Week #107 of Reading Like A Maniac

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I hadn’t been posting any content because of the holidays and some health issues that I’m still going through, it will be a long journey to get better (likely 6 months of treatment) but I’ll remain constant with my uploads and avid reads since the most unlikely book got my interest back in reading. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish my Goodreads’ 2017 Reading Challenge but I’m definitely going to finish this year’s.

The first book I read was the first one in the new godly Rick Riordan series Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, named The Sword of Summer.


Magnus has been living in the streets since her mother’s mysterious 687474703a2f2f6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f64393132353730306634326332346536636237323734393638663239373936372f74756d626c725f696e6c696e655f6d6c6c30333568424f7431717a347267702e676966assassination, afraid of his own family and trusting nobody but two kind homeless new friends he made. He learnt to survive and avoid danger, until his obscure uncle tries to convince him on a Nordic quest that drives our new hero to his grave, literally, only he’s not really dead Dead but in Valhalla with people that claim his estranged father is a god.


I tried really hard to get attached to the story line and some moments were fantastic, the characters felt real and fantastically ingenious to the core but there were just so many preludes in between good scenes that I got bored in little time and wanted to move fast forward. Then I knew technically nothing about Norse mythology other that what you can find in Wikipedia about Thor (the movies) and that there was a goddess named ‘Freya’ so… I wanted to learn about the gods and the magic involved and the brutality, I was clearly interested however I got a feeling of being totally excited and getting half of what I was expecting, I know this book was not meant to give me some religious/mythical lessons but still I needed more. I really hope the next one is better, cuz besides my inner issues I felt the writing pace was a little slower compared to the PJ books.


The second book I read was the funny new-adult stand alone named Smut by Karina Halle.


Amanda is just learning who she truly is in the world, until now she has broken up with her high school sweetheart, living with a easterntumblr_lpvqs5lfjg1qmy72oo1_500 European beauty school roommate and dedicating herself to become a legitimate author by going to college against her parents’ wishes. But if there’s one thing she’s sure of is that Blake Crawford is a shameless troglodyte/manwhore, so when their teacher makes them write a manuscript they discover that they only aren’t good writing but in more than one extracurricular activity.


There were flaws and weak spots but none of them made the book awful, it was entertaining and lovely. The character development was exquisite cuz it was one of those times you don’t realize when the character started changing but you’re amazed with the results, that’s what I felt with Blake such a progress from generic broken hearted bad boy to loving and appreciative friend. I know one’s not supposed to learn things from smutty novels unless is Colleen Hoover but I did found out a lot about kindle options and Amazon self publishing online, so thanks Karina.


The next one I read was the one that brought me back to life after fail attempts to ravish two contemporary novels unsuccessfully, I’m talking about Darker by E. L. James.


bcb84823dc3bb437c3ab114294d6b75dAfter seeing Ana leave his apartment with tears covering her face in fear and blueness, Christian knew she wasn’t like the rest and that she actually meant something for him. That he would change, that he had changed for her sole presence near him, so he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back in his life dealing with his inner twisted demons and the same reason why they couldn’t be together for good.


It was interesting and surprisingly needed to get Christian’s perspectives in this sequel because of the many easter eggs we were given like his relationship with the ancient troll “lady” or his confrontation with Grace about his involvement with her since he was a trouble teen. I was absorved into his insta brotherly love for Mia when she came into his life, which was sweet as hell and as his interactions with his grandpa Theodore. 😍 I felt connected to characters i didn’t even recalled so thanks E. L. for this praised pov version.


The following book belongs to the Silber trilogy by German author Kerstin Gier, named Dream a Little Dream in its English translation.


Sisters Liv and Mia are used to not get used to friends in every country they move because of their divorced parents agendas, but now theirtumblr_inline_o3p1ekn1Ae1sn95bh_250 mother is truly in love and ready to settle down with a man in London with his two kids on board; this means they could finally grow some roots with friends and perhaps a little romance. But after a night of dreaming with her popular soon to be step brother and his handsome friends in a satanic nightmare, she begins to reconsider how far will she go to maintain this new family alive.


I ended up with pain in my bones and with the need of analgesics to sleep, but I finished this books-. I must admit this was not like Ruby Red at all but I enjoyed it, not as much as I expected however I still liked it very much. The whole inexplicable experiences and the unexpected romance developing in front of our bare eyes. I also felts this was way sexier than any other work written by Kerstin before, it help us readers set in the mood, and the writing style got me to be half there and half out giving up on this lovely piece of work.


The fifth book was given the name of Dream On by the same author.


Even though Anabel is locked up in an asylum for almost killing Liv, 30538f499b6e5b448a0b789c2e8508cddeclaring an alliance with an imaginary demon thanks to her cult member dead mother, and Arthur hasn’t been seen around after Liv broke his face; she and her friends still think something is up to no good so when they start seeing a dark figure following them and asking for their heads as Mia starts defying her sanity when a sleepwalking problem knocks on her door.


Was it satisfying? Not entirely. Did it had a nice ending? Yes. Was it a good one? Yes. Anyways, I must recognize that even though i felt i was promised a New slow burning and forbidden OTP that was never effing given, I still want to see how things turn out for Liv’s new growing family and also how the whole Dream realm/travelling is even possible.


