Week #96 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

Sorry for been a day late (I’m not sure if that’s the right conjugation), but I was so tired last night and I had a back ache from which I’m suffering to this very moment. But anyways, I had a little more time to read this week and I managed to read three books, I know it’s not much but it’s something.

First I read The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan, the second installment in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series.


Grover has disappeared from the face of Earth in his last quest for Pan tumblr_inline_o2eahf8kch1qhb2yl_500just like all his predecessors, but somehow he’s still not gone for good because Percy is having some strange visions/dreams of the satyr dressed as a bride chased by a terrible monster. In other news, Thalia’s tree was poisoned and all the wards against enemies are fading around Camp Half-blood letting some deadly creatures in and forcing Annabeth and Percy go look for their only hope: the Golden fleece hiding in the home of an ancient monster that strangely resembles Percy and his new shy friend.


I didn’t read this till my midterm exams week ended, and it was worth the wait. The plot line was on fire and everything set into place, everything happened for a reason explained somewhere in the adventure and we see al characters have a human side besides not all the gods are shitty parents after all: Hermes and Demeter are such peculiar creatures and they should be cherished, I’m talking to you Luke I mean you could’ve ended up with Poseidon or Ares as a father for all I know, so be thankful!. Then there was Percy discovering his soft side with Annabeth (I love that already) and Tyson, God! that little cyclop is the cutest kid ever, he’s so innocent and should be protected from all evil (literally, please let me adopt him). BTW, I already read the synopsis for the next book and I got a feeling Grover is not very good at his job, at all. he’s very funny but should try perhaps not being an explorer trying to find Pan but a little horticulturist for a change: that could work for him.


The second book I read was The Titan’s Curse by the same author,inside the same series.


Now that Thalia is back she’s part of the crew sent to help Grover with his new assignment : two young twelve year olds who are definitelytumblr_mec7vlcjxq1rrtflm demigods in a dangerous school. Somehow the day is saved with the exception of Annabeth’s disappearance, thanks to hunt goddess Artemis and her loyal band of young female followers but fate turns a tumultuous turn when the goddess also disappears forcing her followers to work hand in hand with the demigods to try to find both girls and destroy the mysterious evil that’s keeping them captive.


I always venture in these books with a sense of fear and concern but then they always manage to make me love them devotedly. BTW, I’m feeling a bit in love with little Percy which is concerning since I’m way older than him and smarter in many levels: I mean, I figured out the General was Atlas the moment he complaint about his neck pain, I just couldn’t remember his exact name so after a two minute travel over Wikipedia I got it and got to know Zoe’s secret past life as well. so what was really surprising was that revelation in the end about the twins’ father and now I want to know who was that suited man who took them to the Lotto casino in the forties. Who could have been so twisted and cruel?! In other news, I’m pining for Percabeth but I can’t stand her remote belief that Luke can still be fixed after all the shit he put her through.


The third and final book I read was The Battle of the Labyrinth by the same author, inside the same series.


The stakes are higher than ever, and now the crew has discovered that tumblr_m4xaw97RrB1qml18ithe labyrinth in Theseus story has been below America all this time and Luke wants to use it as a way to attack Camp Half-blood when they least expect it. However, Annabeth thinks something better: that finding Daedalus, the labyrinth’s Creator, could assure them victory if only he agreed on destroying his master piece. But there’s something the crew is not considering : the old inventor should be dead and he’s not so innocent as stories describe him to be.


Though the arch wasn’t as childish and not so wonderful as the previous ones, I was still pleased with the creativity coming from the labyrinth’s monstrous creatures and also the back stories for many of the new characters introduced, besides I felt our main characters were forced to mature and grow up in a rough and raw way, with the exception of Annabeth (perhaps) cuz I still can’t get her sick infatuation with Luke’s alleged innocence in all this shitty situation with the big ass children eating titan: I get that she was his friend and she spent most of her childhood with him (she also has a crush on him) but she needs to understand that the nice protective kid who walked hand in hand with her and Thalia is long gone, he has been gone for a long time ago and that kid is not coming back. Seriously, gurl. Oh, and also I wasn’t feeling quite comfortable with Annabeth feeling things for both Luke and Percy, I now she’s an hormonal teen but somehow I expected that Athena’s right mind would fix that part of her personality, what a pity.


Oh my God, anyone saw TO or RPDR last night? Cuz I’m still in shock, I mean the CW better make a time jump and bring my Haylijah back together or else I’ll be mad and they won’t like me mad. And who was expecting Sasha Valour to win the race? I certainly wasn’t, I was expecting good old talented Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor to become America’s Next Drag Superstar. (*sobs*)

Books & Coffee, 



Week #95 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

This midterms’ week was tiring, hurtful and filled with drama. I mean I just realised I passed all my tests and I could be a potential sociopath since I have a strange greed for chaos and I kinda always see others as pawns to get what I want, I’m serious it’s pretty scary: i totally need to get an appointment with my ex psychologist that I haven’t seen in two years, like now. And in other matters, I managed to read just two books which is sad cuz that means I wasn’t able to listen to my Deezer playlists since I had no time for anything but studying and pitying myself. Next week, I promise I’ll read more.

First book I read was named El Libro de Jade (The Book of Jade) by Spanish author Lena Valenti, the first book in the Vanir saga.

el libro de jade

Aileen is about to finally open her wings and fly away from her tumblr_n9hdahLENR1ryey6zo3_r1_250controlled coffin/family life with her estranged distant father and his millionaire company. She’ll graduate and she’ll fly to London to start a new life with her best friends and a raging career as a teacher. However, her journey gets cancelled when her home is shattered, her father is murdered and she is abused by dark violent vampire like creatures that keep insisting she is guilty of killing one of their friends. Nobody seems to believe her and it is too late when the truth is unveiled, and her life is altered forever by a peculiar book found in a bridge which unlocks memories and more troubles.


As a hopelessly romantic I liked it but there were many aspects that my feminist human heart couldn’t deal with, like Aileen’s first encounter with Caleb. If one only let oneself be guided by first impressions, that would be an issue cuz a regular person would have stopped reading and declare it the new shitty sex book the literary world has to offer filled with patriarchal thoughts. but as I don’t consider myself that, I went through that and actually started to get into the story and then there were the almost non existent stuff like power struggles between the main couple that I just wasn’t taking anymore but then it was interesting again, so here I am totally confused and horned between my feminist morals and my child bubbly heart. In the end, I believe that some of the scenes weren’t needed and were such clichés looking to be innovative and rough in the edges however it didn’t achieve this goal cuz of its reasoning and though it try to give a “Girl Power” message, it didn’t manage to follow that path, which was a disgrace but I guess that when a book goes down that it can never reach civilization again.


