents and the lost puppy of the newest runaway in town. She couldn’t even realise herself when she found herlsef alone with no companion, only the memories of the good times she had. Emily couldn’t speak to the guy she liked, and didn’t know who she really was; she was such a naive little bundle of embarrassment.

Then with Isla, she was your typical awkward teenager who could only daydream about love, to love from an unknown afar where she 400fullstayed invisible for the 96% of the school’s population. A smart, nice, cheerful and friendly girl just getting out of her casket with baby steps. She was always the spectator, of how people got into boy drama, how they missed school, how they fell in love, how their hearts were broken, how time never stop passing, how her young years were arriving like the train to never return. She focused on been a perfect studious good daughter and the secret voyeuristic of those with better social and romantic status. Waiting for a chance to experience her own fairytale princess story, with a kiss that could resolve all the problems in the world. With the hopes and dreams of any other innocent girl.

Exhibit B. Wild Child.


Once Sloane vanishes only leaving this ‘To Do List’ to her with the most outrageous extracurricular activities ever, Emily feels resilient bf7no59cyaa3349to do them, to tick them all. But without any other connection to her lost best friend, she finds comfort in the list and starts ticking things with frightening feelings through out her body. Shame, awkwardness, bravery and maybe even love but she’s still young so without caring much about the people around the list under the same fashion Sloane used to be ruled by, she manages to complete the list. Doing things, from going apple picking at night to kiss a complete stranger, making out with a redundant Jamie, skinny-dipping, steal stuff, tell some secrets and many more. She gets out of her comfort zone, begins embracing her body, freedom and womanhood without regrets. All while trying to find Sloane.

img_20161005_143147Then with Isla, she finds love. The love she always expected. Even though it all started with a disastrous date, that left her more moved than she ever felt. She has many first times, like her first love kiss, the first time she ditched a true friend, the first hook up, the first time she flunked her grades, first time sneaking out school, first time she gave everything up for the crush of her lifetime, her first heart break and deception. As she lives things intensely, she misses the world to see only her fresh new love without realising she’s not that person, she’s not just the girl who gave up herself for the guy she wants. But it all has a breaking point, where you can hit rock bottom or like Isla, you have had enough.

Exhibit C. Finding Herself.


Emily indeed hit rock bottom. She became a person she loved and 500full-melissa-benoisthated at the same time, a mix of Sloane and her hidden self. A girl willing to do everything (no matter how morally incorrect) to get the guy she wanted, to get the right feeling she was looking for. She forgot about the insecure and safe playing Emily, to kiss Frank as she had wanted for a long time. And only realising how awful that was since he had a girlfriend away in college pinning up for him, when Dawn called her up for this. Emily had seen the tears in Dawn’s face when she was cheated so being the flirt wasn’t as fun as it had felt in that instant, to the point that not even Frank wanted to see her. Ultimately, she gets to find Sloane as her mind and heart tells her things aren’t that simple, life is not black and white. Like her feelings for both her best friend and the guy she has come to love, that herself is not good nor bad. She can be fun and feel good about herlsef, and go for what she wants but also have a moral compass up to her beliefs. To find a place where she can be the real Emily, the same Emily with Sloane and Frank.

With Isla, it’s the realisation of what a real relationship is. She had 2ddf50331c8dc7caa9ade31248561e63this fantastic concept, how everything was happiness and bubbly times but when it came to the past, her experience was minimum as Josh’s. When he draw his autobiographical graphic novel and forgot Isla, her heart was crushed. He did draw his ex, in all what they had experienced like sex and love, which he showed to Isla thinking only in the selling product but not on what would cause to her pride and naive heart. She was heartbroken with former insecurities and real greenness. She was not ready for him not to feel her pain or realise what was so wrong, they were different and that branded her as just a teen. She suffered as many others did before and shall do after her; she found out she needed to be herself. To grow up without abandoning her childish self, she could be both, cause she was certainly that. The inexperienced girl and the woman who loved with all her heart even on the first date.