The final book I read was the last one in the trilogy named Just Dreaming.


Liv doesn’t know what’s real anymore, it could be Anabel’s demons or 5e450b2a894c207887b7035a71e60ff5Arthur’s powers but one thing’s for sure: one of them must loose so her life and those who she loves the most won’t be ended by that psychotic girl or that sociopath boy that she once considered a friend. All as she deals with her own insecurities about her relationship with Henry, while Mia ends her investigation in regard of the identity of Secrecy.


I’m seriously trying to defend the choices Kerstin made for the plot, the characters’ drive and the romance, but somehow i end up hitting myself against a concrete wall so i’ll better name the aspects i did like about this ending: Arthur being the big bad wolf after all, that bitch controlled everything like a disturbed puppet master, then was the fact Lottie grew in Florence’s heart after all this time with her baking and understanding nature. Anyways, I was still expecting Grayson to develop feelings for Liv but that never happened, also we never knew who slept with wicked Anabel before the books even started, and can we deal with the fact that Liv and Henry have some serious relationship stuff to to deal with that was ridiculously addressed and solved like nothing happened? wtf. The book was entertaining but with better plot choices, it could have had a nicer and exciting ending.


PS: the German covers had nothing to do with the story but HELL they are gorgeous and so creative in comparison to the American ones.


Week #106 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good afternoon, fellow readers.

I’ve had a tough week because of my own coming of age, which is a fancy way of saying I discovered many things I heard of once but never really had the (unfortunate) chance to experience by myself. I felt the agony of muscular inflammation due to injections in my tender hips which let me sleeping on my chest to avoid the excruciating pain, there also was PMS headaches, I always heard some friends and even my mother whining about those painful memories and I felt them for the first time two days in a row which let me to almost faint a block away from my home at 6pm so yeah, thanks lazy ass period. And finally, there was the awful truth about sushi, I always dreamed with the idea of tasting pompous salmon with lovely Asian rice but once I tasted it for my bffs 21St birthday I decided it’s not my thing, I consider it needs to have some Peruvian ceviche condiments and lemon juice. In other news, I read five books this week and I like them but not entirely, you’ll get why once I give you my avid reviews.

The first novel I read was the soft spoken stand alone named Panic by the talented Lauren Oliver.


DangerousUnlinedElectriceel-size_restricted“Panic is a competition with a lot of secrecy, made up by kids bored by vacations in their regular small town.” But nobody really cares how it started, just how to win it. People like Heather and Dodge, two practical strangers looking for a new way of getting what they want, risking their lives and something even more important to them separately. Will one of them be the winner? What will they loose? And specially, what could they find in the rocky road of Panic?


The plot line had so much potential to become the next Nerve meets Batale Royale or something but the slow pace just made me feel sleepy and the fact the characters made me feel so confused during the entire read was another less for me. Like… it was OK, it was decent cuz of the writing style and the whole tiger challenge ordeal, and shitty lifestyle factor however there was a little something missing. I won’t say I wasn’t into this because I was but once I finished I seriously didn’t know what to think. until know I’m not quite sure of what I just read, I just understand it was an interesting story.


The next one is the back stabbing Burn For Burn from the trilogy of the same name by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian.


Three very distinct girls who never thought could be together join68747470733a2f2f36382e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f64363364656131333963323630633930373662333364376665333932613930392f74756d626c725f6f6d3067736a4362493231716377716f626f365f3430302e67 forces to destroy those who burned their tranquility. Mary’s back in town to hunt down her former only friend in the world, Lillia’s perfect sister bond seems to crumble when her friend sleeps with her teen sister, and Kat has become sick and tired of her former bff/current head bitch bullying her for no reason. They will show that pretty girls can do some ugly mischief if they are hurt bad.


I must admit that while I read the first povs in the prologue sort of parts, I was a little unsure about this new story but I trusted in Jenny so I kept reading until I grew to like the female leads and respect their own stories, no matter how teenager these were cuz until a point they were interesting and so appealing though I wanted to slap or yell at a couple of them because of some of their choices; however, the girl that most intrigued me was Mary, she shone with her own melancholic light without even noticing it besides there’s this whole mystery surrounding her abilities and I need more of a continuation, for sure.


The third one was the previous’ sequel named Fire With Fire by the same authors.


After the fire and Reeve’s accident, the school was left pending on atumblr_n3um6tOXUF1qckb0uo3_250 thread when it came to sports and prom because he broke his leg and his future is over. Mary’s guilt takes over her and the girls make up a new plan to get even with the quarterback before he fixes his leg on time. As the three girls discover that not everything they see is what it seems, not even what’s in front of their very eyes.


Such an expression for what I felt during the last half of the book, I felt I was in an exploiting tnt device running out of time as the terrible truth came over and took over my pov. Since I was getting that vibe, you know, that crazy vibe that either says you’re too paranoid or you’ve read too much YA. I’m like, Jenny Han is this you? what is going on with he plot? Siobhan is some supernatural lady, for sure. But somehow I need to keep reading to figure out what the fuck comes next, to explain some things that were not handled properly like how on earth people can see a motherfucking ghost and others just dismiss it. Like that’s my main question, my poor girl is one supernaturally driven spirit. I feel so hangover about this.