The following and final book was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.


Percy’s life has never been easy. He’s twelve, he’s always been labelled as a bad kid, he has dyslexia, he has been expelled from numeroustumblr_m2btgsxbI61r1yj84 schools and is about to be kicked out of the new private school he’s attending. His life seems ordinary with his stinky stepfather and his dedicated mother, but that’s about to change when he discovers he’s a demigod: the offspring of a human and a Greek god, and yeah they do exist. But that’s not all, now another dark god wants him dead as he understands he must make a stand to survive.


The studio practically Disneyed it up and then MTV it up to make it better for teens, and finally they Hollywood it up for “crowd acceptance”; with this I say the book was so much better even with them being kids and stuff. I wasn’t bored as I had presumed I would be, I got driven into the story right up, the characters started to grow on me and the situations weren’t ridiculous by the only exception of the Medusa background which for me was an insult to Greek mythology and I know the kid audience would be pretty fucked up after reading the real story but I still feel ashamed of that part. Leaving that aside, I’d like to mention how glad I was to se gods not feeling shit for their kids cuz I’m not a fan of Poseidon for the Medusa or Demeter or any other walking vagina he couldn’t keep his gross hands from issue; though I feel Zeus and Athena might be good humane parents after all, I mean he surely loved Thalia to grow a three in her dead place and Athena surely loves Anabeth if she writes to her. So I’m strangely happy about that, who would have thought that Zeus had a beating heart for his kids.



Week #94 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night, fellow readers.

My week was pretty interesting since my Statistics madness was fixed and my French fears were dismissed. Now I’ll be entering Midterms exams and I’m eager to study my way out of them, so during the weekend I’ll be reading my Translation Theory notes and practicing the formulas for Statistics (I’ve never hated anything like this pain in the ass). Anyways, going back to my dear old week: I only managed to read three books but they were worthy and too long to take only two days to terminate them.

The first one was The Iron Queen by Kaitlin Bevis, the third book in the Daughter of Zeus series.


The search for Persephone has started. Everyone is desperate and giphydriving themselves nuts with the possibilities of what could Zeus be doing to the young goddess. The only person who seems to still share a connection to both the predatory captor and the kidnapped girl is the one Hades and Demeter will never trust: the ever so horned Aphrodite. She informs them of Zeus insane requests in return for the girl and none of them is willing to give up. Until they get a taste of her constant torture, and hurt; the clock is ticking and someone’s got to make a decision : the goddess or the human race.


OK, so Zeus is still a perverse little shit. like for real. I’ve never wanted to kill a God so bad just to eliminate his sorry rotten ass from the face of the Earth. This was just sick. I mean I know gods like him don’t give a shit about their offspring but he was so fucking attracted to her body and I wanted to puke, so glad he’s gone and he suffered. Changing the topic, I totally knew that the sacrifice would come from Demeter and I still felt moved when it happened, she was the most human of the gods and that’s exactly what they all need: that humanity that Aphrodite gained without even noticing it. (There’s no need for words in this gif)


Second book I read was Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter, the number one novel in the White Rabbit chronicles.


Alice lost her family in a strange car accident where she came out alive with unreal visions of what truly happened to her parents. Now she’stumblr_nu7mbybARR1qj2ep9o1_250 moved to a new town with her grandparents and is desperate to move on and forget, all until she meets and shares a peculiar encounter with the dangerous Cole. There’s where everything started to turn the turn to the insanity : Now her dreams are most likely memories, the rabbit cloud she fears could mean that death is near and her little sister could be a friendly ghost. But above all, in her look for answer she’ll find that the dead might not be so dead after all.


I remember I saw this book cover and a little preview in a Mexican Booktube channel and I wasn’t quite interested, somehow the story kept in my mind till in 2016 (four years after our meeting) I decided to give it a shot. In the beginning I saw Carroll’s influence with the rabbit shaped cloud and possible insanity, then it vanished and I had no idea where that went, I said to the author in my mind: Gena, you’ve created a tangled mess, and I’m falling in love with it. Therefore, in page 100 I knew I couldn’t have stopped reading even if I had wanted to, I just needed to finish it and unravel its layers like the torrid love story between Alice and Cole, the badass chosen one like plot line surrounding Alice’s abilities, the lost and hatred towards the living as well as the regret and purpose a girl fees after being heartbroken because of her parental assumptions. The book let’s us go through a path of a girl’s process through mourning and sorrow, but also through acceptance and defiance, which is pretty amazing when one sees it portrayed on paper. Overall, I need more and I won’t stop.


Third and last book I read was Through the Zombie Glass by the same author, the second one in the series.

Through the Zombie Glass_cover(1)

Her relationship is shifting after Alice shares a steamy vision with 1D4another hunter. Now her heart is bleeding and madness is taking over her, the pictures in the mirror may mean that an epic fight is about to begin cuz this time Alice is no longer the only resident in her body but a dark spirit is ready to remove her from her mind. Must Alice give in and enjoy her last days? Or battle to the end for her life? All this while the crew starts to realize that their troubles are far from gone when the crazy principal went away.


I honestly thought this would be like the typical second or third book in a series where the love triangle is introduced and the female protagonist suffers for her lover’s decisions. However, this wasn’t the case entirely : I even found this innovative cuz Ali never felt a thing more than moral disgust for Gavin and I felt the characters made some personality progress. She showed her dark side and it didn’t mean wearing leather jackets but smashing a bitch’s head against the linoleum like a beast (that might made me emotionally disturbed but wth), she kicked so no regrets’ ass like nobody’s business. And I loved it, besides all my love for this girl I found the plot interesting and logical to the point of insanity if that makes any sense.


Week #93 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all

This week has been one of the worst in my university years, I’m stressed, nervous and afraid of everything because of the effing survey I must make for my Statistics class. I’m literally the one who is the most worried about our progress, to not say the only one. So yeah, books have become a way out for my sanity and myself.

First was Of Poseidon by Anna Banks, the first book in the Syrena Legacy series.


Emma’s best friend died before her bare eyes and there was nothing tumblr_muxcfvIdLJ1rg559so4_250she could have done to save her, right? The new kid, Galen thinks she could’ve done more since he believes she belongs to an ancient race of merfolk named Syrenas. He is one of them and she appears to belong to an special branch of these creatures, she could be the new hope or threat to his kind and their future. But there are more problems coming because she truly believes herself to be a regular human, but what’s normal about talking to fish? He should kill her but there’s something about her bubbly personality that makes him happier and horned between duty and love.