Both this girls won. One’s ending was more realistic than the other but both had rough time transitioning from that modest cocoon to a winsome butterfly ready to fly across life glowing in the dark times and away of the wrong current. If they were real in other place rather than just in readers’ minds, I’m more than just sure that they would be fine and looking always up for inspiration on the most real adventure that is life.

Song Time:

I was planing to go only for one song, until I remembered the other. First I’ll mention the one my mind came up with yesterday. I’m talking about *New York City by The Chainsmokers*, I know these girls weren’t to NYC but that place is known to hit you hard or pull you up. They both experienced great ups and downs, in love and with their own self-confidence. So… Yeah.

You promised, I promised
I never knew I could be this selfish
Nights downtown, it’s a new town
But I keep thinking I see your face in the crowd
But you’re not here and you won’t be
Cause you love me enough to let go of me

New York City, please go easy on me tonight
New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine
Cause I’m losing my lover to the arms of another
New York City, please go easy on me tonight

Second song I just picked after remembering the times I used to listen to it on the radio, when I was like twelve or thirteen. I never looked for the song, and after a video I had to added it to my Spotify playlist. This clearly explains all the sides of both Isla and Emily. It’s *You Found Me by The Fray*.

Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lyin’ on the floor
Where were you? Where were you?
Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lyin’ on the floor
Surrounded, surrounded
Why’d you have to wait?
Where were you? Where were you?
Just a little late
You found me, you found me
Why’d you have to wait?
To find me, to find me

Switched at birth – #6

Hi. I’ve been ill the entire week + last weekend. Yeah, the worst cold in the world was transmitted by my university friend and now I’m dealing with the animosity that is ending partials week with (again) the worst cough problem in my life. Probably not, but that’s how it feels. But I couldn’t just retire from this, it’s like a drug that no matter if people actually see this, I just can’t stop enjoying. So today’s pair resemble in one thing for many but for me in two, I’m talking about Sam Franco from Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Cady Sinclair from We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

Exhibit A. Lost Self.


There’s no question when it comes to these two memory issues. 9faf2376fa70d80ae859cbf409036100Starting with Sam, who literally first appears in the book without remembering a thing covered in mud in a strange street. Once in the hospital, people start telling her she’s been lost for a while and her bff as well but she can’t recall anything; to the point of forgetting her parents or who she truly was before the whole memory loss. It’s awful cuz she wants to go back to the life she had, to the feelings she endure until she realises she wasn’t such a good girl as most people try making her believe. She was a mean girl that could or couldn’t have killed her bff. She wants to know, she needs to fulfill the blanks in her memory of that specific where her memory was just gone as she was. There’s where the real mystery begins, to find out if her old self should come back or just let her go back to a dark corner in her brain.

Then there’s another issue with Cady, she hasn’t lost her entire memory. Just of one night, her cousins and sort of boyfriend next toimages her wanted to do something so the family wouldn’t become more like the snobbish and greedy grandfather but their plan just ended up in her running in the woods with the rest and been found covered in dirt with no memory of what the plan was all about and why she couldn’t stop crying. Now, with her parents divorced, a new hair color and style, she’s back in the family’s island houses trying to find out what happened that nigh and why the family seems to barely recognize her existence. Why her family keeps lying to her, why her cousins Miren and Johnny don’t tell her the truth, and why her love Gat doesn’t what to talk about it. It’s killing her inside but she feels somehow free, more than she ever felt in that island.

Exhibit B. Suspicion on Point.


