Week #85 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

As I’m watching an old episode of one of my favorite series “What Not to Wear”, I just dyed pieces of my hair blue and green which surprisingly fits my eyes and foundation palette. By now I’ve read another six books by the awesome Charlaine Harris, and I hope that by Monday I’d have read the other two books in the series to finally finish it.

First book I read was Definitely Dead, with my least favorite cover of the series.

06 - Definitivamente Muerto

Sookie’s cousin Hadley wasn’t the best daughter, neither granddaughter tumblr_lz8kphnKnl1r4y3lj_largenor cousin but now she’s dead although she was already dead since her vampire girlfriend turn her into one but this time someone has really given her the true death and there are many suspects. After all her maker/lover wasn’t any random boodsucker but the one and only Queen of Louisiana whose new husband seems guilty as many other courtiers. All the Sookie wants is justice for her not so loving cousin as well as a chance to get to know certain shape shifting tiger in a more intimate level.


IDK about Mr Quinn but his romance with Sookie puts me off, it was just so sudden and out of nowhere that I couldn’t even feel remotely amused by it. Besides I was kind of expecting him to be a bad guy, like allied with king Peter or murdering Hadley, something to make him more than just the guy who turns into a not so soft tiger. On the other hand, my madness for Mr Northman grows by the second as Sookie keeps denying feeling a tingling sensation we all feel when we imagine his pic as Mr January. Anyways, I’m happy Sookie will have some company after that thing with Bill, now she’ll be sharing her house with Amelia and Bob (let’s just hope Bubba doesn’t eat him in one of his unexpected visits).


Next book I read was All Together Dead.


The vampire summit has arrived and Sookie is tired of everything. teresaAfter having her heart broken by Bill Compton’s secret task for the recently widowed Queen of Louisiana, she just wants to get away from all vampires and start living her affair with shape shifting tiger Quinn but this is not up to her and she’s forced to attend this celebration that includes two royal factions fighting in the court of vampire law as an impending thread reaches inhuman heights.


The most lovely moment while reading this was when Eric danced with Sookie at the ball and she was so into it that she believed they were flying, and then when everything was literally going to he’ll he actually managed to fly and get her out of the pyramid hotel. In the aftermath of this disaster by the Brotherhood, all I hope is that Arlene won’t become a crazy shit real member of that fucked up cult, that Sophie-Anne won’t marry the vampire hotel owned whose name I cannot recall and somehow recovers her legs, I also expect that vampires know what saint Quinn killed poor misunderstood Andre and by vampires I mean all Sophie-Anne’s court. I don’t know I feel wicked and bitchy now after the explosions and all that shit.


The third book I read was From Dead to Worse.


Katrina stroke and after the explosion in the summit things couldn’t be tumblr_mfzx7hbGlh1ql6xr4o1_r1_500more depressing for not only the humans but the supernatural community. Sookie knows that other kingdoms might plan on taking advantage of Queen Sophie-Anne’s new disability and economic weakness to invade and take over the entire area of Louisiana while some close shape shutters start being murdered.


I felt unattached to Alcide the most here, like he was rude and unapologetic besides I find those strange path rites of his kind quite strange, wild and too rough for my sensitive mind. Speaking of animal behavior wtf Jason and Crystal, those selfish motherfuckers fucked Sookie and Calvin the worst way possible with her infidelity and his manipulation skills, I wonder if the fetus is even his now. And Sookie has the protection of the animalistic Alcide pack, the entirety of the vampires in the states of Nevada and Louisiana; also she just discovered she has a little mind reading nephew (like her) and a fairy Prince for a great-grandfather.


The following book was Dead and Gone.


The vampire order in Louisiana has change as well as the local687474703a2f2f6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f74756d626c725f6d3130653676786d56423172353737746a2e676966 werewolf pack, Sookie is nervous and close to a raging war involving her newly discovered great grandfather the fairy Prince Niall. Now she not only shares a blood bond with Eric but faces the horrid fanatic murder of a close relative a wants to find out who did it after the great shape shifter revelation.


From the beginning to the end, this book was badass. It had it all, the intrigue, betrayal, revelations, shocking events, tearful deaths, annoying traits belonging to the main character (seriously, Sookie, you need to stop trusting humans just because they we’re good at pretending to be your friends before! Fuck Arlene and her needy ass!). Anyways, holy shit! The fairy war got the chills out of me, I was honestly frightened and when they killed Dawson I was so close to loose it because he was such a good guy. And I keep having this ambiguous feelings for hot Viking Eric, now for former traitor Bill, and always for dear old Sam Merlotte; everything is just so much fucked up for Sookie more than ever cause her feelings for Bill returned and she’s tied up to sexy Eric. Talk about complicated love triangles!


The fifth book I read was Dead in the Family.


The fairy war was not what Sookie expected, now she’s dealing with the tumblr_inline_okiosxO2LW1tywsvv_500traumatic aftermath of the many deaths and a long lost granduncle with doubtful intentions. All this while the gruesome maker of Eric arrives to Bon Temps, and he is not alone but with a pretty recognizable brother that will definitely cause some trouble in the peaceful small town. Sookie might realize that he bond with Eric is not that strong to help him go through the right path.


So… werewolves’ traditions are not as fucked up as vampires’ sire bonds, cuz there’s no way that constantly raping and enslaving Alexei Romanov for decades is better than having odd but consensual sex with your new alpha in front of the rest of the pack and friends. Now I can say I’ve seen it all, and that Eric is not my favorite love interest anymore because of his fucked up adoration for his pedophile maker besides he’s hot (like seriously, this guy is so hot that I could fry an egg as easily as in an Argentinian street during the summer) but he doesn’t show his softer side since he was amnesiac, however Sam has a sweet side that has me but then he’s jelly about all the guys Sookie dates but he’s so nice. It’s a pretty messy situation, oh and Bill got together with his vampire sister and I’m happy for him, weird right?.


The final book I read this week was Dead Reckoning.


tumblr_lz8iv5EeyD1r4y3ljSookie witnesses how Merlotte’s is bombed and she’s almost burned in the process, she has her suspects but none of them as deadly as a angry minor with animalistic tendencies and great hate for the blonde waitress. Besides this issue, Pam and Eric begin to plot the ultimate downfall of annoying Victor as they share a secret that could destroy all he has reached with his new vampire wife.


Sookie is definitely (and finally) realizing what it means to be so closely involved with an ancient power hungry vampire, she’s getting to know and understand the violent aspect as the lies around her relationship and the world she so desperately wanted to be part of in the past, and it’s heartbreaking besides a whole reality check for our dear blondie. It’s a new sight for her, she’s seeing the ugly edges that Bill and Eric respectively didn’t want her to see first hand; the ones she definitely doesn’t want to admit are there like Eric’s pending marriage with that other queen besides the fact that his feelings are not as humanly powerful as she once thought.


Week #84 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all!

Now I do have an excuse for using that southern expression cuz I’ve been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by the badass Charlaine Harris and I feel connected to that accent now so much that I’ve been watching pieces of True Blood where the book characters appear in YouTube, until now it has been a fun ride filled with one a regret and many little adoration hearts cuz these plots are intriguing and passionate. Anyways, this week has been good in comparison to the previous but I still wish I could go back to university to see old friends and start stressing myself out like a regular young woman in her early 20’s. But I guess books are also a way to be stressed and nervous so this is fine, right?.

The first book I read was Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (BTW, those titles are sickening!).


After a crazy supernatural old lady with a wild pig attacks Sookie in the woods, she’s healedtumblr_inline_miluavpuCz1qz4rgp by the vampires so now she ows them a favor. Eric gives her away to a pack of other blood suckers so they can find a missing vamp that somehow has to deal with a group of aggressive fanatics, charming shapeshifters and a suicidal walking dead. Sookie should have taught it twice before getting involved with the southern vampires.


The adventures of Sookie Stackhouse keep making me wonder if there might be creatures up in the south of the US. It is so realistic in the way the story is told that it leads me to believe this is how the world works now with vamps and hidden shape shifters and that crazy maneade wicked woman going round the Louisiana forests and boning doggie Sam. BTW, I hope we see more interactions between Bill and the always annoying Bellefleur family.


The second book I read was Club Dead by the same author.


According to Eric, Bill Compton left Sookie for good with no explanation needed following an old flame. But his infidelity is not the only thing that’stumblr_inline_o7p7feYlRU1rifr4k_500 worrying this sweet woman but he has also been kidnapped by the ancient King of Mississippi looking for a secret work he had done for the Queen of Louisiana. Now Eric sends Sookie to look for him in the minds of a bunch of supernsturals in a dangerous club where shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires and other scary things venture, she must do it before it’s too late.


Again, another book that catches my attention by the synopsis. This made me love and have a bit of remorse towards my dear Sookie cuz despite all the shit Bill did by abandoning her for (dead bitch) Lorena she still was going to rescue him and I was ready to just let her do it when all of a sudden he rapes her (He fucking did it, you can’t tell me that was sexy consensual cuz it wasn’t) and she still wants his body after she wakes up. That was the thing I disliked about the book, how easily Sookie can become the typical vampire romance novel characteristic female lead, full of abuse and low self-esteem. Anyways, going to other stages I fell for sweet green eyed Alcide though I want to vomit every time he salivates for his shape shifting ex; also Eric is slowly wining over my heart because he’s so light and funny and hot and just such a good listener for a thousands year old Viking.


The third book was Dead to the World by the same author.


Sookie almost runs over an amnesiac man on her way home from work, but that’stumblr_inline_mmmiu5CXgb1rompwx not an ordinary man: It is in fact Eric Northman who after being attacked by a powerful witch is left withno memories and only Sookie to take care of him. The sexual tension gathers as the witch gets closer with a desire to be the owner of Bon Temps for good. It will be up to Sookie to figure out the best thing to do to help Eric, her wiccan coworkers and some angry werewolves.