I wasn’t expecting to actually like these mermaid like creatures and their background and all their badass history and feud with humans but I did. I was astonished by the whole mystery surrounding Emma’s true nature and her existence, because it was far from simple and predictable I mean you could think is the obvious answer for an avid reader but it isn’t so it takes time and in the end you’re still shocked you didn’t see it coming but still think is one of those one in a lifetime question marks where the fun is in the process of finding out what is it. Another think I liked was seeing how Galen slowly realised how much he loved her that he was willing to lose his large years under the sea to spend her years with her above it. So romantic, but in a way that doesn’t make me feel like a cliché teen.


Second was Of Triton by the same author.

Of Triton cover

Emma’s reaction to her been a half Syrena hybrid was priceless but the one to her mother’s reveal was the most shocking. Everything turns todd1e37315bb0f28e150addd7b9b63ab9 hell when Nallia runs away with her and forges an animity with the Tritons because of her desperation to protect Emma (she kicked the crap out of Rayna) and her belief that her long lost love is dead. It becomes a persecution, while some civilian traitors try to dethrone the monarchy with lies and secret alliances.


I feel so fucking guilty and such a shitty person cuz for a while I doubted Rachel’s loyalties and thought she was allied with the doctor to make experiments against the syrenas, and now… I’m an awful distrustful misfit. This is the very first time I feel bad for not relying on someone and it’s not a pleasing feeling, cuz she was so good and nice and resourceful and such a mom for the Tritons. 😢 Anyways, the plotline for this follow up was fantastic, everything wasn’t as shocking as the first one but I was still intrigued by al the political revolution going on and all the badass powers surrounding my baes and how it all turned out. I must say I’m pleased, I’m satisfied with the outcome and I want the next one.


BTW, I like Nallia’s father so much, he could be the father figure Emma lost when her own dad passed away.

The next one is Of Neptune by the same author.


Galen and Emma are still suffering the aftermath of Rachel’s death, the tumblr_mh420g7jf31rke39co1_500new order in the Syrena society and their own waiting future, so when her Poseidon grandfather offers them to travel to a secret town named Neptune they can’t refuse. However, much more than a town of hybrids awaits for them, because intrigues are a global thing and kidnappings are not far from it. Besides this, misunderstandings are ahead of their seemly perfect relationship.


When I went into the first six chapters I began to think: is this the same couple I left in love a book ago? Because all they did was fighting and just being sick of each other’s presence and needs; and I felt uncomfortable during all his possessive moments and her own getaways of not giving a shit about his whereabouts. It was so unpleasant, but changing the topic I did liked something and that was the lovely epilogue! It was softly romantic and realistic for this trilogy. I was more than OK with that, I could literally read through their raw emotions.


The following book was Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis, the first book of the Daughters of Zeus series.


Persephone prefers to go by the name of Kora at school, she doesn’t need more weirdness in her life. Somehow she always attracts YGPLsvZunwanted attention because of her beauty and jealousy from the girls. But the ultimate strange detail about her is revealed when she’s almost kidnapped by a creaper: she’s a Greek goddess, daughter of Demeter and Zeus; and the God of Winter wants her for himself.


Technically I began reading this as excited as any other Greek mythology groupie would be, however I found it shocking that it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be: it had great potential but I found myself falling asleep in the process to the point of reading without comprehending a thing until I reached the part she was having some positive inexplicable feelings for Hades. There I woke up, cuz I was intrigued and finally I liked it because of her bravery, cleverness and determination to do as her would commands no matter the risks she could go through. And then the shocking turn of events was just out of nowhere cuz I trusted this person and now I’m scared for her future and chances with Hades, besides her killing powers are simply appealing to my twisted mind.


The final one was Daughter of Earth and Sky by the same author.
Bevis, Kaitlin - Hijas de Zeus 02
Hades still doesn’t want to accept his relationship with Persephone and tumblr_o2rx7h2bIh1r83d7lo8_500it hurts her. Thanatos’ forced promise hurts her as well. Melissa’s desire to be free and away from her hurts her too. And her mother’s omissions of the truth gets her breaking point. She’s stressed, she sees no way out of her pain and when she meets Aphrodite she immediately relies on her new sister’s care to rest for a while from all her responsibilities and duties.


I was teary, annoyed, sad, angsty, shocked, disgusted and really scared with the book’s revelation about Zeus identity. I literally wanted to vomit, I mean how could any breathing thing be interested in a revolting abomination like him?! I mean I thought Poseidon was the living shit hole for all his back story but he wasn’t such a nonsense and I’m even tempted to trust him. He seems reliable now that the most trust worthy insignificant ones have become powerful.


Week #92 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

So… This week set off pretty good and it ended up with me having constant headaches because of all the homework I’ve got to do if I want some free time to read later. There’s French, English, Theory of Translation and Statistics! They all make me wanna die in a lake made of my tears and sweat, I’m already exhausted. However, since the week didn’t start getting awful till half of it I managed to read four fabulous books.

The first book I read is the first in the Viking Warriors series by Harper St George, Enslaved by the Viking.


Merewyn used to be a free young woman just wondering near the tumblr_mzvt1zSCC41ridkjdo1_250shore of her island until the Vikings arrived and her sister in law gave her as bait to them so they wouldn’t tear the village down. She’s now under the orders and care of Eirik, a strong hearted  and bravely stubborn warrior who refuses to let this Saxon girl get into his core and change his ways and what his people expect of him but there’s a difference between reason and love. And none of them will be able to fight it.


I thought that this would be a quick boring and cliché little romance historical fiction novel from the 90’s but now, I learned a lot of Viking invasions and its brutal yet organized culture and the OTP! It was glorious, it was expected when it came to secrecy and unexpected in strength of emotions area; I felt as happy and satisfied as a teenager from the early 2000’s while listening to The Black Eyed Peas: I was ecstatic in the love scenes and their little sweet details with each other.


It was certainly lovely.

The next book is the sequel, One Night with the Viking.


Kadlin and Gunnar had been friends for a long time, but both feel like more than just a little childish mate for each other. So after a night of largepassion and revelations, he leaves and she’s forced to marry to guard her torned shame and the consequences of that night. But when they are reunited, she must think and rethink if she could trust him again since they aren’t both children anymore and have to stand up for their choices.


Communication was definitely needed between these two, Gunnar seriously needed to stop thinking so low of himself cuz she loved him dearly and gave him a son. Anyways, I grew to love these characters and the unfairness of their situations; Kadlin was so brave and constant and passionate that I couldn’t help but to immediately adore her, even though she waited and waited and waited for him to realise that Avalt was his son. And all because of his moronic excuse of a father who renounce to love cuz he thought it was a weakness when it clearly was never that. Anyhow, I felt this story was more mature and had more things that I liked, however I wish it had had an epilogue like the previous one.


