Top 10: Perfect Songs for Books

First I was thinking on making a cool top 5 but then my imagination went away and I ended up with ten songs and two plus ones. So here they are the perfect songs that fit with books, or maybe book situations.

  1. Castle by Hasley for Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

For me this was a tie with Throne of Glass but after much meditation I gave up, and decided for Red Queen. I feel many parts of the lyrics are so much like some situations in the book like Mare going to the castle and being forced to not tell anyone about her nature by the king just as to be careful to who she trusts in by he tutor (the Prince’s uncle whose name I cannot recall). To get the best of her position but she still doesn’t give up on being herself no matter what she’s told. She’s stubborn and definitely doesn’t want to be a Queen as her fiancé thinks she’ll be, she defies all standards kicking ass.

2. Death by White Lies for World After by Susan E. E.

I consider this songs fits smoothly to what Penryn when Raffe lift her up and started flying, so unknown, so frightening yet really exhilarating. She wanted to trust the love she felt but was also cautious of not falling since they were all above the ocean till they got to a shore. Fear definitely got a hold on her, at least for those instants where she wasn’t seeing mutant monsters created by angels.

PLUS: Hello by Adele for The Evil We Love by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman.

From the moment I heard this song I could only imagine that the lyrics suited so good to what Robert Lightwood must have felt when Michael Wayland (his parabatai) died, so regretful for what he told him, how he rejected him with harsh words hurting Michael’s feelings. How Robert was unable to love him, and now cannot say how sorry he is for saying all that, for his behavior and his cowardy. Robert feels it to this day when he speaks to Alec about his parabatai, and when he suggest his name for his adopted grandchild.

3. Fear On Fire by Ruelle for Night School by C. J. Daugherty.

This represents Allie’s view on how her life goes on from being a troubled teen to grown as a badass chick ready to fight whoever tries to hurt her. From not trusting anyone till loosing so much that she holds on to her life, that she sets her own fear on fire. Time goes on and she’s not a little girl incapable of anything, no more.

4. Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar for Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Mass.

I think this song explains the path of Celaena and Dorian, ’cause both of them only wanted to be free, to love and just forget who they were but now they must deal with the responsibilities they own thanks to giving on to love. His love for Celaena and Sorscha that lead him to be lied to and taken as a prisoner, and her love for Chaeol that lead her to loosing her friend as her heart of duty. (PS: I still think Dorian and Celaena are endgame).

5. Illusion by Zedd ft. Echoesmith for Cress by Marissa Meyer.

All the lyrics were on Cress’s mind before and after meeting Thorne, her idea of who he was and what she ended up finding instead. Besides, representing her first steps on Earth exploring and feeling mesmerized by everything she sees, smells, hears or touches. She’s like a child with a first crush on her Prince charming and the magical land she wishes to live in; and no matter how wild all seems to her, Cress won’t stop believing.

6. Hypnotic by Zella Day for We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

Maybe it was because I was hearing this while reading, but I couldn’t help but to relate the lyrics to Cadence’s feelings before and after the big reveal of what happen that night. She loved Gat with all her teenage heart and refusing to let him go for the reality that is the painful truth. She wants to still live in her cloud of happiness and prosperity without thinking of the lost and her guilt.

PLUS: Alive by Gabrielle Aplin for What I didn’t Say by Keary Taylor.

I heard it first on TVD, don’t judge me but I cried right there so I downloaded then. But I started to hear it while reading this, and it fitted so well because the relationship of the two main characters was so much like this. Both leaving all their worries behind to love each other, relying on each other. Not leaving the obstacles ruin their love from the start, and refusing to give up on it. So much feels on this! ♥

7. Kiss The Devil by Bel Heir for Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, and Half-blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

I choose this to describe two magnificent female leads, first there’s Rose Hathaway and then Alexandria Andros. Both totally able to look after themselves and still party like there was no tomorrow. Passionate about their forbidden love, so angsty but so right! They are definitely no damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued by a knight, because they are the knights, warriors and heroines in their own story saving others.

8. Time by Mikky Ekko for Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

At the beginning, I never even thought about this song for this book but when I read the lyrics it matched so well to Akiva’s feelings towards Karou/Madrigal waiting for her to forgive him for what he did to her loved ones. Telling her about their love when they were other people, still innocent and young living their true love. But now time has passed and they may be good separated, but it’s stronger than their willingness.

9. Thousand Miles by Tove Lo for Legend by Marie Lu.

It suits the action packed story, filled with fast passed scenes and a forbidden but meant to be love between June and Day. He suffers while she tries to rescue him, risking all that she values to get him back and be able to say how sorry she is for taking all he loved the most. She’s still a child just like him, but soon find themselves being obligated to run and act like grown ups to be free in a world collapsing around them.

10. Song For Someone by The Frames for Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

When I read that damn epilogue I was listening to this song, I my heart broke into a million pieces. Every time I listen to it, I cannot help but to cry remembering the warrior that Tessa Gray is for living through so many deaths. And this song just explains how Jem feels when he sees Tessa again after recovering himself while remembering their love and her love with Will. Wondering if she’ll be the very same, hoping they both can survive love again. (Damn, I’m crying again).


I guess that’s it for today