OK, he’s not entirely perfect but his amnesiac side was pretty promising and so so so so hot. I hadn’t been so interested in a guy in a physical way in years, but his scene in the shower with Sookie was out of this world. Anyways, going back to the story itself the whole Jason thing had me wondering if it had been Debbie or perhaps that Crystal chick because from the moment Sookie saw what the first turn in and the second’s paw I knew it had to be one of them but it was Crystal’s friend who did it in the end and now Jason might become a were-panther and I’m beyond ecstatic. In other news, Eric lost his memory and regained it again after beating a werewolf vampire’s blood sucking witch down in battle, Pam proved she was boss, Bubba made a small yet sweet appearance, Bill travelled to Peru, Alcide was not so perfect cuz he was again dating bitch Debbie, oh and Sookie killed the bitch to protect Eric. And I need to know more about that fairy woman.


The fourth book was the first volume in a new duology which will be part of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’m talking about the graphic novel named Wires and Nerve.


Iko feels useless with Cinder up in Luna fixing her dresses and helping hertumblr_inline_mu8120PNIM1qf0ipo with etiquette so she ventures in a plan to get rid of the wold creatures Levana left on Earth when she tried to destroy all humanity. Cinder needs more earthen popularity so she accepts sending her beloved android to collaborate to her cause but when things start to get cozy she’ll have to send an unforgiving and a little judgmental soldier to help her out.


I was always afraid I might not like this art work after reading an original series cuz perhaps the characters weren’t going to look the way I pictured them in my mind. I was right to be afraid cuz they we’re mostly nothing like I thought but somehow that didn’t scare me off from keep on reading, the lovely drawings were a nice companion for this story and I felt I was able to see my favorite sets and personalities come to life, besides I’m already shipping Iko and Kinney, and I want to know what happen to Iko’s programming: why does she have feelings now? or why she suddenly blushes like a human being?; there’s also the message that Cinder’s adoptive father left for her about her own self. There are so many questions and the next volume comes out next year, I’m not sure I’ll be strong enough to wait.


The final book I read was Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris.

05 - Mas Muerto Que Nunca

Sookie is starting to feel guilty and a bit nervous that someone might findtumblr_inline_mirlxrBtVP1qz4rgp out about the fact she killed Debbie and when two investigators start making questions she wonders if people can see through her as well as she reads thoughts. But all of that is shadowed when a mysterious hunter begins to shoot people of two natures like Sam and Calvin, Sookie is more afraid than anyone cuz now her brother is one as well. But everyone likes to point out that Jason couldn’t be a future victim but the actual killer.


I never even went that far to consider he would be my first suitor in Sookie’s love life to be cut so dramatically but yeah, after that whole using her without letting her know in the funeral and then all the fucked up shut he exposed her to when he invited her as a friend of the pack to the alpha’s election creepy ceremony. I’m still a bit traumatized by how screwd up are the werewolves and their traditions, and I thought the were-panthers were weird! So now the choice (at least for me) has been reduced to two options, either hot oblivious Eric or safe mysterious Sam because Bill is dead for me since he raped Sookie (besides he fucked Lorena).


So this is it guys, did you watch Riverdale last night? Who would have thought Hal Cooper was such an immature dick? And what about the promo for next episode? Let’s just pray that Archie didn’t get any STDs from Miss Grundy so he won’t give it to Cheryl as well. 

BTW, I can’t wait to watch Starz new show The White Princess based on Phillipa Gregory’s historical fiction novel of the same name; it seems so visually appealing. 

Coffee and books, 


Week #83 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening, fellow readers.

This week has been the slowest most inconvenient in a long time, and I’m not saying that cuz my period has arrived or because I keep having a wound that looks like a finger print sized ulcer in my arm. This week has been hellish because since my country is still a disaster zone after the floods my classes have been delayed and I won’t be returning to university until April 10the besides I’m currently in my grandfather’s house unable to move since my mother refuses to do so. I’m annoyed as hell.  But somehow I managed to read five unusual but pretty books.

The first I read was A Midsummer’s Nightmare by the always adorable Kody Keplinger.


Whitley’s life was never easy with self-centered mother dealing with hee tumblr_inline_nox4fl5Nf01szaa83_500hatred for hee father, and the promiscuous behaviour that nobody seems to notice. But what always made her smile and enjoy her youth was spending the summer vacations with her dad and now this is the last one she’ll spend with him before she chooses a career. Unfortunately nothing goes as expected, first her surprises her by not informing her of his engagement and the fact he moved to a new house with his fiancé and her children, but the most shocking revelation was that her soon to be step brother is the hot guy she slept with after prom. This summer will be full of things like this for this eighteen year old.


I must assure everyone that Kody Keplinger makes the best male leads in the universe, they don’t break your heart with their mistakes but are lovable sweethearts and her books tell you things the way they are which is that we make our own problems we create them and we just need a little push to fix things. And this book was not different because it had it all: the emotional drama going on in the brain and heart of the main character, the struggle of social issues, the special kind of love and a true family supporting each other. I cried four times reading his, just so you know.


The second book I read was a wattpad Latin American phenomenon that I had no idea came from wattpad when I downloaded it so don’t blame me, it’s called Bad Boy’s Girl by Blair Holden.


Tessa was known by her weight during almost all her life, she was thetumblr_ndwx11udVj1tk2mymo2_250 overweight ex best friend of the now HBIC in her high school and the ever so embarrassed number one fan of the sexiest guy in town. But that’s not the worst in her life, cuz now she lost weight and is a good friend of sexy Jay; everything would be great if not for his stepbrother Cole. He just returned to town after some quality time in military school, he was always her personal hell and she’s sure he’s up to no good.


It had thins I unfortunately liked a lot like for example the whole sweetness of the male lead that got my heart as I was still a fifteen year old adolescent, it’s embarrassing though cuz she feels like she owes him everything in her life, like it was such a miracle and life saving achievement that he loved her from afar: that had the feminist in me totally worried and concern about her self esteem. But Tessa kept changing the subject so one would forget how the abusive signs were there in a small amount, like not something to be exactly worried about without a conversation but still. it’s an embarrassment that I like it but it’s easy to get into and I want to see her on her own now that he fucked everything up by his stupidity. I want for Tessa to realise she’s good, and right without him.


The thirth book was the sequel to the previous one named Bad Boy’s Heart by the same author.


Tessa’sAWPljm first relationship ended the worst way possible and after a mourning period she’s ready to move on but Cole won’t let that happen and wants to get her back no matter what. Tessa knows she shouldn’t but she ventures in a give and take game with him where everyone can loose and she definitely could win.


It felt so weird to still be into it because of entertainment purposes but at the same time feel so yucky about myself cuz this has such a bad message for girls, he’s obviously possessive but she likes that cuz she’s the same but she doesn’t show it though. It’s totally shameful to be attracted and almost crave this relationship with so many ups and Downs but I guess that’s what a guilty pleasure is all about that no matter how much it makes you consider the author’s morals. Because it might not be the best thing ever written since it comes from wattpad but I liked how it went. I feel so fucking strange right now.


The fourth book has no official title on English but it’s the third and last part of this trilogy.


Tessa’s new status as Cole’s ex is not quite working the way she thoughttumblr_inline_nb5xmk2MvY1sk2a26 it would be. His groupies are still after him, his agent hates her and his stepmother accuses him of stealing his future. Something’s maybe right but others are definitely not.


It actually brought tears to my eyes so that’s an accomplishment. I understand that the author’s motivation was to shut every destructive critic up with the intention of giving a moral by the end of the book though I still found it inconsistent and kind of contradictory towards her own choices and personality but I guess the message was given so I didn’t really care anymore about how much Tessa is not a feminist cuz this is directed to 2008’s teenage public I mean I would have read this back then I would have loved every piece of it without remorse so yeah. I can’t be so judgmental about its negative aspects.


The last book was Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, the first book in the Southern Vampires (Sookie Stackhouse) series.


Thelarge world is no strange to vampires and now with synthetic blood around the corner, they are welcomed. At least that’s what Sookie likes to think, she’s a cheerful 25 year old who is beyond static when a vampire arrives to the Merlotte restaurant during her shift. But vampires are not the only supernatural creature that will change her life for good in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.


I don’t need to read another synopsis to understand I’ll keep reading this series till the end cuz it had the 3 keys to a groundbreaking novel: badass writing style (the first person way is my way and all the setting is marvelous), the characters (Sookie is awesome without even trying she has become my girl) and the whole plot (the murder mystery mixed with this vampire stuff in an imaginary small town is what I want in everything). One thing I wasn’t comfortable reading was the fact that Jason is a first class asshole for slapping his sister and Sam might have an overprotective vibe in him since he grabbed Sookie like that for her alleged safety (he’s just jealous but I somehow consider him cute). Going through her relationship with Bill, I felt it sweet and ethereal which was very pleasing to read about these last days, I felt no abusive tendencies which is something I’m beginning to notice lately except for that moment he fucked and bit her in an anger rage in the porch but without that moment everything was fine. I can’t wait to read the rest and entertain myself with some southern vampires.

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Week #81 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all.

As not many of you may know I live in Peru and my country is suffering from floods and mud slides because of the heavy storms in the northern part of my country and everything I see in the news is depressing and really far from encouraging besides the water companies have cut it and I’m afraid/stressed as fuck. So reading has become my only relief and that’s why I’ve read all these lovely books.

The first book I read was It Ends With Us by the ever so talented Colleen Hoover.


Lilly is just starting to live after the death of her abusive father, after all every single decision she ever made was centered in getting away fromtumblr_mini9syqVl1qk01ceo7_250 him and the sad memories he brought into her life. So now she doesn’t know what to do next, until she meets Ryle and he’s everything she never asked for: he’s a hot doctor who only wants a no strings attached relationship with her, he’s intimidating and mysterious. Without noticing it they both are drawn to each other and cannot longer deny their feelings but when her past comes back to hunt her, his own will take over as well.