The third book I read was Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Ivy is part of a race formed on destroying deadly faes and getting rid of 16668211them for the human’ survival. But all the rules fade when she is attacked for a human like fae that resists to die of iron knives. And everything gets even more complicated when sarcastic and mysterious Ren who puts all the things she’s thought she knew into question including her reluctance to fall in love.


I admit that despite it been a JLA story, I had my doubts reading the first chapter but once I got to know this badass main character and its hilarious companions (I’m referring to you Tink). I just never was deeply interested in the “killing the fae” business cuz I believe it is terribly misogynistic and such a communist behavior, but in here these magical creatures have no real humanity, and crave human’s energy and life. Besides that, there was the steamy love scenario between Ivy and Ren which was just so mature but still fun and childish in so many ways. And now she just discovered that huge plot twist and I’m desperate to find out how this ends.


The final book was the straqnge stand alone by Alexis Noelle named Breaking Free.


Holly decided that since the moment she was attacked she wouldn’t be involve with any other like that and that brought consequences like sheorig feeling unable to be touch by nobody. But that changes when she meets rock star Drew and his rock solid body that’s capable to tickle her instead of bringing back traumatic memories; and she’ll go through he’ll to stay with him, literally.


This had the worst feminist message ever, despite being her choice to move one from him and her traumas it still didn’t manage to make it OK. Everything about that relationship was toxic, sometimes hot and other times one just couldn’t stare at how Holly was so suddenly into his no strings attached idea or his dominating tendencies; it reached a point of becoming a bit concerning. Also there were the too unrealistic scenes like their insta sexual attraction and how he was the only one who could touch her and she was so eager to remain with his abusive behavior. I other words, it managed to keep me entertained but it gave me no comfort in the moral area.


Week #91 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all

Even though I had much more time than I did last week, I still only managed to read three books. My university life is becoming organized and I’m not so about to lose it every two seconds of over thinking, however my reader existence is getting slower by the second and I surely need to find a more equivalent balance between my heart and brain.

The first book I read was Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter, the second one in the Goddess Test trilogy.


The moment Kate returned home to her husband and happy new tumblr_m5vjflNKQ21rnzrrzeternity, she realised the odds weren’t in her favour since all she ever wanted seems to crumble and vanish as Henry gets kidnapped by an old foe of the six original gods is brought back by an envious bitter goddess with a special hatred for Zeus and Kate. In order to get him back, she’ll have to ask some help from his ex: Persephone, her older sister. As her emotional health deteriorates as a dying flower.


Everything hurt in this book, I spend the first half and a quarter crying my eyes out while listening to sad Katy Perry songs and Marion Cotillard’s version of “Take It All”; I seriously think this was far beyond Bella in New Moon when Edward in anti-feminist standards, the pain was raw and unstoppable. I mean Henry was being a cruel dick to her on purpose and all because of his inexplicable jealousy of her friendship with James, he kissed her bitch sister because of that and I cried as I read whatever my poor sweet Kate said during those heartbreaking moments. And then everything was so nice and fixed and we were on heaven and shit happens, Ava turns her back on her Pregnant bff, yeah you read that right, and gives her away to cray cray relatable Calliope. Everything was pretty fucked up right there. But I must admit the author managed to make me feel more real and raw and though during her emotions scenes, so thanks Aimée.


The following book was the end of the mentioned trilogy, The Goddess Inheritance by the same author.


Betrayal is a bitch, because it comes from a close friend, someone you trusted with the most valuable thing in your life. That’s exactly whattumblr_m0mwwwMHwr1qb7rx3o1_500 Kate has been experiencing in the last months after she found out she was pregnant thanks to Ava who gave her up to psycho Calliope for her own advantage. She has been under Cronos’ constant watch, and this Titan will be the one who forces her to make the ultimate choice between her child and Henry; what will she choose? How will she live with it?


Somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to ultimately forgive Ava neither Walter, I mean there’s no question on why not giving a chance to the second one but our ex bff just never reached my heart with her apologies and reasons nor her sacrifice. I just didn’t have it in me. Nothing she could ever say would make me forget what she did. On the other hand, one thing I can mention I liked was that Kate grew a pair and faced her fears and her own obstacles to get her kid back and restore her family to some sort of peace cuz of her good heart, besides her wary relationship with Persephone really grew on me cuz she’s a bitch but pretty fucking clever and she says it like it is so I love that smart ass bitch.


The final book was the fifteenth in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J. R. Ward, named The Chosen.


Maybe you should double check before spitting something out of the sudden. That’s a lesson Layla will have to deal with when she accidentally reveals her involvement with xCor during her pregnancy to Quinn. All the consequences will be tragic, dramatic and painful because it involves choosing between her new family that she might be loosing and her love mate who’s dealing with some serious depressing memories and family issues that had better stay burried.


I loved the many aspects this plot had like the angst, one could almost feel how impotent and depressed with her current life Layla was and how angry and irrational Quinn really was about her “betrayal”. Then we see how they go up and down until they find their peak in her badass motherly aptitude and his emotional understanding and the action of forgiveness he had with others. It was a book of growth and family bonds, some were made, and others just found in this big happy community named “Everyone That Lives Under Wrath and Beth’s roof”. And what about this Therese chick! who was expecting that to happen?!
The only thing I would complain about would be how I felt that Throe’s arc wasn’t polished enough, with that witch kind of grimoire I just don’t know.


Week #90 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

Alright, this week has been more than just hellish since it was first exams in the cycle and I’m feeling tired and depressed since I’ve failed most of them but I’ve promised myself to get better in my grades and forced me to study some more days. That’s exactly why I have only read three books during the entire week; they we’re OK books I guess but I’m waiting for something more out of the lame ordinary.

First book I read was A Chase of Prey by Bella Forrest, the eleventh one in the A Shade of Vampire humongous series.


Caleb and Rose are on the run in Brazil after he abandoned Annora in a tumblr_nibrijhAwJ1syb5woo2_250horrible state and he prevented Rose from being offered to Lilith, besides he runaway with her through some portals so… His biggest enemy is looking for his head and her freedom while Lucas and Sofia get more desperate by the second with no news from both their witch friends neither from their daughter. Will Rose and Caleb admit their feelings for each other, or become the prey of more dangerous beings than just some black witches.


And everything was ruined by the small details I couldn’t understand until five minutes passed and of course there was the infamous kiss between not so lovely Caleb and cry baby bitch Annora in front of my sweet Rose, those motherfuckers!!!! My happiness was melted because of complications in a love triangle that shouldn’t have existed; I’ve got a feeling next book is totally going to ruin me and my otp feels like Bella never did with Sofia and Derek, I know Bella will break me so heartlessly.