The following book is the third and final one in the trilogy, it’s named Ashes to Ashes.


Guilt. That’s what Lillia and Reeve feel for falling in love at the 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f7a744a6b6b5752355a4e725735673d3d2d3437353832333335312e3134653865663966expenses of Rennie’s biggest fears and selfish feelings. Guilt is what Kat feels because of leaving Rennie driving to get the incriminating evidence from her locker while her former bff died drunk thinking they had rekindled. Guilt is exactly what Mary will never feel, cuz “if she died because of Reeve then he and her new ‘friends’ must make her some good company”.


“Jenny Han was my newest safe place to land and Siobhan turned her into a heart breaker and I don’t like that, is it that I cannot trust authors with my ships anymore? Damn you both, you made me fall for the Jock imbecile like a jock imbecile to not making them end up together. Whatever, in my mind they ended up together! ” So yeah, I couldn’t restraint my mind from speaking, but now that this issue is out of my chest I can focus on my favorite parts like the vulnerability I saw in Kat with her dad which made me cry like an eleven year old again, in other news: Mary is the most badass revenge driven ghost ever! I seriously couldn’t hate her, like I got her rage and the pov made it even stronger, kudos on that.


And finally there was the third book in the White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter, named Queen of Zombie Hearts.


Badass Ali thought that after becoming a kind of zombie herself and a rat lab, she wouldn’t be surprised by anything Anima planned andWe-Bought-a-Zoo-elle-fanning-37964153-500-269 would live to have some hot intimate kissing sessions with Cole, however things have changed. An attack leaves her questioning her life, family and her own persona when she sees her loved ones disappear forever. Could she become just like her enemies with the right amount of pain and pressure?


I was entertained and thrilled during the entire book, Ali’s adventures were exciting in a sense that she proved she was a bloody badass and no bitch could beat her with all the fire powers and her amazing fighting skills, and not even the last demise could have been able to make me angry at Gena cuz it was painful (I cried) it felt real and raw which made it somehow correct, we needed the pain and we understood it as readers and fans. But if there were any small detail I was against or had issues with, it would have to be the fact that we never got to see Helen’s side of the story involving Cole’s mother and Veronica’s mother, like why did she do what she did? what were her true motivations? I felt that was a little inconclusive and I really want a little novella explaining that, seriously. please Gena.


Week #105 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

It’s been a rough week for me, my chronic cough got worse and there was a moment I couldn’t breath because of it so I went to the doctor’s yesterday and finally got some prescriptions to feel better. Let’s keep our finger crossed for my unstable health! I need to get better, I have two speeches to give next week and they are both defining grades so my voice has to be loud and decent. But anyways, I somehow managed to read six books and I hope you like them as much as I did.

First one I read was the dark and Victorian styled Pie de Bruja (A Witch’s Foot) by Carolina Andújar.


Ever since she was a little girl, Ava wasn’t meant to be an average girl, tumblr_os7zvw32kz1tkt50so5_500she studied all sciences and history and believed in the occult surrounded by people who thought she was doing unlady things in the late 1800’s, even her obnoxious cousin in-law which is why she moves to a foreign land to live with her beloved Nana where she hopes to become an elder single lady living a humble but free life. However, this land has a spark of darkness and wonder that reminds her of an old story Nana used to tell her: A Witch’s Feet, the child of the witch and the devil which might not be what she expected after all.


Everything, from the characters, their development, their psychology, the mythology, the scenarios and motivations were so on point. Here I wasn’t moved by my feminist side because the main lead was a feminist herself living the last years of the Victorian era in some Slavic land I cannot recall exactly but she was more than just awesome, she had the brains, the heart and the determination of a wolf. However, it was not only the realistic and less idealized romance that attracted me but the raw and corrupted deprivation of the fucking pastor and all the story line surrounding how this blind faith in a human can lead to disaster and criminal fanatism, I was glad this bitches were put to justice (somehow) and I’m glad this was more of a nude book instead of a glamouring phantom of Romance.


The second book I read was All about the Hype by Paige Toon, from the Jessie Jefferson trilogy (?).


Jessie is still struggling with being her famous father’s not so secret child and makes some pretty questionable friends on the way as shetumblr_msc7sbByL21rn46ydo2_250 deals with the stress that is being the lead singer in a rock band where her experienced secret boyfriend works. Also there’s the fact she could still have some feelings for her dismissed ex and that she might have to choose between being American Jessie or British Jessie. It’s a tough call for a teen.