Colleen Hoover is a freaking genius. She somehow managed to transport me (an empowered feminist who apparently hates men) into a woman that know understands the pain and heartache that being in love with an abuser really is. From the moment Ryle became possessive and a bit aggressive when they were having rough sex I knew there was a chance of him becoming like that, the moment he first pushed her I knew he wasn’t going to recover from what he had done yet I believed in his apologies and the next time and the last time I knew she had to run or she would stay there forever. And I’m so glad Lilly took the decision hee mother didn’t because of her baby, she did it so the cycle would be broken for good. I’m so glad I got to read this book because of how it made me get what so many people refuse to understand, how a victim can be so blind in love that doesn’t seem to realise that what the other feels when he hits you is not love. How toxic it is for children to be there, and how one must stop thinking in one but at the same time keep thinking in one self because what is healthy for one and for our children is the best choice one can make.
Thanks Colleen.


The next book I read was the intense electrifying Unteacheable by Leah Raeder.


Maise O’Malley is an 18-year-old like no other, she admits she has serioustumblr_ns0sdjxnRf1up1uglo1_400 issues going through her head since her father abandoned her and her so called mother became a drug dealer, so now she’s only into older men and feels unapologetic about it. In one of her getaways she meets Evan a charming man in his late twenties or early thirties who intimidates her with his overwhelming kindness so she runs away from all that the moment he turns his head. But of course life couldn’t be easy for this Irish descendant hot headed girl, specially after he finds out hee new cinematography teacher is Evan, the man she left just after having sex.


I need a relief after Colleen so this came so in handy. it’s good, seriously because if you’re mad enough to not be intrigued by the plot then the writing style in prose is what will drive you in this direction. the poetical paragraphs filled with metaphors and beautiful synonyms. but the plot is even better, because it hits you and it hits you again until it finally caresses you with some unrealistic Hollywood threat. it’s definitely something else.


The third book I read was the raw and realistic Shameless by Nina Lemay.


Hannah knew the moment she told her parent of her career choice lifetumblr_static__640_v2 would be hard, but she never expected to be so sad and unfair. She had to become a stripper to survive and go to college in Montreal, there’s where for the first time a client seems to really not want her body not lying to her in any way, he didn’t even want the lap dance his friends pay for him so she became besotted until the next day she sees him in class as her new young and kind hearted teacher Emmanuel. They both let their feelings rule them and enter into a dangerous relationship where her nightlife and school life meet in between scandal and roughness.


It was a pretty rough and passionate tale of trust and danger that started behind the appearance of a cliché new adult novel but it finished like a crude independent essay/bio. it was different, a completely strange turn of events that began with Hannah not being insta in love with Emmanuel the moment she lap danced him, this was a relationship that set off like an attraction torpedo but finally landed like a sinking ship in the Canadian shore. There’s no question to why this was published, because it seduces the masses with it’s sinopis though it could have a complete opposite reaction, but once you read it till the end you see how this is so distant from what you immediately expected. It’s a hard read, it breaks the reader in many ways and it doesn’t stop. (*God! It still hurts!*)


The fourth book was the number one book in a trilogy by Paige Toon, named The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson.


Jessie is a fifteen year old teenager dealing with the tragic passing of her loving2bd2a35b3fb51e5375d3084ab35ee400 young mother who never had the courtesy of informing her about her father’s whereabouts so when her teacher/stepfather get most vulnerable she gets the truth out of him. Now her rebellious behavior makes sense and her singing voice seems logical, she’s the secret love child of the international rock star Johnny Jefferson when her mom was his first groupie but now his married with two little sons and perhaps she’s not so ready to invade his wild life.


I love this. It’s so close to become addictive, BTW I didn’t get she was from the UK at first but with the uniforms in school I knew she could be from a super Catholic small town in Detroit (obvi no!) or a preppy rich girl from the upper east side of NY (which didn’t seem likely) or she was from the UK. it was so confusing but then I had no problem with it. I liked this because of how easy was for me to get into this, the plot is not too relatable when it comes to have a superstar daddy you never knew about but after that it is pretty damn similar to my situation since I began crying when Jessie wasn’t feeling welcomed in Johnny’s house or when she felt like a stranger in his family. That was pure literary gold. Anyways, the character of Jessie wasn’t the most responsible nor mature little teen but she wasn’t annoying either, I found her funny and down to earth which was cool and now I feel like we could be friends. She’s just so right, she has the It factor.


The fifth book I read belongs to the same trilogy by the same author, I’m talking about I Knew You Were Trouble.


After spending the summer with her new family, Jessie still doesn’ttumblr_inline_mlkdgoJ6ZD1qz4rgp know how to react towards her dad being a rock star and her life no longer being hers but the paparazis. She thinks she managed to forget about Jack and his hot cockyness, and is now enjoying a sweet relationship with her hometown sweetheart. But when the media finds out about her identity she doesn’t know who to trust her new or old friends, her hometown or the city of angels she misses the most.


Literally, damn you vk. This was still so easy and comfy to get into, the troubles we’re realistic and still emotional without reaching the soap opera-ish factor. There was even a funny moment where I went back to be myself like I hadn’t been in a long time laughing and giggling like a blushed kid. But there we’re also instants of tears like whenever she remembered her mom or got complimented about her singing, the tears were real. I still like this rocky, real and lovely teenager.


The following book was Dark Wild Night by the steam maker Christina Lauren.


Lola and Oliver remained friends after both couples of their friends got married and they divorced immediately with no remorse. But after a while Lola realized she wanted more from him but for that’s unlikely since he didn’t want her first, while Oliver wants and loves her with a passion but he also thinks she doesn’t feel the same way. Besides they are both too worried about their friends like to screw it by trying a romance or a sexual relationship until the tension and emotional barrier are crossed and none of them is ready for the consequences.


I expected more, I mean the romance was good, the built up was to a relationship was insanely cute and hot but the development of heartbreak wasn’t as successful as with other books of Christina Lauren. I don’t know, I just felt disconnected to Lola’s lack of emotions or to Oliver’s smooth excess of them. The only character that got me liking him was Not-Joe which was kinda weird. I wanted some more, let’s just wait the next one is way better.


The last book I read was originally written by Princess Mia Thermopolis Renaldo but presented to the public by Meg Cabot, this historical fiction novel is Ransom My Heart.


Finnula is not your particular lady like English girl and she has no intention to become one, she doesn’t want a husband neither status, all she desires is to help her family and those in need for mercy and justice. She even dares to risk it all for her sister’s welfare by kidnapping a rich Knight in the middle of the rode to her small town but what she doesn’t even notice is that this man is no other the the high Lord of her town when an undeniable attraction between them both increases.


Reading this felt like winter afternoon or a rainy lunch, so calm yet pretty extroverted and innovative. To be quite hones I’ve never read an erotic historical fiction romance so this was interesting, though relatively long for my taste. One thing I liked the most we’re the characters that were like watching some of the Princess’s Diaries ones through an ancient looking glass because let’s admit Mellana was a lot like Grandmère and Lilly, Isabella was like Lana, Peter was a bit like JP, besides Jamie was a lot like Rocky and little Olivia, and how the rest of the town seem to view Finnula like she resembled how Mia sees herself: like an unnatural mess. But overall this characters we’re original and well set in time, besides Finnula was a bad as a female who in the end didn’t give up on her badass ancient leggings no matter what her hot headed husband thought. I would read it again like a guilty pleasure paying more attention to the details unlike this first read.


I’m so ready to watch CW’s The Originals season premiere! Any of you predicted Stefan dying on TVD’s finale, I didn’t and was kinda upset by it. Weird cuz I was not much a fan of him.

Coffee & books. 


Week #80 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

It’s so effing hot in my country right now and since most of us don’t own air conditioning because the heat was never so awful but now thanks to global warming we’re melting; it’s awful to the point where I’m so desperate to shower every ten minutes. Anyways I’m here to talk about the book I manage to read this week, they’re al stand alones and I hope you like them as much as I did.

First book was Serial Hottie by Kelly Oram.


tumblr_mxustmPwiL1s0t9k2o3_250Ellie is not your typical girl, not even your typical Detroit girl. She’s though, some might say aggressive and courageous besides being a stubborn hockey player. For all her life she’s being one of the boys and her older sister has been the girl everyone wants to date, until a mysterious and strange guy moves next door with his protective aunt. His name is Seth and he’s incredibly attracted towards Ellie though she doesn’t seem to understand why. Above all her inner feelings and the inexplicably tension Seth brings to her life, a serial killer has taken Saturday nights as favorite occasion to murder young girls that look a lot like Ellie the moment Seth moved. Is he guilty of murder or she’s just trying to not recognize her feelings for him?


I was so into this book because it kept me hanging waiting for another clue of who was the killer and about how Ellie was about giving into Seth’s romantic approaches. I even try to recur to my CSI/Criminal-Minds/Law-and-Order-EVU knowledge to trying figuring out this serial killer mystery, my money was on Dave but then this Pierce detective came in a mysterious way making a big deal of the girls staying alone at home that Saturday and I just knew it. Part of me still hoped Dave was the killer cuz of his closeness to Ellie and being also upset with creepy cat caller abusive moron whose name I don’t remember. But anyways, I enjoy the book and its romancy couple, and how I always loved and trusted nice Seth which makes me wonder many things about myself and my own weirdness.

giphy (1)

Next was The Siren by the easy going Kiera Cass.


What would life be like if you’d had to kill to survive? If your next blameless life would depend on those murders? Would the nightmarestumblr_o4lww6gewZ1txeyiao1_250 be enough to survive the guilt and the absence of love? Those questions are constantly made by Kehlen since she became a siren by the entity of Oceania, she has twenty years left to kill until her new life begins to live it free but fate says otherwise when she falls for a human risking not only her redemption but his future for breaking the rules of the sirens. Now she’ll have to succumb or deny herself the joy of love and passion, and both decisions could lead to terrible repercussions.