Second I read A Shade of Doubt by the same fastest author alive.


All Rose wanted was to spend some quality time alone with Caleb in an island as calm as the waves, but what she got was not what shetumblr_nw00nkYxJH1rl07pso8_250 expected. Now she, he and Annora are left with nothing more than their almost nonexistent survival skills in a deserted island that look nothing like the Shade, as Rise begins to question whether Caleb has gained his feelings for human Annora back. On the other hand, there’s the unexpected yet threatening visitors arriving to talk to Sofia and Derek with some dark inhuman purpose, trying to use their weaknesses against each other.


I knew those Sanctuary witches couldn’t be trusted and now they’ve unleashed that fucked up flesh eating creature out in the island who not only mercilessly devours humans but also messes up some vampire minds and trust issues tearing couples a part, including breaking Mona’s heart therefore the witch is back in the Sanctuary having left the Shade without protection, in other words: we’re screwed. While on a new deserted island Rose and Caleb were finally bonding and had gotten rid of bitch Annora until the crazy ex managed to trade Rose as a slave for the harem of the ogre prince through a portal; so yeah everything is screwed over there as well.


And the final book was The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter, the first book in the trilogy of the same name.


Kate’s life hasn’t been easy since her mom was diagnosed and she had tumblr_m63k2oxZIM1qjnrebo4_250to quit being a teen to take care of her and spend as much time as she can with her before she’s gone. And now she’s spending her senior year in her mom’s little old hometown, where after an accident that involves a bitchy cheerleader and a river she meets Henry: an enigmatic and mysterious young man that claims to be Hades the ruler of the Underworld and the only one who can give her more time with her dying mother, so when he asks her six months for all her life to spend with him; her answer is already on the table.


Somehow, I didn’t felt really connected with all the characters in a humane level; like their reactions towards certain revelations weren’t believable or they o were too quiet to be consider real people. And some can argue saying they’re not but c’mon at east and omfg moment when Kate found out about Persephone’s connection to her? was it much to ask for it to be realistic and emotional? I mean all I got from there was fear or just pure naked violent anger, besides that was only the tears I dropped for Kate’s initial situation with her mom dying and her just wanting to regain some time with her. That’s how I know she’s a human being. All this situation is definitely sad because the plot line has so much edge and potential to become a beast in YA but the lack emotions is affecting it so I truly hope that the sequel has better reactions and stuff.


Week #89 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all!

I was a little down starting this week until now because I’ll have to do some mandatory community service (I know it sounds shitty of me) besides my statistics project began as a stressing deal and I have a French test next Monday; but things got better since I’m beginning to see this new responsibility of teaching English to kids in need of all the knowledge they can get as a good and healthy thing, also my hard as nails project was organized and I’m breathing again so that weigh is off my shoulders. Now the only issue I have is studying some French; but tonight is not that night so I’m going to show you my review on the following six books belonging to the A Shade of Vampire series by the talented Bella Forrest.

First book I read was A Blaze of Sun.


Derek knows something was strangely familiar in that vampire girl he saw in Borys’ army, she’s beautiful and he feels unexpectedly connectedtumblr_inline_mo79inR4i71qz4rgp to her but until now he only knows her name: Emilia. However, when she appears as a hostage in the Shade, Sofia knows this could go the worst way possible and things take a turn for the ugly when not only her identity is discovered but also her dark allies with an unsuspected motive that could finally tear our main couple apart.


I say that because the moment Kyle narrated his story of conversion, it was more than just obvious that it was because of Anna’s immune blood but somehow everyone wasn’t aware of that and Rex and Ingrid died in their ridiculous attempts when it could have easily been resolved; I guess it suited the plot better. Anyway, that was my only complain cuz the rest of the story was believable and emotional and got me crying for some impotent scenes like the one where Sofia let herself go and yelled at Aiden for all those years he left her and Ingrid just turned away while Borys hurt her. Besides that, I’m curious about her future children with Derek but I just hope Kiev doesn’t succeed at taking them away when she gets pregnant or I’ll be ready for more tears.


The following book was A Gate of Night.


Aiden and Vivienne can’t help themselves but to think for some tumblr_ll58qlhOGQ1qa2gm6o1_500moments that sending Sofia and Derek on their honeymoon was a huge mistake, after all the princess is still unstable and Aiden just discovered he holds no power over his former crew but they let them continue their happy time. Unfortunately, their paradise is interrupted when a foe comes for Sofia with surprising news about their future and how the Shade will fall sooner than they thought right in front of their crying eyes. While the Elders prepare to ruin all pure things the vampire islands have, and form their own hell on Earth.


From heart stopping discoveries to unbelievable superpowers, this one was a definite winner in my view. It had more angst than anything, I spend half the book expecting something cliché to happen and save their unfair day and the other half crying because there was no real hope in the disastrous turn of events. It was like a fated Turkish period drama, so good yet so heartbreaking, so full of intrigue yet so naive to the world that Bella Forrest just threw to our faces like a paint bullet; from falcon like winged saviours to uncontrollably inflammable former camps and an annoying high witch that makes me wanna rip her silver hair from her fucking skull every time she fucks with my babies. Besides that, omfg that ending with Sof and Clara, I was like: “oh shit”.


Third book was A Break of Day.


All Sofia can think of are three things: Derek, her lost baby and blood. She just became a vampire and is now a host for a powerful Elder withtumblr_ln9u6bdS4s1ql18vyo1_500 twisted motives and heartless ways of getting what he wants so she has no power over her own body neither on what she’ll do to her loved ones. On the other hand, there’s Derek who has the weapon to kill those beastly vampires but needs a witch to succeed besides he’s desperate to get Sofia back without suspecting her sudden changes. One thing is certain: they’ll risk their own existence to have their child in their arms and form the family they we’re lucky enough to be rewarded with.


There we’re plot lines that I just wasn’t following cuz I never finished understanding like the whole Original Elders stuff since they could have been defeated anytime but weren’t cuz of those damn portals and the bird people as well and the neutral witches. Everything was just so fucking confusing so I’m gonna refer to things I actually understood like the desperation of parents here: there were Derek and Sofia pining for their twins and just being comforted by the simple act of breast feeding, there was also Aiden who sacrificed everything so his daughter would have her happy ending with his grandkids there was just lots of devotion. On the other hand there was the couple kind of love: with Ashley was he realization that she had killed her loved one and now all her emotion resides in her own hidden guilt and little Abby’s existence, then there were Vivienne and Xavier who finally got their happy ending and made me cry with their last reunion (I know it was such a cheesy cliché but it was a beautiful one), the passion and trust they had for each other for all those centuries and they somehow weren’t there to give up on each other but to believe in their future more than anyone. In the end, I felt terrified for all the shit that happened in those realms, in love with their seemingly perfect ending and intrigued by that werewolf appearing in the shore. I haven’t had my piece of cake on this one yet.