I already miss Jessie and I’m not even sure if this is the end, I mean Paige didn’t put a synopsis saying it was the end of the trilogy, right? Without that seal I just hope we have more of Jessie, she became such a bright but edgy side of my literary life in the YA genre next to sweet Lara Jean. Anyways, going deep inside the book itself, I almost cried many times while J missed her mom, it was heartbreaking and it melted my icy heart to think of that going through another person, now I know that pain will stay but that somehow it will be OK cuz that means her mom will always be present. Other thing that really got me was the whole progress we did with the Jefferson family, though I still don’t entirely like Meg, I just always feel some bit of hostility towards young Jessie and I despise that in a stepmother; it brings back a Cinderella complex I’ll never find amusing. And even though I didn’t enjoy that, I really liked the story and character introduction, specially Dana and her Georgina Sparks flare (loved and hated the bitch); other thing I liked was that she gave herself some closure with Tom and Stu, it was like that was meant to be, almost fated as her relationship with hot Jack. Idk, I just feel our girl is growing up really fast and she had fixed her life for the very first time, finding her true self once and for all.


The next book I read was The Line by J. D. Horn from the Witching Savannah series.

The Line

Mercy’s life was never meant to be simple even though she was the gif-holland-roden-lydia-martin-scott-mccall-Favim.com-3872670only normality in her family, she was the black sheep that should have died for her magical family tree, her mother died giving birth to her, she has feelings for her twin’s boyfriend, she doesn’t love her own boyfriend and she might have done a deal with the wrong sorceress. So when her unjust and dictatorial grand aunt dies in a bloody and violent murder, the head of the family, a mystery is left hanging, Why? Everyone had reasons but Who actually did it?


I was thinking about a CW’s Secret Circle kind of book but I got something more mature and regional which was pretty cool to be fair, I was about to get bored in the beginning cuz I wasn’t connecting with the main character and her actions, she didn’t want the same things I wanted for her so I was about to say “oh no this is not for me” and pick another book; however I didn’t and I found a world of secrets, shameful spells and the evil within a pretty face, besides the fucked up aspects of life one can control. The Line had everything I never thought I wanted, the realistic magic and the family drama we’re just the seasonings on top of a good recipe for success. I still don’t entire agree with Mercy and I wish she was more like Jill when it comes to personality but whatever I guess.


The fourth book I read was The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, from the fantasy series of the same name.


Princess Elisa was not a very happy neither accepted nor beautiful lady and she never truly cared, besides she just got into an arrangedtumblr_o1u0a49mau1s4pr6ko5_250 marriage and has been told all her life that she carries the safety of the world in her belly in the shape of a huge precious rock attached to her skin. She has a destiny but doesn’t know it and will have to wage through blood and sweat to turn up the tables and give her the aptitude to take this bull by the horns.


I wasn’t feeling quite sure about the main character in the beginning, she was too needy for affection coming from a man who clearly was a tremendous jerk, and she took everything people said about her even though it hurt her roughly. She lacked some self love so when she overcame her fears and impediments, she proved herself she was worthy and such a fucking great leader. I came to admire the girl and her journey, her destiny and sufferings, she truly owned her world and everyone on it. In other news, I cried when I thought I wouldn’t, but He’s gone before he could say how they could be together, he was fucking gone before I could process it… 😢


The following book I read was Sealed with a Curse by Cecy Robson, from the Weird Girls series.


Celia and her three sisters always had to take care of themselves after 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f4b463275794541313943564f6f673d3d2d3337313835333030372e3134613262393832their parents death, it was a life or death situation because ever since they can remember they were cursed with some powers in a land that has strange and supernatural as a last name and nick name with blood suckers, witches and many species of weres. So when vampires start crazily attacking humans without reason, it will be the Wird sisters the ones who’ll have to save their small town exposing their unique abilities.


I liked the story line but I felt I was waiting for a blow that never came. But I must admit the fight scenes were legit violent and raw, I literally put on some hard rock music to go along with it; these girls are not people to messed around with, they are gorgeous but tough as nails. BTW, I liked the whole thing Celia had with Aric but my feminism didn’t allow me to fully enjoy it, besides I was too worried this would become a love triangle with horny Misha in the mix. Also, the world building is perfect, I laughed my ass off while picturing the other paparazzi weres going into their trash, hilarious. This was good material but I wanted a little more of something.


The sixth one I read was Reinas Malditas (Cursed Queens) by Christina Morató.


This is a compilation of the lives of the most tragic women on the inside and most regal queens on the outside from the sick and emotionallysource haunted Empress Sissi to the hated but now praised as a saint Empress Alexandra. In a world where foreigners, different thoughts and women’s heart is not wanted nor asked for, this queens and empress had to live the lives they chose or those chosen for them and survive through a series of events that define them as fighters or martyrs.


I just the history class I always wanted to be part of, I got into the human and torn apart side of royalty: inside the ugly, dusty and smelly side. Specially with Sissi, Victoria and Kristina’s lives, they we’re good in some aspects and really fucked up in others, like with Sissi’s lack of sense of reality or Victoria’s desperation for not giving women rights and her concerning obsession with Albert, or Kristina’s badassery being transformed into a shallow and Versailles like existence. However, I also discovered an empress I’d never heard about before, this woman conquered my heart with he strength and uniqueness : Empress Eugenia was simply a heroine in a bag full of scared sheep, she was a low profile lioness defending her nation and authority without loosing what made her herself. She never forgot who she was and what she represented for jewelry or superficiality. She has become my inspiration, my recently discovered motto being “What would Empress Eugenia do? “. So, thank you Cristina for this breath of life and realism in a world so full of itself.