I thought I would be bored by this, idk I just believed it wouldn’t be so extreme or entertaining but then I remembered this was made by Kiera Cass so I gave it a huge shot. Thank God I read it! Such and emotional roller coaster because of all the sweet romance and the unfairness of Kehlen’s siren situation. And you know I’m down for every angsty fated couple so how could I resist to its fluflyness and all the tears it brought to my eyes because of Ocenia’s obsession with Kehlen cuz that was not love, that was an idea of that but not the feeling itself cuz there’s no way you love your daughter and make her suffer shit like that or threaten to kill the other like it was nothing. No no no missy. But anyways, I felt I was on cloud nine because of that sweet ending, so sugary.

date night after baby gif 11

The third book I read was Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noël.


Thistumblr_nzq3jb7Sp21ua1nbgo2_r1_250 is the journey of Rio. Being the daughter of an ex almost super model and an absent lawyer was never easy but at least she had her friends to stand against all the world kept throwing at her because of her weird taste and peculiar way of being. Until she arrived LA and started taking her mother’s not so wise advices after an embarrassing heart break, she goes into a self destructive spiral where only her own morals and mind can get her out of.


It was obviously too cold, too rough, too realistic though it tried to portray an easy going YA flesh for the realistic bone structure. The book itself was good but there was not such a redemption, I didn’t feel she really changed, Rio had no personality more than saying “I love photography” instead of developing her inner self. She went from been such a geeky persona to an “I don’t care” sort of IT girl to a social pariah to a no personality who manage to sniff comes with no brain nor nostrils damage. Her journey was the typical teenage downfall that every soap opera seems to want to get access to, it had a great arc but how it was ended didn’t feel so conclusive as it should be. Besides I would’ve appreciated some more personality touches in all the characters.


The fourth book was Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein.


Candice is currently earning her master degree in Creative Writing with the help of her young and chases teacher. She’s everything he couldn’t eventumblr_mcvhy2Fk9u1r3stzgo5_250 look up to, since she’s become a self published author of erotic romance who goes under the name of Candy which has given her enough money to support herself for an entire year. She feels she needs something new in the form of a hot bartender that ends up being one of her students, but at least she can write more than usual in her Candy persona because of the inspiration their forbidden sexual tension involuntarily gives her.


As a young amateur author I considered this an inspiring/true/entertaining read, the journey of Candy was just lovely and it showed a realistic and less idealized idea of what really happens when the patriarchy tries to run one’s dreams. Because there exist teachers like Dylan that give Fitzgerald a bad name with their inner fears which they decide to portray in the shape of immature reactions like the one he had against Candy’s obvious success. So it was great that despite her probationary scholarship Candy managed to get rid of that egomaniac snob and keep the guy she actually likes, besides she now doesn’t have to feel she has to hide Candy from the world of Candice.


The following book was How (not) to find a boyfriend by Allyson Valentine.


Nora68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f50417a6e376d7230502d523456513d3d2d3332313538323736392e3134376439656261 was the unfriended know-it-all but now she has become a popular cheerleader by giving up on her AP classes and being considered dumb until Adam moves in town and he takes her breath away but there’s a little problem when she realizes she must be smart again to satisfy his interest and handle being a cheerleader with an overachiever captainbossing her around.

** spoiler alert ** THIS WAS SO SO GOOD.

When I started reading this I thought it was a little too narcissistic for my taste, after all I had had enough of dumb teenage girls making shitty decisions like I would have had if I had had the chance; so a part of me wasn’t sure if I’d eventually give in and find some redeemable feature until I found myself laughing about all the connections and fixed situations Nora had to handle to get Adam to notice she wasn’t the stupid girl she tried so hard the rest of the world think she was before. All those moments of awkwardness and unexpected surprises got me gaging my ass off like there was no tomorrow. Besides I felt attached to the whole “Joshie is too adorable to even” instants like when he wears his little cowboy pajamas and wants to show everyone his insect collection in his tiny sock, God! that kid is the epitome of cuteness. In the end this became a great story of self acceptance when Nora dealt with her scrambled choices thanks to Joshie’s advice of asking for forgiveness like a decent human being, and after talking with her dad. I found myself attached to Nora because of all that way of fixing her life which was sweet to commemorate in a place inside my book memory desk.

The next book was Shut Out by the incomparable Kodi Keplinger.
Lissa is damn tired of the constant fights between the soccer andtumblr_inline_mgdmlrg68f1r47jkb football teams which are ruining her perfect relationship with her patient yet dummy boyfriend so she decides to leave him without sex and other jocks’ girlfriend follow her lead with this new ultimatum to the boys as she struggles with the sexual tension between her and a former flame Cash. This battle of the sexes becomes more and more serious by the second, while Lissa accidentally turns it to a more personal level when she starts playing dirty.

I just loved all those moments thanks to Chloe’s sassy magical quotes saying how OK is for women to have the same rights as men, how slutshaming is a piece of shit and how we’re in the twenty first century and no longer in the dark sexist ages. Love that so much, it made me feel empowered and capable of saying shit like it is with no fear for repercussions. Besides there was the whole Lissa and Cash going flame, and I’m so thankful that dick of her ex boyfriend didn’t get a chance to get her back; their sweet/lustful moments were adorable and not forced at all which I always appreciate in a Kody Keplinger book. Therefore I ship them like my reaction gifs. No joke.

The last book was Confess by the mistress of emotions in literary shape Colleen Hoover.
Auburn’s life hasn’t been easy since the tragic passing of her first love at the tender age of fifteen. But she’s fighting to get her life back together and paying some lawyer, so she answers the most rare job offer she’s ever seen in the studio of Owen Gentry. He’s mysterious, oblivious and unexpectedly warm with her, but she must be careful cause all her efforts to be OK could be easily shattered if some of his secrets come out of the blue and she might not be willing to give up on everything for him.

I still have tears in my eyes, as once again Colleen Hoover broke my heart and repaired it in one sit. This story started a bit weak but interesting enough to kept me reading since I wanted to know about Owen’s secrets and his weird infatuation with Auburn until the book got amazingly better and I just needed to finish it. I’m not used to admiring the writing structure of a book but I can’t write this without mentioning how the style got me, how it was set and all the emotional surprises. Like I knew from the first moment it was mentioned that Auburn’s teen mom situation got me like a soap opera addict. And the romance, the angst, the desire of kicking the shit out of Lydia and her fucking son Trey! Then I was emotional about their (Auburn + Owen + AJ) reunion, and there was that flashback between Owen and Adam and I lost it!

Ps: for enjoyment purposes, one must read this while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album. No joke. I mean it.

Week #79 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all.

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to post this on Saturday since I’ll be spending the weekend in my grandma’s house for my cousin’s sixteenth birthday and I don’t know if their Wi-Fi works fine. Anyhow, I managed to read 10 stories, quite an accomplishment, right?

The first one I read was a short story in The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot, that goes by the title of Sweet Sixteen Princess.


Mia is finally turning sixteen, guess she’s no longer a child neither a woman yet but that’s not even at the top of her list of concerns since her grandmère is endeavoring to have her party thrown by no other than Mtv’s Sweet Sixteen tv special. Making her more of a freak show than she already is; as her anxiety and nervousness take over her mind once more.


How sweet and accurate was of Michael to make her secret wish a reality?! It turns out he’s not such a sex craving college iceberg but a man of details when it comes to romance. Now it’s clear for me that Lilly really wants to be in good terms with Mia after all her crazy behavior in book seven which as pretty psycho if you ask me. Anyways, saying “Thank you” is an obvious answer for a guy who is more interested in chatting with Mia more than his girlfriend.


The second was also another short story named Valentine Princess.


Princess Mia narrates how she spent hee first Valentines Day with Michael as her boyfriend. She only wanted everything a normal girl desires: heart shaped chocolates, a bouquet of roses, cheesy movies, cliché romantic demostrations and why not… A fantasy cute necklace. Anyways, that’s exactly what Lilly got from Boris and Michael just transferred his hatred for prom to the pagan ritual celebrated every 14th of February.


Again, couldn’t do anything more than laugh my ass off when the time came. Like when poor Boris got rejected once more by Lilly because he gave her that nice piece of fantasy jewelry (that his future girlfriend Tina wanted), how senior year Michael only reacted to Valentine’s Day when Kenny set up a competition for Mia’s gratitude over the pagan celebration’s gift he got her, and let’s not forget the one-sided affair going on in the Dr’s mind about him and grandmère, and how Mia could only compare him to Rasputin and the Romanov downfall.


BTW, nice touch of going back at time, Meg. And I’m just getting used to that play kinda text replacing some paragraphs of actual diary material.

The next one was number eight in the series, Princess on the Brink. (Or Royal Scandal)


All Mia ever wanted was a good year to spend writing in a more professionaltumblr_inline_nxmjh2bltq1tawpmr_500 class, going out with Michael more often and for her to have much more free time than when she was class president. But of course Lilly said otherwise nominating her again for the same position for which she feels useless, then Mrs Martinez decided she wasn’t good enough and sign her in Introduction to Creative Writing, finally Michael felt touched by grandmère’s dislike for him and he wants to travel to Japan to become worthy of Mia. This princess has no idea how to make things work and her solution ideas don’t seem as the most reasonable ones. There’s no question why her awkwardness and weirdness has gotten worst by the second!

** spoiler alert ** MY HEART ACHES.

Am I still upset about that break up? Yes, it hurts cuz I understood Mia’s reasoning, I mean I had it till I turn 19 I think but I also got her process of acceptance that despite it hurt her and she can’t change that feel it was not Michael’s fault (perhaps his choice of words wasn’t the most delicate neither), and the past is in the past. Am I so sure JP is the hyena he said Kenny was for giving Mia an open invite after just hours after breaking up with Michael? Hell yeah, but Mia is so oblivious and naive she doesn’t see it besides she totally broke girl code right there not because of the kiss but because she kept on talking with the guy who broke her now ex best friend’s heart.