Everytime Sam gets to know more about her life and the people around her. Her family seem her as this precious girl send from556019485b4b44db7276521546cf1b8b heaven, her brother see her as a mean and superficial chick, her boyfriend Del insists she was awesome and they were already intimate, but everyone admit that her choice of Cassie to be her best friend was not a good one. She was the bad girl, not enough money and wanting to be like her in every way. And once she starts getting some flashbacks, she knows that maybe her brother and the guy she likes but used to treat like crap (Carson) are right, she was a bad person but not entirely. And her friends weren’t as good as they told her they were, her boyfriend could have had something with Cassie and Cassie could have not been such a good friend, after all.

maxresdefault-1Then with Cady, nobody tells her the truth. She remembers Gat had a girlfriend waiting for him at home but he doesn’t talk about her anymore, how Miren didn’t stop talking about her education and she just doesn’t do it anymore, how everyone seem as reckless as Johnny once was. She has questions, like why her aunt cries over Johnny’s shirt at night, why her former mean grandfather calls her Miren and why her other aunt separated from Gat’s uncle. How life could change in one night? Nobody tells her anything, but slowly she’ll come to realise that one night she’ll become like the rest and cry over what truly happened.

Exhibit C. Moving On.


The truth wasn’t as rich as they wished it to be. Sam found out her a69dd5fc4b06a20b194108cc6bd4027flife was actually a lie before the day her memory was gone and all because of what caused it, her jealous best friend slept with her boyfriend and hide a secret: she’s her half sister, Cassie only wanted their father to admit it and have a try relationship with her but when he refused and saw Sam also there. He killed Cassie and forced Sam forget it. Once she remembered, he tried killing her too only to retain the money of her mother. She survived with Carson and her remaining family beside her, the traumatic experience will stay with her for good but with their help she recovers day by day. To be a better version of herself, to recover her life and maybe give into love with Carson.

In the case of Cady, it was harder. Realising what her repressed memories of that night were, the fact her cousins, Gat and herselftumblr_nnqfrce7bi1sdw8sao9_r1_250 planned to burn down the house and that in a second she forgot they were still inside when she light the match. She run out of fear, she was crying because of what she did, her aunts’ life was completely altered, her family was scarred and her heart broke itself taking her memories with her. She didn’t want to live anymore knowing the truth, but the “ghosts” of Miren, Johnny and Gat let her see that there’s more than her past actions, than her past self and that she can change that for the next generation: her other little cousins whose parents are too broken to look after, she knows she’ll have to let her pain go and live again. She’ll never forget again but she’ll try to go on for them, for herlsef.

It’s obvious who ended up more damaged after finding out the real stuff that happened during their respective blackouts. But hem both, were dragged into these situations out of desperation, greed and distrust. While reading them both, my only wish was to find out the truth but once I did, like them it was hard to swallow and deal with. But somehow, I think they are doing alright, learning what life is truly about.

Song Time:

I chose this out of a lot, but once I read the lyrics well. Specially towards the feeling of desiring a truth, to find who you are or were. I’m talking about *Paralysed by NF*.

I’m paralyzed
I’m scared to live but I’m scared to die
And if life is pain then I buried mine a long time ago
But it’s still alive
And it’s taking over me where am I?
I wanna feel something, I’m numb inside
But I feel nothing, I wonder why
And on the race of life time passes by
I sit back and I watch it, hands in my pockets
Waves come crashing over me but I just watch ’em
I just watch ’em
I’m under water but I feel like I’m on top of it
I’m at the bottom and I don’t know what the problem is
I’m in a box
But I’m the one who locked me in
Suffocating and I’m running out of oxygen

Switched at birth – #4

Hi y’all! I was so close to not write an entry today, because I have a million things to do for this weekend and I’m leaving to grandma’s house for that specific weekend so I’m a bit of a mess! But don’t worry, dear reader. I’ll post this book tag now.

This week is all about female characters I read a year ago but before Monday I had no idea shared some things in common. I refer to Helen Hamilton of the Star-crossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini and Mara Dyer of the trilogy that shares her name by Michelle Hodkin. I had never given any thought to these two but I realised they suffer from the same wrong.

Exhibit A. Once were Happy Beautiful.