Week #104 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all.

I’m just returning home after a children infested Saturday split up into me giving ESL classes to 9 year olds and helping my 11 year old brother celebrate his Star Wars themed birthday (which was pretty cool); teaching was great as well since it was pay day. But anyways, despite being in the middle of Midterm exams I was able to read seven books, yeah you heard that right: 7 fucking books. Heavy ones, not some easy babies.

The first book I read was the Improbable theory of Ana & Zak by Brian Katcher.


Ana and Zak go to the same school, they have some shared classes and tumblr_lts2vs7Fgs1r0jbbho1_500they see each other quite often in the library but they are nothing alike, they couldn’t be more different. Ana will follow the strict and harsh rules her Catholic parents imposed for their offspring, she’s incredibly smart and responsible not wanting to commit her sister’s mistakes, on the other hand Zak is your typical millennial comic book nerd not caring much about studies or sports or having a healthy relationship with his step dad, he only dreams of a unique convention. Therefore it takes a extreme and delicate affair to force these two to cooperate to get out of this messed up night filled with cosplay and weirdness, without loosing all they have accomplished in their short lives.


When I started reading I couldn’t understand the characters neither their motivation and was bored because of it, so I wanted to sleep and give up but I kept reading since I needed to give every book a shot with my exquisite YA tongue. Anyways, I’m glad I did cuz this one surprised me, the intensity, the live or die feelings, the comic on vs video game aesthetics and a fantastic revealing in the main characters drove me to finish this in a day, I ended up crying and happy, and you know that only a good book can get a reader to yearn and feel for a character’s happiness and unhappiness. This was such a fun ride and I would definitely do it again.


The second book I read was always and forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han, the third and final installment in the To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy.


Lara Jean’s senior year it’s coming to its endand she has a plan to follow, one that makes her feel safe, in contact with her family andtumblr_m85ykyDlAk1r4xouyo1_500 boyfriend, and specifically Safe. But as all things in her life she’ll have to deal with the fact that not everything goes according to what we want, specially life after high school. Just looking at how her big sister’s life has changed, she knows it’s inevitable but is she ready to finally grow up?


I felt so connected to my sweet Lara Jean with the whole last minute changes and having a hard time saying goodbye to everything as you know it, being afraid of change. Wanting to take advantage of every last celebration to spend with friends and family, trying to reduce that stress by pretending you’re alright. I love Jenny Han for addressing this issue and for bringing one of the purest and most tender characters to live for 3 lovely books, I never felt more overprotective of a female protagonist not like a mama bear at least but that’s what Lara Jean inspire, her goodness shall be protected.


The following book I read was Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines, the first one in The Field Party series.


Two opposites are quite alike. He would end up destroying her, she originalcould start healing him. Both West and Maggie have some fucked up issues going on and they know that if they kiss, one more will be added that should be avoided at all cost. But will they let go, once fate shows them: they might not be meant to be? Or that they are right where they are meant to?


After trying to read and get into the most boring, repetitive and anti girl power book by one of my favorite authors ever I couldn’t take it anymore and I gave up so I left an entire spot to read a new easy going novel and I came across this precious jewel made of paper and ink. It was exactly what I needed, it gave me feels, overly dramatic but realistic emotions and a hope that nothing would go wrong despite the adversities the main characters were going through because it was Love. And even though I had my issues with someone’s overprotective and antifeminist behavior towards his new love, I was glad it was addressed and not taken as something normal, it was discussed and fixed like only angsty teens can do. And in the end I was happy and so relieved I read this lovely story instead of that famous boredom.


The fourth book was its sequel named Under The Lights.


Willa is back in her old childhood town after a fateful night ruined her life and good name, she ain’t the same hopeful girl who moved to livetumblr_mcqlitiEll1rw7rsro1_500 happily ever after with her mom’s new family. She’s back with her grandmother living as the caretaker of Gunner’s dollhouse family. She was best friends with him, but they both changed and also their feelings; besides there’s good old Brady still a dreamy boy she fancied when they we’re pre-teens. Who could understand and not blame her for what she did? Which friend will be what she always needed?


The book dealer with some fucked up family issues but somehow it was softer than the angst and sexual tension filled previous one, however I felt the anger, the pain and the desire to feel loved that these characters were craving for. Besides the writing style is always on point not allowing the reader to stop at any stage, and for some moments the plot lines were reaching a VC Andrews kind of flame with the whole Lawson family ordean and dirty secrets involving our main couple. It was interesting but I wished we could know certain things, like who’s Her father?.


Next book I read was Asylum by Madeleine Roux, number one in the series of the same name.


Nobody ever told NHU people that using a sadistic and creppy asylum tumblr_inline_nkv0bf0X9S1smzi3cas a department for students was a bad idea? Apparently they did. But Dan Crawford knew a bit of this back story before he applied for a month seminar /course for seniors, as a smart boy with a lack of social abilities and a secretly great catch for the occult, he should have known that some things just aren’t normal. Old photographs of patients aren’t meant to remain in the department, blood covered walls shouldn’t be open for the public to find, and people involved in horrific treatments shouldn’t share one’s full name. He should have know something was off.