This is so sad. And Philippe’s one true love was Helen!

The following one was the ninth in the series named Princess Mia. (Or Bad Heir Day)


Mia’s life hates her. Grandmère is currently forcing her to get her in an exclusive women’s club that Lana’s mom just invited her to attend andmckaley-miller-lvlten-magazine-2016-03-662x863 give an inspirational speech to all famous ladies like Rosie O’Donnell and beyond. All grandmère asked her was to not to read or take in consideration her old ancestress Amelie’s diary. Then is Michael breaking her heart and finally leaving an email saying goodbye to their relationship for good, besides Lilly keeps not talking to her and perhaps plotting some mischief to attack her former bff, anyways she hopes JP is continues with his sweet ways of cheering her up.


My pride for Mia’s growth has nothing to do with her getting curvy but because of her ultimate choice: the whole reelecting Amelie’s wishes thing, it was so brave and just precious because despite all the stuff she had gone through like not being with Michael and feeling like shit about it, being bossed around by Grandmère as usual, her sudden change of friends (Lana is actually nice), JP’s sudden love for her (I still have my concerns but if that gives her hope whatevs) and her own low self-esteem getting even more fucked up by bitch Lilly (I always knew she was just a jealous self absorbed crazy moron!); Mia got to see the end of the rainbow in her unstoppable storm and do the right thing. Besides no one can me with her cuz girl gain some confidence thanks to that old journal and the therapist!


The next one is the tenth in the series, Princess Forever. (Crowning Glory)


Michael is back! A whole years has passed and Mia is finally graduating frombailey_prom high school, she has a cuddly boyfriend who wants to spend an eternity with her so she shouldn’t be thinking about the incredible smell of her ex’s neck. Now Genovia is on the way to choosing its first Prime Minister in history and her dad is on the run competing with no other than cousin René of the ancient Italian royal family, everything is in stake and she cares about is whether she looks like a stalker as Michael gives speeches about his successful surgical arm. And he obviously doesn’t want to get back together with her, right? Right?!

** spoiler alert ** NICE “SORT OF” CONCLUSION.

I never actually thought the journey of Mia would teach me anything. I always thought the only book I could actually relate to would be Fangirl and the Stephanie Perkins’ Isla but I now understand that I’m just as weird and freak-out-ish as Mia. She taught me how to grow up, how to face one’s own immaturity with maturity and the fact we never loose our freakyness which is totally cool. In this book everything seemed to be taken to extremes in her life looking out for a future, an easy one but she finally made the choice to start facing her fears like when she talked to Lilly and accepted her harsh and painful truth in the ladies room at prom night. Then was also how she dealt with (bitch) JP in the most classy and polite way despite he deserved to be kicked in his greedy cruel and non talented nuts. Anyways, I love how all he high school years were seemed as some kind of Dante’s inferno because she started off hating it and she still did sometimes but in the end all the good memories were the ones she would most appreciate and recall. So thanks, Meg Cabot cuz this made me grow up in two weeks like I couldn’t do in four years.

Then we have an in between little story named Perfect Princess.
This goes through the povs of different collaborators in Mia’s “household” like grandmère, Lilly, Michael, Tina, hairdresser Paolo and her designer cousin Sebastiano, they all tell us why a great number of women should be princesses in their own right.

I must admit there were many inaccuracies when describing certain real life princesses and some important facts that weren’t mentioned (I’m a “history of monarchies” lover, what can I say?), I actually enjoyed the comments and each character’s view on each woman. And it made me remember why I love Elizabeth I so much, though I wish they had made a remark on Catherine of Aragon.

Ps: we’re all the lazy princess. Let’s be real.
After that comes the actual final book in the series named Royal Wedding.
Mia has grown in body and mind. She’s not the same overreacting girl shepremiereroadsideattractionsgodspeedpicturesnc2_ikvwxfol once was, OK maybe she still talks a lot with her psychologist and her dad just crashed (literally) his chances of becoming the Prime Minister of Genovia to avoid cousin Ivan’s dreadful wishes to become one misogynist himself, therefore the world hates her for association. Then there’s a secret her grandmère has been keeping for somme little time that includes his father and a 12 year old affair with a dead woman, finally there’s Michael her rock and safe fireman/allien/best-lover who’ll manage to keep her calm during these stressful times.
I had my doubts this was gonna be as awesome as all the high school books about Mia’s embarrassing adventures since I read a comment that wasn’t much flattering but the reviewer was so wrong cuz this was perfection since the second half of it. Everything that were 90’s clichés in sitcoms and literature happened and I was in such state of shock and joy. Like when she met little adorable Olivia and behaved in such a big-stisterly way, then when Phillips and Helen rekindled again their old flame, and of course her pregnancy (I first suspected it when the boob pains came but didn’t actually consider it as an actual fact) of twins! But this was also hilarious with Rocky’s obsession with farting, Lilly’s colorful language and her thing for Lars, then Boris becoming a pop star LOL, and Mia’s own mind machinations. Unforgettable. I’m satisfied with the product I read and now might consider reading the story of Olivia and will definitely read Mia’s historical romance novel.!
The other book I read was one I anticipated for a long time belonging to the Fallen series by Lauren Oliver, I’m talking about Unforgiven.
It’s time for Cam to reveal the story of his first and only love. And its lachrymose and inevitable ending. He thought she was lost forever in heaven but his surprise when he find out she wasn’t was what lead him to risk his new life and peaceful existence to get her back from Lucifer’s home. All he wants is to get his Lilith back but there’s a catch because she doesn’t remember him and if she somehow got to do it she would loath him. Will they get their happy ending?
** spoiler alert ** TOO MUCH OF AN OPEN FINALE.

The story itself was great from half of it till before the last two pages. It was heartbreaking to see the ancient love story of Cam and Lilith, and all their ups and downs in the smoking hell she lived in, though I want a continuation so I can rest in peace cuz that ending was so fucking open with both of them in like the reception of hell I mean are they ever going to leave eventually? or do they know how to leave?, and what about the other souls in “smoke town” like little Bruce and the guys at the band, are they ever going to abandon hell since there’s a reckoning going on down there? That would be cool. Anyhow, those we’re to many emotions to handle.

The next book belongs to a new duology by the same author, the name was Teardrop.
Eureka’s life has changed forever. She once was a sweet smiling girl with dreams of her own, the leader of the cross country team and the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Until her mother passed away in a mysterious accident from which she was left unharmed, she went from depressed to suicidal to cynical to heartless. All she remembers from her carefree mother in her childhood was never to cry, she didn’t understand why it was so important. Until she meets Ander and he does the same her mother would do,  avoid her tear from falling; he’s out of this world but with his appearance her world starts to corrupt and her best friend Brook is in stake when things take a turn to strange and murderous situations. Eureka’s life has one change left to make and there’s no time for second thoughts.

I couldn’t help myself and I Googled spoilers so I’m not happy and not sad neither because though the plot and the couple one’s given on a plate are attractive and really appealing, the way these items were developed wasn’t the most understandable besides how the main character spends her days depressed with an unfair life and a wicked stepmother, she also becomes pretty unrelatable and annoying when she doesn’t admit her jealousy towards Brook as her oblivious feelings towards Anter. Anyways, I was willing to give it a go, it wasn’t entirely satisfying but it was OK if it hadn’t felt like a million pages long. Other thing I didn’t like was the fact that there were many sorrounding descriptions but no more of Selene or even some clearness on Eureka’s emotions.

The final book I finished reading today is the first of the Science Squad new series by Kelly Oram, I’m talking about The Avery Shaw Experiment.
Avery’s heart was broken in a thousand little spiky pieces when her best-friend/crush decided he didn’t want to be her off anymore and that they should start seeing other people so she had an idea. Using the scientific method to prove that the stages of pain after a loved one dies are the same that are necessary to repair her broken heart, but she still needs a partners after her ex bff ditched her company in the science fair, so she looks for the engaging and dangerous/flirtatious big brother of the one in question: Grayson. No time will pass before their project becomes more a romantic extracurricular than anything in their lives.

After my angry previous review I find myself glad this book was such a success when it comes to my high romance standards where everything needs to be bubbly, relatable and with funny characters. The entire process and interactions Avery and Grayson had to go through to be on the same page was lovely, and pretty in the best way possible. It could have ended up being a little too cliché for my taste, but it ended up having the exact quantity of sweetness and realism any contemporary novel must have nowadays. It didn’t feel push, instead everything worked out pretty much effervescingly, with not much effort the couple found its place and tranquility.


Week #78 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, guess who had no electricity for 27 hours? You’re right! Me! It was so awful, I was so desperate for entertainment that I even dared to paint some angry birds with my four year old cousin, and I got to write part of a small scene of a new manuscript I’m working of starting off (BTW, I did it by hand cuz my tablet had literally 5% of energy for seven hours). Anyways, the good news are that I got an A- as my final score in my French Grammar course and I read seven books in a road!! (*congratulates herself*)

The first book I read was Privilege by Kate Brian, the book number one in her spinoff series that goes by the same name.


Ariana Osgood never thought she would ever end up in an asylum with 2017_02_18_16_45_26the worst and most negligent psychiatrist ever, and protecting her roommate (Kaitlyn) with fierceness, and all because of little Reed Brennan. After two years locked up, she makes the decision of getting out without leaving a trace behind so she fakes a suicide attempt, she manages to get the hell out without a crazy dog eating her face, she dies her hair and buys some green contacts, she takes the road to face the spoiled sixteen year old bitch (Briana Leigh) that got sweet Kaitlyn into that nuthouse unfairly and teach her how to behave. Before she realises, she will find herself questioning if Kaitlyn isn’t as innocent as she seems or if Briana Leigh is truly as dumb as she portrays herself to be. In the end one of them will be a traitor, and Ariana Osgood will have had disappeared for good.