Helen might not had been the most popular girl in high school nor anthony-goldman-2011-claire-holt-27339101-747-494had any confidence in her looks but she was satisfied and at peace with her life. Living alone with her loving father and creating lovely memories with her geeky best friend. And above all things, she wasn’t aware of her perfect beauty neither her abilities and mythical background, her ignorance made her glad and able to sleep with no nightmares. I mean she only woke up to find dirt in her pajamas but she was calm with no broken heart. No questions about her mom, neither about love so she felt free. She believes in bravery and warm affection but never on betrayal nor bad intentions. She was technically an innocent.

Then was Mara being blind of the trouble around her. She knew sheashley-greene-photoshoot-for-asos-magazine-scandal-0f48ebb4a6ca02dbf5141affdbfa6898-large-54828 was pretty but never gorgeous, she knew her boyfriend loved her but never how twisted he truly was, she knew her grandma had a secret story but she never was interested in asking. She didn’t knew how powerful she really was neither what destiny had waiting for her. She was like any other girl next door living with an over protective half Asian family, never suspecting a thing about how wrong the world around her behaved. Nevertheless, that Mara herlsef was a walking curse. How different she thought her life would be.

Exhibit B. Forbidden Love.


Ok, look. I know many main personas have this in common, most book characters share that trait but this ones were literally not able0afa6acfaa451a1e8ffc00fa36c06ede-46674 to see each other cuz it would have ended in death. First was Helen, who fell in love with who seemed to be not her ideal of the perfect match. Actually she never thought she would have a type but his bossy majesty was the one, with his cocky smile and ridiculous phrases that made the reader laugh out loud. However, by the end of book one she finds out he is her first cousin! Which ends up being an immediate deal breaker, the tension grows both sexual and emotionally which resulted into a great arch for the next books. She suffered, he suffered until they both decided to go against the rules and give into their feelings.

ashleygreene4Secondly was Mara Dyer. God, this poor girl has just found love after apparently being an unreliable witness of her ex’s death. Once she meets this Mr. Right it all changes. Her life seems meaningful and bright with lots of hope, but then bad things happen and people try to separate to protect him from her influence and fate which develops into something she also gets to believe by herself. That she is wrong for him and they’re better off apart than together. The struggle she goes through is harder than anything she ever experienced because it not only breaks her heart in tiny pieces but her mental health, as well.

Exhibit C. Written Life.


Helen’s story is one repeating itself mixed with some Greek or rebekah-3-the-vampire-diaries-33440155-347-500Roman legends. She’s an exact copy of her ancestor, Helen of Troy like all the other relatives before her with the same golden hair and like for boys they shouldn’t. It all ends up in death. Our present time Helen didn’t choose this, she was born with it. And it would have kept happening to future generations if she and her allies hadn’t stopped the vicious gods and their wishes for entertainment purposes only. She had the worst of lucks with her fate all written but in the end, she didn’t give up and made a future for herself with love and family.

In the case of Mara, one of her relatives decided her fate. He knew it before she was born, he orchestrated her unhappiness with crueltyashley-greene-ashley-greene-2173563-800-600 and immorality. Once we hear her grandmother’s story and how she met her grandfather, we can’t help but to hate him because he was hurting people way before he was introduced in the present. And now Mara has to deal with the fact that her powers one day will kill the love of her life, that’s why she tries to be away from him but finally decides to give into her feelings after he accepts fate whatever that might be with her away from the world. Mara never fixed the issues that one day she’ll become the murderer of her love, this couple made up their mind and dare to challenge their written fate despite knowing that it won’t change. They’ll live without thinking in this wicked future.

Song Time:

I was listening to this single while trying to figure out which characters to pick until I found myself enjoying a special song I used to listen to get me in the mood of reading one of these trilogies. This song has a meaning of finding yourself despite the odds and terrible things that people forced you to become. It’s beautiful, btw. I’m talking about *I Found Me by Little Red Lung*.

Whose life have I been living?
Diary pages already written
Words invented on a page
I always let them lead the way, oh
It’s time to put the pen away
And put the pages to the flame
Oh oh oh