The next book was A Shade of Novak.


Years have gone by and some aspects of the Novak family have c446de6bed379ab3f42e26a44aa8b460changed, like the vampire state of not only Derek and Sofia but also Aiden to be able to protect the Shade and all it’s new inhabitants (vamps, humans and witches) besides their own set of twins: Rose and Ben. But soon our older couple will have to learn that their children are no longer babies but rebellious teens with secrets and desires of their own. Like Rose who’ll prove that she not only inherited her mother’s piercing green eyes but her susceptibility for the forbidden and dangerous as well.


It wasn’t entirely polished but it somehow managed to turn out nice and a bit passionate. I have some problems connecting with the twins, it took me half and a quarter of the book to figure out Rose’s game and her personality, on the other hand Ben was completely plain and not entertaining at all, I literally wanted to skip his episodes to go back to Rose or Sofia. BTW, I came to adore this new violent fierceness in Sofia when she said that Anna had been kidnapped, like it was her own kid or something; one could see​ the rage and loyalty. Besides that, I seriously crave that slow burning passion between Rose and sweet Caleb.


Then I read A Bond of Blood.


Eight month pregnant Anna was kidnapped and everyone blames tumblr_n0843vyZlM1tog324o5_250Caleb, so when everyone gets tricked to go to Annora’s castle to bring their precious friend back Rose is wiser than most or at least she thinks it so. She needs just a word of the guy she passionately kissed on the shore and she’ll believe in what she felt; but is she risking too much in what could be a lie or are those her insecurities speaking?. But she’s not the only one trying to find Anna, Ben was raised by the human for a short while however he’ll go through a risky path to recuperate her trusting in the most unlikely of allies.


I was looking for more interactions and self realization from Rose and Caleb’s obvious strong feelings for each other, they had the quick meetings but I wanted something more like a tiny more povs that talked about their emotions and hopes. However, one thing I did liked a lot was the incursion of Abby being so into Ben (despite him having her big brother’s name, pretty weird if we talk about sexy times and she’ll have to call him thinking involuntarily in her brother), then was the fact they included Kiev and his spin off friends and love in this giving them all a special and important place in here (specially that hughable ogre Brett). To finish this, I’d like to make a mention on how seeing the redhead teacher with Eli broke my heart as fast as Aiden’s, this poor man needs some love and Eli already has his pet vamp dog so please?!


Lastly I managed to finish A Spell of Time last night.


Annora’s spell is like a clock in Derek and Sofia’s heart and nobody seems to notice, except Caleb who will go against all odds to save Rosetumblr_inline_o2lpk2tS0c1rwt71l_250 from the pain of loosing her beloved parents but this young star crossed lovers will try to cheat their hearts to get a short break on their painful forbidden love: Caleb will try to find comfort in rescuing Annora’s soul and Rose is going to encounter adrenaline in a new resident werewolves of wild ways. The clock is ticking, and their infatuation could come to a disastrous demise.


OK, you know I’m a big shipper of Rose and Caleb so when he became so desperate to get his old Annora back I was beginning to get frightened cuz this could be a real thread to their ideal future together in the Shade but thank all the gods above he made it very clear (to me at least) that it was a way of distracting himself from his desire and tenderness towards the princess therefore I’m happy as fuck they are little runaways trying to go back to the Shade to save their asses and be force to talk about their feelings cuz there’ll be no way out of it. In other news, I’d like to point out that Sofia’s sense of humor is pure and clean in every way as she still was a surprisingly extroverted teenager playing dress up with other people’s hair. Going to more serious stuff, desperate for a baby Vivienne had a vision and it implied Rose might work as a new body for Lilith (the eldest dark witch that ever lived) and I’m scared towards what could happen and what are Rose’s hidden powers.


Who watched Riverdale last night?! Who expected all those sick dirty secrets? There’s surely no family like the Blossoms; but I still would have liked it better if the killer had been dark Betty, I want more of her and her black wig. 

Books & coffee, 


Week #88 of Reading Like A Maniac

This week had me going crazy with stress and anxiety about my French teacher and my statistics project, but now I’m sort of alright and I’m gonna practice the last ones even more to get good grades somehow. Anyways, I managed to read six books and still wake up at 5am every morning to leave for university, I know I’m a goddess of punctuality.

First book I read was the fifth in the Mythos Academy series by Jennifer Estep, Midnight Frost.


Despite not having Logan around anymore everything seems to go fine tumblr_mnu2o0UKBw1qfz3hfo3_250for Gwen, until a person close to her heart fell as collateral damage and now is fighting to survive this murder attempt with all the help he friends can give. But she needs the only thing that could save him, the cure to his affliction that is located through a dangerous path that could serve her on a silver plate for her enemies or drive her to an important piece of her family tree. All she knows is that the clock is ticking, and she’s already late.


Nice follow up, genuinely impressed by the final product. Everything grew in here and I shared some reactions towards what Gwen did and said so I felt truly close to this determined young girl like when she basically told Logan “to grow a pair and stop whining” or when she threw his dagger to the abysm. On the other hand were the obvious secrets like the fact that Covington wasn’t trust worthy since Rory said he had been the hero in that frightful night, or when the baby griffin was so thankful that it told its dad about helping her during the blizzard; however there were remarkably shocking moments like the existence and back story of Rory, Logan’s arrival, Nickamedes drinking the bottled water (seriously dude!?!) or Metis infatuation with the librarian, oh and the fact that Gwen’s dad was a Reaper until he fell for her saint of a mother. Overall, I felt pleased and encourage to keep reading the last book in the series.


Next book was Killer Frost, the final one in the previous series of unbelievable novels.


Logan’s back and Nickamedes survived his assassination attempt. Gwen should be in peace, feeling happy and thankful but there’s no time fortumblr_n2xmebjHse1qal0zgo3_r1_250 sentiments when Loki gets closer to attack the academy by the second and she remains ignorant to how could she end him once and for all. And if her position wasn’t complicated enough there’s still Loki’s Champion desperate to get her revenge on Gwen and drive her to be hated by her own friends and loved ones.


There we’re no permanent scars left in me which was a bit anticlimactic but I’m not complaining since I’m sure I would have cried otherwise. Anyways, I’m happy with the way my dear Gwen matured, how she showed the world who’s boss threatening everyone’s ass if they didn’t saved grandma and how she owned Viv’s brain like a pro. I felt so satisfied with that cuz not many characters do that nowadays, they are so not smart or not totally nice and just ruin everything but this girl is lawfully good and still managed to boss everyone around like nobody’s business. It was glorious.
Ps: I’d like to make a mention, because Nickamedes is the best paternal figure ever.