Who would have thought that Ariana could make a good lead? I for sure didn’t. She’s really hard todo get attached to, she was SO murderous and crazy, and a psycho and I dont want to stop reading just because of hher blindness SO IM gonna give this series a go without they need of relating to they main character. And I just spoiled myself SO IM a bit conflicted right here. Let’s just see how this series progresses.


The second one was Beautiful Disaster by the same author.


“Ariana doesn’t exist anymore. Her body was found inside the lake near the asylum she planned her suicide in. She was cremated. The location of2017_02_18_21_12_45 her roommate who escaped after her first disappearance remains unknown.” – This is all ‘Briana Leigh Covington’ knows about her former life, she’s no longer that girl and she’s ready to start her new life as a Junior in the most prestigious academy in Washington DC (even better than Easton), where everyone is naive but secretive, where she immediately makes the right popular rich friends, where the new love of hee life seems to be and where her ticket to Princeton is definitely in. But her new life couldn’t be perfect, not if Kaitlyn speaks so her former friend starts blackmailing her asking for millions of dollars that she cannot access to but the clock is ticking and as crazy as Kaitlyn is, she’ll waste no time in revealing crimes and asylum stories.


OK. So Ariana is still an unreliable character to have her pov shown, she is still a murderer in her mind thinking the number one solution is killing the other. When I star pinning for her, she’s like “let’s kill my problems off”, it’s pretty surreal to be in her mind. There are some things you relate to and I love her evil self and overachiever aptitude but not exactly her psycho stuff.


The next one was Perfect Mistake by the same author. (BTW, I’m in love with Kaitlyn’s hairstyle in the cover)


She knew she shouldn’t have expected her to just quit on her chase. And as2017_02_20_14_50_07 she thought, Kaitlyn came to stay now under the fake persona of Lilly who seems friendly and nice to Ariana’s friends, but she knows this is nothing more than a cold blooded sociopath free on campus to play with her new young rich toys to hurt Ariana to the core. When both girls find themselves on the run to become the next member of the most privileged secret society in America, Kaitlyn threatens to kill one of her friends if Ariana doesn’t guarantee her spot in the final four. The stress if raising and as she tries to maintain her secret affair with the school’s golden boy, Arian will have to kill agaibor risk a friend.


Is it bad that I feel bad for Ariana cuz to a part of my brain that sounds insane. Anyways, omfg! Many many fucked up things happened here, mutilations, the always present blackmail, intrigue, backfire pranks and again the murder of an innocent (this one was even more than the previous one). God! I fucking hate Kayleight or however is spelled, she’s not in denial of her insanity like Ariana but totally nuts, willing killing naive girls like poor Brigit.

The following book I read was Sweet Deceit by the same author.


Is payback time, Ariana knows playing against Kaitlyn is hard but only by2017_02_20_20_58_56 using her psychopath mind she’ll get the key to get her so desired revenge for what happened to Brigit that tragic night. Everyone mourns her as the race to win a spot in the secret society gets shorter by the minute as her friends begin to realise of her affair as the secrecy about “Lilly”. Ariana knows she’ll have to be quick before another death ruins her school year again.

** spoiler alert ** MY WTF FACE IS STILL RIGHT HERE.

Holy fucking shit! Who could’ve seen that coming?! I was fine with Ariana killing Kaitlyn (I finally caugh her name, correctly) I mean the psycho bitch deserved to die in such a dramatic and twisted way, she loved mind tricks and she fell in one of the best, the fact she believed that Adriana would just stay by her side was ridiculous but she did so… Guess you weren’t that smart! Anyhow, the moment Kiran appeared I knew something fucked up was gonna happen, and unfortunately it did. Damn Ariana, I was beginning to side with you, cray bitch!


The fifth book was Pure Sin by the same author.


Her2017_02_21_16_32_12 torturer is finally buried underground and nobody can threaten her place as one of the new secret society members, besides she made new unexpected friends and is free to kiss her boyfriend in front of everyone with our fear of scandal. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect since Lexa witnessed how Ariana killed “Lilly” in “self-defense” trying to save a friend’s life, then both buried her below her roses in Lexa’s backyard. And as a consequence the formerly stable and sane Lexa is loosing her mind dealing with post traumatic stress as the inability of sleeping well. Ariana knows she must keep an eye on her or her life will be destroyed.


At least, Briana Leigh had some fun before dying with her teacher. I seriously almost lost it just like Ariana did when he said that of the “bad girls” and I went all nuts saying “of shit he knows! How the fuck does he know?!!”. But above all this conflicted feelings Ana had about her tumultuous affair with Jasper, there was little “post traumatic stress disorder” known to others as Lexa, dude that girl’s totally loosing her shit seeing blood all around her in the wine and going all gaga to the point of needing Valium to recover. And that last instant where Ana saw Reed in the hospital! Oh my fucking God! Wtf is she even doing there?!!


The sixth book was Cruel Love by the same author, this is the last installment in this series.


All in Ariana’s life seems to be getting better with each change she2017_02_21_23_05_30 chooses: she is clearly the new It girl and has a boyfriend who she actually loves this time, she refuses to kill one more time and the death of Kiran Hayes is looked as an accident. Everything is fine and just as she had once planned until old enemies rise and her desperation takes over her life: in the end she’s left with one choice, to kill her problems and risk her happiness, or to not kill her obstacles and flee with her love to find a new life and horizons.


God. I still can’t believe I fucking cried while reading her death, despite I spoiled myself while checking out the series’ wikia page. Somehow I think that despite not being chosen by Noelle, she was chosen in so many other ways by other people like Jasper and the girls. They loved her, and even though she was fucking insane and I remote think her situation was stressing and undeniably sad for any person, that was the ending she deserved. From the moment she killed other in cold blood and stopped feeling any remorse about it, blaming Reed again for her own actions just crashed over her, until she finally lost control of anything she could still hang on. It as sad, cuz perhaps if she had had some better treatment with other psychiatrist she could’ve been saved, her brain wouldn’t have been so damaged as it was. The world is indefinitely filled with many “what ifs” and this book was no exception, for me at least.


The final book I read was the seventh in the Princess Diaries series, Party Princess by Meg Cabot.


Ismckaley32 Mia a party girl? Not even she can stand hearing that without laughing embarrassingly. But apparently Michael wants her to be that in his party at his parents apartment. But of course, that’s not her only issue because she has proven her management as new president was not the students’ at Albert Einstein best choice, specially when she chose an artist to handle the money and got the schools founds broke to the point she must be in a musical next to the rest if the staff to be able to get more money from the tickets her grandmère sells besides avoiding getting punched by the brown belt valedictorian of thus year’s senior class.


I never get tired of reading about Mia and her evil grandmère neither about the weird frenemie feelings Lilly always seem to feel for her. This was not different, I’m suddenly interested in more about what’s next. Specially with this JP guy who seems a bit nicer than Michael towards Mia’s unfair grandmère with that Musical thing she did, BTW copyright laws infringement right there princess dowager. I would literally kill to get one of those baby Rocky attacking FatLouie stories again.


I just can’t wait for March cuz there’ll be many good shows premiering like FX’s Feud and the CW’s The Originals new season. And I’ll be green to watch them until April arrives so I’m excited as f. 

Books & coffee, 


Week #77 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, again.

Just so you know this has been a tough week for moi, I mean French Grammar classes were alright a bit harder than usual but I can deal with that, the problem focuses on my biological clock screwing with me by delaying my lunar business like a bitch and of course the fact that Shadowhunters is getting a bit hurtful putting Jace with that Seelie chick in a bed with an almost topless scene in front of poor Alex, then there’s the other thing that in Riverdale Archie is still an idiot pinning for Miss Grundy when she’s clearly a predator with Lolita heart sunglasses. Fucked up. But I’m not here to discuss my sudden anger but to inform you about certain books that I came to love pretty quickly, these books belong to a beloved series named The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, and I know most people only saw the two movies but let me tell you that the books are so much better, they are 2000’s lit!

(BTW, I chose the UK new edition covers cuz they are contemporary and chick, and I don’t give a damn that they don’t have the original titles in them, they’re gorgeous and I love them) Anyways, enjoy.

The first book was of course, The Princess Diaries.


Fourteen year old Mia Thermopolis thought that her only obstacles in life were being flat chested, having triangular rat coloured hair, being68747470733a2f2f36362e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f33653466636463646335623139646262643035626162383438333635656435662f74756d626c725f6d786b67637341715642317277647865696f315f3430302e676966 the one who remembers to buy toilet paper all the time and the fact her grandmother is some kind of plastic old monster destined to embarrass her. Her only hopes are that her mother doesn’t take that date with her algebra teacher too seriously, that her boobs grow at least a centimeter, and that she remains invisible from all eyes. Until her beloved yet absent father reveals his not a politician but the reigning Prince ruling the small European country of Genovia so that means Mia is a Princess who won’t succeed in her dream of saving the whales with Green Peace but holding a tiara and not only maintain her cat alive but an entire country in the future. Pretty fun, right?.


I expected it to be a little more explanatory but I understand this is supposed to be an actual diary so full descriptions of physical situations are meant to be so significant as how the writer sees them, through Mia’s writing we can get to know she’s quirky, not shallow, not aware of her not stunning but neither cero beauty, also quite honest with her diary and fiery when one needs to be fierce (like with grandmére, seriously I have a love/hate relationship with that woman). Mia’s this teen girl not listening to her own mature reasoning but to her adolescent motives, which is pretty realistic so there the author succeeded, Met Cabot managed to maintain my entertainment in the adventures of this awkward green peace teenager without even want to educate her so that was something to be praised for. Claps, and I hope to find the next one in no time.


Second book was Princess in the Spotlight. (Or A Royal Disaster)


After dancing with Michael, Mia knows her crush is back. She lied to herself by thinking that she loved Josh, he was an idiot anyways. Sotumblr_mzo2x8uczu1t6lgego2_250 her eternal craving for Michael is back and she has no idea of what to do about it! She can’t tell Lilly, obviously, besides she has to worry about her Grandmère forcing her to do an interview, her mom’s pregnancy that’ll bind her forever with Mr Gianini, and that she has a secret admirer! She better starts taking yoga lessons because anxiety is in the air.