Cheers on the author because this is how you get an avid YA reader to be afraid of reading in the dark while listening to The Conjuring’s score. I never felt more haunted and now I’m thrilled for more, I always went for the emotions’ sad or loving parts but now I want the disturbing feeling I’m not alone and that the dark is cold and terrifying. Since I realised I liked spooky weird stuff, I’ve been attracted like a moth to the flame, to Asylums and all the inhuman treatments as the inexplicable human nature in ancient practices so this story line was like melting gold for me. And the pictures and writing style made it an even more realistic experience, I now feel there’s something more and more creepy, the whole lobotomy on a child picture still haunts me and I’m not the same. so thank you Miss Roux.


The sixth book I read was Vampyr by Carolina Andújar, from the Carmina Nocturna trilogy.


During the 1800’s, not everything was fun and romantic love and properly behaving young girls, specifically not anymore in a Swiss allReign-TV-Show-image-reign-tv-show-36700341-245-300 girls boarding school since the arrival of a rich and beautiful new student that everyone immediately adores, all but Martina. She sees the new girl for who she really is, she has understood the clues: people have been bitten, she herself has been attacked by a demonic figure but nobody seems to accept the terrible truth. There is a vampire on the loose with a secret agenda to get something from Martina that could destroy the world as we know it and her only chance to survive.


Examining the ending, I should be a bit disappointed and really off balance at how (slightly) poor was the administration given to some female figures, and of course the many unanswered questions I have left but then I remember this was made imagining the structure and characteristics of a Gothic Victorian novel and I appreciate the beauty of it: how I was never bored by the long change of povs or the unnecessary scenes, I truly enjoyed it without remorse feeling I read a piece of golden history mixed with a complex yet humble story line. Still, I wish we could have dived more into the love story at the very end.


The last book I read was the sequel named Vajda: the immortal prince.


This time we meet Emilia living in late 1800’s France with her servants, tumblr_inline_n4hpwpQO2h1qgrm3tenjoying her worried parents’ getaway on her glad own, amazed by her own frivolity and lack of interest on anything but herself, until she has a traumatic encounter with a demonic creature who viciously drank her blood letting her to die. When she wakes up, she knows her life has change and though she’s not like the beast who attacked her she will never be the same, he life finds a new meaning which is to bring justice to the one that hurt her and is trying to take the soul of the ones she loves.


I had some feminist issues with the book and I had to constantly remind myself this was a Gothic romance inspire by Victorian novels so i couldn’t really complain. It was so hard loving the main ship but thinking about how anti girl power this was. Anyways, let’s focus in the amazing world building Carolina gave us here, the whole ancient Hungarian tribes and the whole demonic ordeal, and how people were willing to give away their humanity and family for more power or a higher social position, seeing that in Emilia’s family was heartbreaking but reading about the great fates all my favorite characters are living made me smile a bit. I had the conclusion I wanted for the previous book.


Week 103 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

I’m so glad to announce that I somehow read five books this week, who would have said it? Definitely not me. But anyways, I’m here waiting for my country’s newest Census and hoping that my aunt’s dog won’t bit me in the process, I’m not writing in my regular scenario but my granny’s living room and it smells like old sheets cleaned up with detergent, besides I’m currently about to sneeze cuz I didn’t take my allergies’ pill so wish me good luck in this self destructive path filled with bacteria.

The first book I read was Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix by J. K. Rowling.


Sarah-Bolger-the-tudors-cast-31391619-500-500Things have changed. The Dark Lord has returned but nobody seems to believe it, Harry is now known as the boy who lied by the Wizarding world and the Ministry wants it to stay that way. Sending their deadliest weapons in the shape of a petite middle aged woman dresses in pink to teach Harry that it is either the Ministry’s way or no other way.


I don’t know why but I currently don’t feel so connected to Harry’s Psyche or his emotions, cuz the things that brought him an emotional response brought me boredom and I just didn’t care, and the little details he showed no interest nor mercy kept me wondering what was going on. idk. The only scene in which I could relate was him asking explanations on his dad’s aptitude to Remus and Sirius, there I felt like he was a likeable main character where easily could detect good from wrong, funny from egomaniac actions, and justice from injustice. Besides all his thing with Cho didn’t feel real, like none of them was truly interested in the other; she’s just a pretty girl with not much information about Harry’s friends. The person I liked the most was innocent yet brave Luna Lovegood with her foggy mind but strong wit; other that surprise me was Ginny adopting Fred and George’s reckless behavior and wildness, she’s her own woman now without nobody to tell her what to do at all. I must say that the book was good, it kept me reading lots of pages but it wasn’t the best when it comes to context, and I just hope the next one kicks this one’s ass with its storyline and upbeat style.


The second book I read was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


tumblr_ofgl4oaKLX1r2nq4ao1_250Now Harry knows he must keep his mind guarded and safe from Voldemort’s hands but he has his friends as his life gets even more challenged by a weird acting Dumbledor, a sneaky Draco Malfoy, and a power struggle between Hermione and Ron. Besides, Harry has found a book that reminds him of what happened to Ginny Weasley when one trusts a stranger’s handwriting.