Third book I read was the first in the series of the same name, I’m referring to A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest.


Sofia Claremont never had good luck: her mom went crazy and was put tumblr_lxm5lkQ4n11qgp3doo1_500in an asylum when she was a kid, her dad refused to raise her when she was nine and left her with his friends with some economical help, she fell in love with those friends’ son but he only sees her as a back up friend and now she has just been captured by an abusive and unpredictable vampire to join his brother’s harem in a lost island. Sofia starts to recognize she might be gone through the same path as her mom since she is falling for this brother who’s not only an enchanting blood sucker but the reigning Prince of the strongest coven of vamps ever constructed.


No matter how cliché the love story might be, it turns out really addictive since it has every guilty pleasure I want in a supernatural tale mixed with young adult like a sort of consensual harem (don’t ask me why I’m delighted by the idea), siblings fighting over a girl, choosing family or love, fate and wonderful yet crazy as f Stockholm syndrome romance. Overall what I enjoyed the most were the scenarios since this sort of vampire village is truly something with the magnificent houses on trees or the human slavery, also the whole idea that besides this being an island it is still secluded with a huge Berlin Wall surrounding it magically to protect its inhabitants. Everything just screams innovation and just exquisite world building.

The following book was A Shade of Blood by the same author, the second one in the vampire series.
Sofia and Ben are the first humans to succeed at leaving Shade island with the permission of Derek. They both will try to move on but what tumblr_static_tumblr_inline_mldyee0vyg1qz4rgphappened in their hearts will never change, they can experiment with former loves or the darkness in one self until a reality check comes in the form of a seer vampire girl that wants these two to give themselves a second chance in love and leadership of this cold piece of land.

To sum up, I liked how it ended but not how it started. I mean Sofia is too naive and too pure for this world that it comes so close to become just stupidly innocent, because Ben was manipulating her since the start of their friendship by making her feel guilty and just bossing her around like he was the vampire in charge. (God I hate that repulsive being!) And then she just forgave Derek for all the shit he did and almost did! In the last book I somehow felt she was a bit more feminist and aggressive when she was with the vamp Prince but she was so different until she clarify that she didn’t belonged to him but with him. On the other hand, everything about her family secret was shocking and crazy, while I fell in love with Vivienne and I hope she can make a man out of Ben during her confinement.

The fourth one I read was Castle of Sand.
A dangerous and deadly threat has fallen on Shade Island and his name tumblr_myjbivXCW91s0t9k2o5_250is family treasons. Lucas is now working with the most vile of the enemy covens, Gregory Novak is back and will do anything to separate the happy couple, Camilla Claremont is a crazy vampire with some sick secrets she’s keeping from her daughter and Aiden will never allow his Sofia to date a blood sucker. Sofia will have to walk through blood, deception, indecision and hurt to keep following the prophecy so Shade will find its vampire sanctuary once and for all.

wow, everything was so freaking surprising and thrilling and bizarre and epic at the same time. Like the almost revolt the Naturals were gonna make with Sofia as one of their leaders and supporters against the mistreatment and sacrifice that the elite were about to perpetuate under the king’s orders (I can’t remember the name of that impotent mf). She was so brave and aggressive, besides she has all the qualities to be a true queen. In other news I still can’t believe Vivienne is dead, she won’t be into I see a body or get a public confirmation by Aiden, anyways the times have changed Ben did died 😔, and I can’t believe I cried for his death and because I wanted him to have some kind of relationship with Vivienne, now that’ll never happen 😭😭. On the other hand, there was Sofia’s sick twisted mom who is way more contradictory and stressful than Claudia, God! this woman was jealous of her own nine year old and delivered her to that fucktard brutish Oasis vampire king like a freaking slice of pizza. I seriously need some tranquility after all this hellish situations.

The final book was A Shade of Light.
Nobody thought their love was such a big deal, even though Derek is forced by her dad and his own weakness to leave her side and she has 2b266775c5210e52d8b4be3f73a2e9c1 to live without him until she can get her way out. Sofia has always known she’s different, she even thought she was going insane but that’s just a syndrome and now she’s just discovered she’s immune to vampire venom and she’ll never be able to be turn into a vampire which gives her hope about a possible cure to his beloved’s afflictions. However, Derek is also facing his own issues like a civil war right ahead and a human revolt besides a probable attack for no reason with the other covens and she’s still manages to think of her love without darkness.

Everything was filled with incomprehensible characters I though I knew that kept changing like a freaking chameleon, people like sweet Vivianne proved to be weak for trusting her dad but also heartless and loyal to her cause, others like Aiden proved to be contradictory and hypocritical towards their own decisions and the reaction people get to their lies, then were complex camps like Ingrid/Camilla that obviously have a rough broken past (it obviously implies rape and neglect) and have maintained their hearts frozen and don’t know how to fix that until they just stop caring I just feel I need to hear her story and for her to take Sofia’s side for once acting like a though as nails mom. But going to another place and leaving the whole lie arch Aiden gave us behind, I’d like to refer to that last two chapters with that female vamp making Derek feel stuff, I don’t like the direction this could take. I’m a jealous person, it’s my weakness and what drives me to cry in books: the possibility of infidelity inside an otp.


Week #87 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening, fellow book addicts.

This week was the real start of university’s stress fest and I’m heating up to feel awkward, embarrassed and potentially teary over projects, homework and exams besides my TBR list which I won’t be abandoning but I will definitely reduce the amount of books to read per week; however that’s not starting this one since I’ve read six unreal novels I’ll share with y’all.

The first book I read was Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige, the third book in the Dorothy Must Die series.


Amy is back… In Kansas. The witches are with her as well and Nox has 2qce5u0a new position to ascend to, but Dorothy is still alive harboring power to get her kingdom and the fear of the rest of Oz. And the only key to returning to the magical dying land might be a special pair of shoes hidden in the last place she ever wanted to return next to the horrid people she swore wouldn’t trust nor be tamed by. Sometimes we have no choice but to get the craziest allies.


Beginning to read this, I was so confused because this book contradicted previous statements about Amy’s mom as how she managed to see her through the palace’s magic picture, besides Amy’s aptitude was totally more naive and immature which was an immediate “turn-off” for me, I mean she didn’t use to be like that, she was a down to earth badass not a whiny girl with no plan more than a bit unsuccessful manipulation. But then things shifted and were starting to become interesting like her relationship with Madison and her ugly baby, then came he huge battle in the Thin Man’s palace which was unbelievably intense, and finally the decadence of Dorothy ending her for good (?). Overall it was a good story with a not so strof tone, it was a great follow up just that it wasn’t polished enough.