There’s something about Meg Cabot’s writing that just has the IT factor that keeps everything entertaining and easy going. Mia stays the same awkward but hilarious character ever with her life full of uncomfortable meetings, secret admirers, secret crushes, discouraging revelations and encouraging realisations; she manages to swing this things like she had a baseball bat not always with the smoothest of solutions but she carries her strangeness like a unremovable badge of weirdness. And I can’t get enough of her adventures going through high school and her memorable little family and friends.


Third was Princess in Love. (Or Princess in the Middle)


So Mia is dating her secret admirer, it’s too bad that it’s not Michael astumblr_me4xlnwyud1r6m7gwo4_250 she once thought but Kenny. Unfortunately for him, she doesn’t want to be around him neither kiss him and after following her Grandmère’s advice she can’t break up with him during finals week cuz it’s not kind (and cuz she wants to pass bio, obviously!). On the other hand there’s still the fact that she loves Michael and he has this new girl around him like a fly, and finally her Grandmère is organising the wedding of her mom and Mr Gianini without their consent. Oh, and Lilly is most likely having an affair with Mia’s southern cousin.


The laughter kept going no matter what, besides there was some serious and realistic character development when it came to Grandmère and Mia (even Phillipe had it going), I enjoyed the introduction of Mia’s cousin Sebastiano who I already love (pretty talented) and her remote interaction with Ronnie “the transgender neighbour with a boyfriend”. Even though what I was absolutely more excited and giggly about was the teen romance, it’s so cute and realistic that I had forgotten how innocent and not so appreciated it truly is: we need more of this perfect little affairs going on in books, besides besties with strong and defined personalities like Lilly and Mia, and her love for FatLouie.


The fourth book was Princess in Waiting. (Or Royally Obssesed)


Ok, so Michael told her how much he loved her, but is it like a friend or more? I mean they’re kissing and everything but is it like friendstumblr_mbon7qaxna1r1guvio1_250 or more? That’s all in Mia’s mind, as her self-esteem grows smaller by the second but still Lilly thinks she has a motive to stay alive, that she has a public talent but Mia is so oblivious that she just doesn’t see it. I mean, she even carries her talent to people’s restrooms all the time she has the chance.! Nervousness and awkwardness be welcome.


Meg did again, perhaps not with the same troublesome plot of the last book, but definitely putting to use the obvious limited self-esteem Mia has, clearly this is an emotional problem that not even with her sarcasm could be erased from my reader mind. However that doesn’t stop her from being the most satirical and hysterical main character I’ve ever read of, besides she realised she can be an author for the lonf hours she spends writing in her diary to the point of carrying it to people’s bathrooms (which we appreciate) that we could think has a lot in common with youngsters taking their cellphones everywhere nowadays just that she writes her subnormal and awkward lifestyle while not taking selfies. Leaving that behind, god! The comparisons with her “movie” were to die for, the fact that Gubta was funny there and Lilly all the same. (LoLs for Meg Cabot, right there).


The fifth book I read was a companion one named Project Princess.


They’re in love and after Grandmère said she didn’t approved her to go to fix some houses of people in need next to her other classmates, mama Thermopolis said “hell yeah, I sign that permission”! Mia couldn’t be more excited to perhaps go to second base with the love of her life Michael, and fixing houses… Absolutely.


As this has some good spoilers but I don’t consider them like giving away too much so I’ll mention them no matter what. This book was fun in a more template way, but still with Mia’s awkwardness and the weird situations her friends get into got me laughing my ass off, like when Boris vomited all over the school bus they all moved to the back of it and how from now on Gubta will give him that drug everytime they travel by bus with this little guy guy, how Mia was so desperate to get to kiss Michael but the smell of Boris’s vomit in her hair just got them both turned off. It was peculiar that Grandmère was just there to help them with hotel showers and that Dr. Gonzáles seems interested in her (perhaps he could melt her frozen heart of steal).


The sixth book was number five named Princess in Pink. (Or Prom Princess)


All this Princess wanted was to get an invitation to the senior prom bytumblr_mxkh1juzrc1rwdxeio5_250 her senior boyfriend but it turns out he doesn’t like prom, then all she wanted was a nice meal in a expensive restaurant with her relatives but Grandmère had to ruin it by taking her OCD dog with her and provoking an scandal, then all she wanted was for Lilly to appreciate her boyfriend Boris and there she went having an illicit affair with the waiter Grandmère got fire unfairly after the dog incident. So this Princess will have to take matters in her own inexperienced hands.


This book was lit, as always I laughed at Mia’s life and FatLouie’s adventures while fighting that traumatized dog Gradmère owns after all those protests. Mia got some kinda of epiphany where she saw everything through a realist eyes: like Lilly’s lack of compassion and frightening resemblance to Grandmère, the fact that Grandmère was not in a room with Mussolini neither Hitler cuz she was like four back then, how Michael hates prom, how Tina and Boris might be a match made in heaven after all, and how she’s not weak. I loved this book cuz it made me see Mia a little bit more mature, I mean the girl is fifteen now but still she has grown.


The seventh book was number six (chronologically) named Princess in Training. (Or Royal Rebel)


Mia finally turned 15 and apparently Michael knows it since he wants to have sex with her eventually? Her reaction: “overreacting” istumblr_lsjm1odrkt1qlv12zo1_250 only the tip of the iceberg. But that’s not all, because Lilly just nominated her as class president to compete for the title against bitch Lana and her minions. Lana’s game is playing with her mind and bra, so Mia will have to up that with intelligence, honesty, and grace without vomiting but when even Larry King gets invited by Grandmère to their debate, well, let’s just hope things go right this time.


Who would say that Mia would show some balls and maturity again in such little time from touching a dead ancestor’s heart? Clearly not me. Her speech in the debate was just perfect, a little pretentious, just a bit but still so right! Down with the patriarchy and the unfairness that the popular class shows to the proletarian cliques! Down with Lana’s colorful extensions, and Michael’s weird joke about not waiting forever! In other things, I always knew Grandmère and Lilly would make a kick-ass pairing because of their sometimes needed bitch behaviour. (Down with Gubta’s obvious preferences and Martinez’s pretentiousness in the literary world!), then how hilarious was that Kenny lied about his imaginary girlfriend Heather, how Boris got hot but still breaths with his mouth, and of course despite Mia’s sudden boldness she’s still a bulge of nerves waiting to break which reminds me of my own fatalistic and catastrophic way of seeing life itself. Now I wonder how she’ll tell Lilly about her new like for her presidency.


Finally I read another companion book named Princess Present.


It’s Christmas in Genovia and in a weird turnout of events, her dad and Grandmère approved that Michael and Lilly could spend a week in the palace to celebrate with the Princess the holidays. She already is on eBay ready to pay for her gift to Michael and only expects some decency and politeness coming from Lilly but you know… Is Lilly the one we’re talking about right here, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.


It was good to see Mia being able to stand up to Lilly again, perhaps it happened in the beach with nobody around but she said what she believed and what she thinks Lilly doesn’t seem to get yet, like maybe “don’t play stripbowling in your best friend’s palace with underage Princes cuz it’s not classy neither nice”. And how awkward was it that both Mia and Michael bought need stuff for each other that would have made them both quite happy if it weren’t for the fact she still misses a figure to have the entire collection and he actually just got back the poster he used to own. Besides, there were cats! Cats everywhere! And Prince William taking incriminating pictures of a royal relative!


I wanted to say I’ll give it a pause, to the Princess Diaries series since I need a cheerful break to read the Privilege series by Kate Brian so just wait for Mia to return to my reviews in two or three weeks, just wait.

Coffee & books,


At the movies… Fifty Shades Darker


It has been a long time since I’ve made a post with this tag and it has been because I still can’t find Fallen in my language and I refuse to see the new Zoey Deusch movie (<– no idea why), but now I’m here to review a film adaptation I was excited for since 2015, I’m talking about Fifty Shades Darker by British author E. L. James. This time I went alone, yeah since my friends were busy with their English classes and full time jobs besides I have no boyfriend so… Yeah, I did bought my ticket and watch it just three days ago desperate to remember some things because it has been also a long time back in 2013 when I read the trilogy for the very first time.

So the movie was everything a teenager wants of life and of course this charismatic blogger as well: a hot boyfriend pinning for one self, the dream job to work at an editorial and throwing champagne to an old bitter troll. I was glad they included a bit more realism to fifty-shades-darker-02-99c84418-8f36-418c-9519-d620b54aaf10 the story like Ana’s reaction towards Christian’s stupid idea of bringing her to Mrs Robinson’s work place or how fucked Leila truly is inside that little submissive mind of hers; but of course this wouldn’t had been Fifty Shades if it weren’t for the unrealistic fast passes events like the helicopter crash and the on going desperate but more mature romance. Though I still wish we had had more sex scenes showing Jamie Dornan’s ass or Marcia Gay Harden calling Mrs Robinson a bitch, or perhaps more Mia (yeah she was hilarious though I still miss the time when Ana was the funny drunk), and why not? More screen time for PLL’s Noel Kahn cuz I don’t recall seeing him at all.


No need to say I still liked the soundtrack specially when Halsey played during that folded eyes sex scene! And the whole cliffhanger with shitty Jack Hyde watching the fireworks as well as the picture of the Grey family. This was such a good adaptation, perhaps a little rushed but it was fine and entertaining as always so definitely can’t wait for #FSF next year! I give this a 4.8 stars out of 5.