No doubt I liked this better, I got the feeling I felt during the movies when the moment came even though I believed I wouldn’t feel so moved or vulnerable because of it, I mean I didn’t cry or anything but I did felt extremely shocked and shook cuz one could clearly see the emotions in his face’s description. Other thing I liked was how wonderful Ginny’s personality is, she’s such a feminist not giving a shit abut her brothers’ opinion of her love life besides she’s ultimately confident and that’s something to be proud of. Changing the matter, let’s discuss Harry’s stupidity and lack of prudence when it comes to things Hermione warns him of, he really should stop behaving like a child of 7 and welcome the facts of danger he always seems to avoid.


The next book was Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows.


tumblr_ovqkishfgK1txwvr9o6_1280It will be the last battle and Harry knows it, Voldemort knows it, the whole world knows it. And Dumbledor left our trio some clues to the destruction of evil for good, but no safety comes without a price : this journey will take people from this world, change alliances and tear apart what we thought we knew about the Wizarding World and its inhabitants.


Though… it didn’t hurt me as I thought it would, idk perhaps it’s because it wasn’t narrated in first person otherwise I would have wept with Mr free elf gone gone scene. What can I say? It was a great book for a third person narrative, I almost felt the things that I was been described and I enjoyed the inner jokes so that’s a plus, however I still wish we had got something more, perhaps just a bigger epilogue to close the unfinished spots like how these loved characters learnt to live with their ghosts and continue living for a better place. I just wish we got that.


The following book I read was The Struggle by Jennifer L. Armentrout, the third book in the Titan series.


tumblr_inline_mwubll7mbr1s3m2foSeth left. The bloody murder of Atlas is destroying the world as we know it,  Josie is at the highest risk of her life as Hyperion wants her as a prize and they still need to find the rest of the demigods but all she cares about is the fact she’s going to find Seth no matter what. But is it the best thing to do? Is he truly too deadly to be around her? Is his need of aether what leads him or just his selfish desires? And is she willing to take him once she finds out the truth about him?


I must admit that I was still waiting for a final cliffhanger kind of blow that never came in the end, everything seemed so perfect and I’m still kinda pleased with the way it encapsulated all that was needed for this their installment. Jennifer L. Armentrout’s writing style is absolutely stunning, it’s just so easy to get into that you never get bored and that helps the lack of thrill. Anyways, let’s discuss some plot lines: omfg I was right with my always present preggo prediction, I tend to think the main character is definitely preggo and I’m never right but this time I was and I’m (insert gorilla voice here) freaking excited besides who the hell would have guessed Seth became a godamn God! Some kind of new wave one, specially.


The last book I read was Beautiful by Christina Lauren, the fifth and final installment in the Beautiful Bastard series.


Pippa is a wild British free pass for fun. Jensen is a boring successful tumblr_lq973oTgcT1r086dio1_500American man in a suit. Pippa was terribly drunk when they met in a fly. Jensen loaths her because she was a drunken mess. Now they met again with the shocking surprise they’ll be spending six weeks together with part of our perfect group: Hanna, Ruby, Niall and Will. Will these two totally different strangers be what the other needs? Will they realise they are right for each other, or they’ll go on with their lives pretending nothing happened?


Everything was lovely though, I fell in love with the female lead as always because men are so blind and deaf to our obvious needs, anyways the story brought me lots of angst and almost moaning teary instants as Christina always does with her mature funny love stories and her awestruck writing style. And I must admit the last part with the whole epilogues stuff surrounding Bennett and Chloe’s newborn was what I needed, to see most of my characters happiness (even George’s!!) in the most realistic yet romantic way.


Week #102 of Reading Like A Maniac

So sorry for not writing last week, it was a though one I had only read one book (barely), therefore I was feeling extremely tired and stressed and a bit embarrassed about that but we’re just entering a new month and I feel hopeful I’ll be reading more books. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Anyways, during the last two weeks I did read 3 lovely books from the Harry Potter series by the talented author J. K. Rowling, so I hope you enjoy these honest and raw reviews.

The first book was the second in the series, I’m talking about ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets‘.


345fc07b-8bca-40c9-9f23-dce3e14e48bbIt’s Harry’s second year attending Hogwarts but during al the holidays he never received a letter from his friends so he feels lonely, this has a hidden meaning that will make this year a hard one for him when sudden attacks hunt the castle and its students. It will be Harry’s job to unveil this mystery as well as his own abilities.


This time I’m not so mad with the Hogwarts’ staff but with the Minister of magic, he actually didn’t care until parents started to complain about the kids’ safety after the attacks. Besides this, I loved the ridiculous character of Gilderoy, he was a unique goof specially with the Valentine’s Day ordeal, I wish we could have seen that in the film adaptation. In other things, it was lovely to know more about little naive Ginny, and the fact that Percy actually owns a beating heart after all.


The second book I read in 4 days was ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban‘.


A dangerous and demented wizard has escaped from the most guarded jail in the world, a vicious murderer who follows that one who shall not tumblr_mgnqonxe9b1s2k87zo1_500be named, who is looking for someone in particular: 13 year old Harry Potter, who’s just starting his new year with warnings and injustices, he’ll start finding out more about his past than he wished he did because there are some memories meant to be forgotten by its owners.