Next book was the creative stand alone American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout.

American vampire

The small town of Penance, Ohio used to be a nice little community with villagers looking for a sweet life and some good times with thetumblr_ma2b2t2AWF1qmahxv family in the hard working neighborhood but now all that is gone. Peace, tranquility, happiness nor trust is to be found in this raw land where only fear, judgement and secrets haunt everyone who sets a foot in this field. Until a vampire joins the imprisonment next to the rest of them, Graft realizes that once you’re in this town there’s no way out and that a terrifying guardian keeps everyone in, specially an appealing and mysterious young woman whom he will slowly develop an inevitable attachment.


This might not have been the best vampire stand alone ever but it was an OK tale with a bitchingly creative story line. The whole supernatural aspect of the ghost town lost in its own land was creepy and gave me some Silent Hill movie vibes which is a pretty good sign, on the other hand there was the monster/demon like creature eating people up with its snake and bull like features terrifying the villagers. And then there was the annoying female main character, who kept living her fucked up lifestyle as the on and off mistress of his shitty ex until she falls for the vampire which is not a good way of moving on from a toxic relationship but the ending was so good and swiftly unexpected that I’ll let that go.


*Being completely honest, when I got the book I thought it was written by JLA. 😨

The third book I read was Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep, the first book in the Mythos Academy series.


When Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Frost lost her mom in a terrible car crash she tumblr_n1eimkcoTf1r0rwtlo2_500just wanted to stay with her grandma and cry all day long for the injustice that had plagued her happiness, for the guilt she felt over that accident because if she hadn’t used her “abilities” perhaps her mother wouldn’t have gotten involved in all that mess. She never expected to be sent to the strangest of schools to learn how to use her “gifts” next to other “special” teenagers and young adults. She was sent to Mythos Academy where all myths and legends are true, and an impending war is getting closer to Gwen ’cause she’s more than just the poor weird Gypsy chick.


Let’s face it, the book started a little slow, repetitive and sloppy but after the first six episodes everything went up and up with a sometimes obvious but still shocking plot line which kept me reading until I felt so attached to the main character (Gwen) that I cried every time Logan made her feel awful. My heart broke next to hers, somehow. Also there were all those times with the joyful memories of her mom and the dress they bought, as well as the picture of her and the friend teacher whose name I feel embarrassed I can’t recall. Besides this, the writing style was on point since it made me finish this book tonight when I thought I would be done with it by tomorrow night or afternoon (it was crazy, and I feel quite accomplished).


The following book I read was the previous’ sequel, Kiss of Frost by the same author.


All Gwen wants is some dignity, after all she just survived the murder attempt of Jasmine in the library as getting her heart broken by the tumblr_inline_nvssfiEkL91qk9936_500hottest of Spartans, Logan. However, that’s not on Daphne’s plans since now her new entitled best friends wants her to accompany her and her skilled boyfriend to a school trip in one of the most luxurious snowy resorts in the US to forget about her sadness and gain the confidence that as the Champion of Nike she should have. Soon Gwen will find out that all that liberty maybe more dangerous and risky than she ever thought.


Don’t get me wrong, it still held its regular clichés like for example that the obvious bad guy is the new one in town or that Logan had a dark/teary family secret. But it managed to have more innovative aspects to make me not feel upset or bored about those aspects, like the fact I was guessing till the end of that scene if perhaps Oliver had a thing for Gwen (despite she saying it wasn’t her) or that Preston had something to do with Grace’s death next to that mysterious girl in the coat which makes me plan my theories about secret twins and hair dying friends or other things; there’s also the lovely fact that Logan and Green are some sort of an item now. However what I enjoyed the most was the transition of Green from making stupid decisions to showing her bravery and kindness in the most kick butt way ever.

jorah and selmy

The fifth book I read was Dark Frost, the third one in the series.


Gwen is having a blast (?). She’s been technically forced to venture in tumblr_n2xxlmRlnW1qhfmeyo2_500the mind of one of her mother’s murderers every day after school, she’s slowly progressing in her own fighting skills, another Reaper is totally attending the academy, she has to find a lost dagger that could unlock Locky’s imprisonment and besides all that: Logan won’t define their relationship or at least inform her of their status. She’s under much pressure with a sword who won’t stop talking about murdering foes with its British accent and a long lost furry friend, but she’ll have to endure and just keep going because she’s still Nike’s Champion no matter the failure neither the pain nor the blood she’ll have to spill, everything is for the greater good.


There were the same issues like the bit of repetitions and a little non feminist reactions but I’ve learnt to deal with those things and focus on the good sides like the whole mystery behind the “cloaked girl” who nobody knew who it was I mean even I started to have my doubts but when it was revealed who it was I was a little disappointed cuz it would have been Bette if it had been a character we’ve known since day one and no this sudden newbies we got on our radar. Other thing I liked was that Gwen kept growing in her butt-kicking ways and never gave up on her warrior skills even though she’s not the best or a born fighter but she tried hard enough to shame some skilled Spartans; and can we discuss her new power? Holy shit! That was creepy and so cool and I just couldn’t help by imagine Pearson growing little and skinnier by the second until he looked like an old dead man. It was just sick and twisted and unexpected and she surely needs to try it on fucking Loki.


And finally I read Crimson Frost, the fourth one in this passionate series.


She failed but somehow Gwen’s in her first date with the always charming Logan, despite the dirty looks of some idiot girls. But shetumblr_mhnkvwIqKK1qcg5dbo1_250 knows that so much calmness can’t last, and that’s exactly what happens when a secret someone gives Gwen up to the highest of authorities of the Pantheon with lies about her behavior and murderous desires besides they now think she’s supporting Loki. She’s imprisoned and put into question, she thinks that another secret Reaper is on the run and wants her head for the weak Nordic God of Chaos but reality is way worse than just her death.


Seriously, I was waiting for a bit of murder or at least some easy dismemberment that never came, I was literally pining for Gwen to cut Vivian’s ring finger or some stepmother’s neck to remove her bitch necklace, but somehow Gwen never catches them and stays wondering about irrelevant and redundant things. She’s still nice and buttkicking however that doesn’t exclude that girl needs a lot of work to do and stop being afraid of her “life extracting power” so she can beat Locky how it’s meant. In other news, the mysteries were shocking (like how couldn’t I find out about this earlier) though the revelations were predictable to some extend; however the climax scene remained being bloody and filled with anxiety and nervousness which I strangely enjoyed.