Week #76 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

Seriously, that was the most formal I can get, other than sending “greetings”. It’s probably because I’m in happy/anxious state of mind since I got my third grade in my French Grammar classes and i passed again with an A- I must prepare upper hard to be perfect in my final exam and oral project so I’m not getting nervous about that second grade which was an unfortunate C+ so I’m trembling as usual; but I’m not here to explain my fears nor the fact that my manuscript is officially lost after a New Year’s Eve pre-party where I literally got the worst first kiss ever, and just to clarify I’m not a teen, I’m a 20 year old woman that had the worst first kiss ever with the brother of the guy she actually likes. Ok this feels like a diary, so I’ll start talking books before I write two more paragraphs of my disastrous social life.

The first was the third and final book in the Rebel Belle trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, Lady Renegades.


David’s gone but he’s not been having a picnic but an involuntary Dr Frankenstein complex creating paladins without trying and sending 475ea12d1bf9635f4bd83bb2f8ef9ad8his worst fears to them telepathically like the most concerning reason why he left Harper that threatens with turning him in an on-going cycle of self-destruction. So when Harper starts getting attacked as she tries to forget her heartbreak pain and she refuses to let thar awful prophecy become true with her sassy aptitude and killing moves, if it wasn’t for a little inconvenient: as David gets further and further away from his original paladins, both Bee and Harper start having intermittent access to their super strength and fear they might loose all their powers before they even reach him. With strange allies and destroying betrayals, Harper must hurry to help the guy she loves once again even if it costs their love.


Yeah, I kinda quoted Harper on that, her inability to admit she said the effe word was out of this world in that whole paragraph. But not only that was one of the things I looked up to, I also must praise the stubbornness that she portrayed so beautifully, her emotions were on point right in the time of need. It showed her strength and capability to fight others without killing and making the thoughest choices ever.


Other thing I felt connected with was the true redemption storyline a certain character brought to the picture and how thanks to smart and quick decisions this story had a unorthodox but joyful happy ending.

The next book I read was the second book of the Cahill Witch Chronicles trilogy by Jessica Spotswood, Star cursed.


All Cate is to keep the people she loves safe and avoid being sent to an asylum or worst, burned for being a witch. So she chooses the easiest way out of her problems and after being threatened by her former governess she decides to go to the weirdest convent ever tumblr_msin8mhalu1rq7vq8o1_500where there are no nuns but witches learning magic and the history of their predecessors besides waiting for the arrival of the new oracle that has being said will be one of three sisters, other of hose sisters will kill the one that’s left. Everyone thinks is Cate but as she becomes homesick missing his sister’s and Finn after their last tearful meeting, she understands the true danger hunting not only her fellow witches but all the women in the towns run by the Brotherhood; now she will have to choose between violence and repeating history, or justice and new century’s ideas. Whatever she chooses must be done quickly, the clock is ticking and she’s running out of time.


I wasn’t expecting to become so eagerly engaged to this sequel cuz I had a hard time getting used to Born Wicked when I read it a long time ago but with this… Lord, with this! It was such a different experience, I don’t know if it was the passing or the fact I could relate to the characters’inner thoughts a lot more since chapter five, it felt like a 90’s girl emerging from the ashes of the 1950’s which was so relatable in many ways, like need I begin to say Women’s Rights? The story itself was compelling due the characters choices and words were sharp and indulgent in some occasions while in others they were reasonable and just. This showed a great contrast between three factions: one the tries its best to save the witches’ survival in a meal way, the other spits in what’s easy and fair a burns justice and peace to the ground, and the final one takes the best features of both savage and naive parties to become the best choice when it comes to a better world for humans with or without magic pledging to mercy and rigtfulness. This is definitely a must read to anyone interested in the Salem executions and the inexistence of women’s rights, besides the dangerous supremacy of eclesisastic figures.

SPOILERS everywhere.
* I hate Maura with a passion, I mean I remembered I despised her in book one for being a spoiled little stupid brat but now she outdid herself on that specific matter. I swear to god she made me remember ‘Vera’ from V. C. Andrews’s “My Sweet Audrina”, such a hateful little creature. Shameless and proud of her wickedness and not because she’s a witch but because she’s a jealous peacock trying to ruin everything she touched with her stupidity since I don’t think that’s naiveness, that’s just being an idiotic at a great scale. She’s so selfish she even erased Finn’s memories of his love story with Cate just to please her spiteful dark heart, she broke all the ties that bound her to the right side and she has nobody left to blame but her fucking self.


* I became really into Tess and Cate even more, I mean that little oracle surely has some wits and a mind of her own so she’ll be no dough for Inez to shape; and when it comes to the eldest Cahill sister she might be a bit indecisive (alright a huge huge humongous bit indecisive), but she thinks and rethinks before putting more lives in danger and truly has a soul of gold and kindness. Besides now that she told Maura the truth, her villainess smile gave me he chills in he best way possible. I hope she gives more mental slaps to that bitch of a sister she owns.


The following book is the third book in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, Homecoming. (I love the Brazilian covers, the one with the tv show on it’s just deplorable!)


Glass has just arrived and Earth is not the green peaceful place she olivia-holt-carry-on-music-videoavyaudvexpected to see, instead just got her mom’s blood in her shirt, she landed in a destroyed ship where bloody bodies are around her and violence doesn’t stop everywhere she looks. All she ever wanted was a calm happy life with Luke away from everyone else that reminded her of her former flaws and her losts, but once she gets it she might think it twice and learn the hard way to survive like the rest of the 100. As with Clarke and the crew, they try their best to help and support the newcomers but when a power struggle strikes in the shape of the Vice Counselor’s iron fist when he sentences Bellamy to death, as Wells still doesn’t trusts in his management and Clarke becomes homicidal because of the injustice and the possibility she might have talked to her parents. The new Earthling colony is just starting and it already seems tyrannic and hopeless in the new planet Earth.


The passing was fine, I was used to it. To everything happening in a matter of a couple of weeks, so cheers for that. Here the story never crumbled because there was no personality alteration and the character’s reaction of their situations felt legit and raw and like a wound. They felt like actual humans and like you could relate to hem despite the fact that this is set like million years in the future. No doubt why I loved it, I felt intrigued, shocked, bubbly, annoyed, depressed and after all that I made amends and got to the conclusion that Kass Morgan is one of those authors the world should be looking after. Though I wish we had seen a bit more Glass’ like drama, just an statement.

* The tears were flowing down my cheekbones, I kind guess that Sasha wasn’t going to live longer when she said goodbye to Wells, was it predictable? Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from feeling amazed and melancholic because of it. The pain for her loss truly affected Wells and I just hope he can get through it, he can overcome and find love again in the future.


* Great conclusion to see Rhodes as a rodent being so afraid of the things he was warned of before, and giving power to Bellamy and Wells, these guys truly deserved it. A colony ruled by them shall be easy to carry in peace.


The next one is the second book in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy, The Mistake.


Grace must not be the first virgin in College, right? But she knows why, she’s an over-talking little mess, she doesn’t have much giphyconfidence and can be a bit overwhelming but when John Logan approaches her after a random encounter, it all ends up with him giving her a finger and her giving him a hand. He becomes desperate when she doesn’t reach the fullest pleasure so he makes a promise to give her back what she gave to him and with it there’s a chance of him forgetting about Hannah for good. Their cbbaa97197c9643b546c5559499606befriend-/sexual relationship seems to be on air as he doesn’t want to play with her longer as a coin to get over someone he loves, but that’s not something she might have in mind when she is ready to give him her virginity and he refuses her leaving her humiliated and without a backstabbing best friend. Right there he discovers he has actually never wanted Hannah but only his Grace, but now it’s too late but he’s ready to fix his mistake by every embarrasing mean she makes him go through.

IT WAS SO SO SO FUCKING GOOD. (read in a LA chick voice)

As always Elle manages to make me feel so teenagery, she’s a genius at that. In a long time I hadn’t felt this sweet funny feeling that only certain characters can make someone experiment, it’s when you no longer need to raise your guard up anymore, when you trust the character enough and then your heart is not broken, it feels awesome a childish but still wonderful. That’s how Johnny made us feel, I think, and that was such a relieve. The entire relationship was set in constant mistrust, which was understable to be honest from her side and his as well, of not being able to succeed their own fearful expectations but once their heart was open everything fell into place with a tender happy ending which was predictable and I love that fact about Elle’s books.


* Ps: the funny bits were to die for. I gaged like crazy.

The final book I read was the third one in the same series by he same author, The Score.


All Allie wanted was to not give in and forgive Sean once again so tumblr_o8dtbgwijc1vwifzao3_250she went to spent the weekend in his best friend’s boyfriend’s house with his two roommates but one of them was gone unexpectedly and the other is a classic man whore so she knows she won’t fall that low. After a bottle of tequila and some spliffs, she finds herself in Dean’s bed remembering what happened, how she tied him up and how good everything was but she’s not once of the girls who enjoys adominic1 sexual affair so she seems desperate to forget it even happened. However Dean won’t let her in the time being when he becomes obssesed with her to the point of need, he needs to only have sex with her as she tries to feeling sorry for Sean and herself. When they ultimately get into a sexual sort of friends with benefits secret affair since non of them can’t get off each other and are eager to repeat the night of tequila, it’s unexpected but they’ve might have found their match.


It was such a good book, I was expecting it but I was so sure this male protagonist was gonna make me hurt and cry for betrayals and heartbreaks but he actually succeeded in bringing confidence, trust, unexpected love and tremendous comfort. Which let the book in a great direction, his interactions with kind-hearted and kinky Allie were amazeballs, there’s no doubt about that. The romance itself was slight and almost non-detectable until things just clicked and one realises that that’s how love must really be, when one doesn’t even notice about the tingly emotions or the deep attachments. Besides the jokes made me blush like a thirteen year old watching HBO for the first time. Seriously. A definite must read for any NA fan out there.


Just to clear out, I wanted to read the fourth one and I’m in pain since I lost the fucking e-book so I’ll have to wait till Christmas or something. (Insert sad face) Anyways I’ll be reading a teen classic next week, so get ready for funny angsty unbelievable 90’s contemporary.

Books and coffee,