There was so much character development, we saw a side of these children resurge from their deepest feelings and states of mind: like the stress driven Hermione slapping the crap out of Malfoy (Tyrion Lannister style), or the pain driven Harry willing to kill to stop the memories of her mother’s screams. Anyways, it was so nice finding out all those hidden details that the movie never showed neither dared to explain, like the nicknames of James Potter’s group or the exact last words of Lily Potter, or even the fact Crookshanks is a smart cat and was trying to save Ron all this time from sneaky Petegrew. I literally felt the emotions Harry was experiencing, I felt awful with him and I mourn his heartbreaking goodbye to Sirius; this boy might have unveiled a dark prophecy by accident but he kept his morals up and follow his heart. Which as freaking cool to know.


The third and final book I finished reading this morning was ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire‘.


It’s a new year and Harry is excited for the Quidditch’s World Cup, but tumblr_mvn5xyQfTC1s01fsdo1_500this won’t be the only major event he’ll be attending to with his friends since the ancient tradition of The Triwizard Tournament is coming back to Hogwarts where 3 brave student from other schools as well will participate to gain prizes and honour, and a possible negligent death. But this doesn’t worry him since only seventeen year olds can enter, so he’ll be safe from harm or will his latest nightmares come true?


Wow to everything that happened here and the film adaptation got wrong. Characters’ personalities were splendid and so diverse, rich and credible in their written form like Paravati’s envious girl aptitude or Cedric’s honest good heart; but the twists and fantastic turn of events were the ones that kept me reading from the edge of my book, and I’m not talking about the seriously frightening Voldemort encounter but the whole Barty ordeal, how he came to be and how all his family was involved in his secret and dirty existence. Besides it was nice reading from the perspective of early teens with Harry’s irresponsibility, Ron’s insecurity and Hermione’s priorities. It was a fortunate pleasure to read this for sure.


Week #101 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

These last weeks have been hard as hell as I’m in the way of failing my French Grammar course so I wasn’t able to finish the third book I was reading until just 30 minutes ago since Monday so I’m sorry if you we’re expecting more than three books reviewed by I guess that’s how things will go until October at least if I want (and I do want)  to recover my grades and pass this mess I made for not studying for the last test I had. Anyways, here they are:

The first book I read was a glorious classic named The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


tumblr_mu0b4s6DWE1rpyupco1_250Nick is a southern small town man who’s new in the 1920’s New York City so he’ll have to learn that not everything is beautiful as it looks from the outside of the big apple, that the people he thinks he knows well are worst than he thought, that the never ending parties are full of lies, that the long kisses on strangers’ cars are not everlasting and that love is as fake and ragid as the ones that claim to feel it.


I understood the concept, the time, the characters and the deception but I wasn’t given the glamorous front I was promised covering the filth of humanity. If I had to make a remark, it would be centered in the three main women in Nick’s narration: Daisy with her fake naivety, Myrtle with her rotten mind, and Jordan with her incomprehensible coldness. All of them were the same in different circumstances and with distinct plastic covers, like a candy in three seasonal presentations but once you tasted them you could feel the decadence of the lack of guilt; it was similar to Tom’s amoral morality or even Nick’s hidden hypocrisy. The one I can point out as being truly good in his intentions would be Jay, cuz he did what he did out of love, hope and childish dreams unlike the rest of them who wanted the glamour experience, the feeling of being golden. The coldness of the glamour.


The second book I read was the heartfelt YA contemporary romance Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram.


In a matter of seconds Ellamara’s life changed forever, one minute ago she was texting with her online bff Cinder and the next her mom wastumblr_inline_n570ikCjP01se1ad8 dead and she had been left in an almost incurable state. Covered in scars, she’s forced to live with her estranged father and his new wicked family that never let her forget she’s not welcome in their home. She’s al alone in the world and the only one who could help her would be the one she hasn’t talked to in years: her long lost and still secret friend Cinder.


Lovely as always, Kelly Oram surprised me with a wonderful love story full of vulnerability and harshness but with a powerful message of hope and bravery, all in the shape of a strong young woman dealing with the worst time of her life. All thanks to friendship and the unveiling of a secret that could hurt her more than all her scars and memories. Let’s talk about writing style, which was ever simple and filled with passionate thoughts that got me emotional to the core more than one time. Thanks, Kelly.


The last book I read was a shocking turned out of events for me, and for any 21 year old who hadn’t read it till now. I’m talking about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling.


Harry has never been normal, living with his cruel aunt and uncle and unnamedhaving to deal with his bully cousin was never easy for the eleven year old boy. And now something even stranger happens, he discovers there’s a reason to why he does all this amazing things like liberating a snake without even knowing how, he’s a warlock about to learn the legacy and fate his parents left for him before their death in their old childhood school: Hogwarts.


This small book was released a year after my birth and until this year I hadn’t even given it consideration to read it, my friends loved the series, I indeed enjoyed the film adaptations so I decided to give it a go after I dared my luck reading PJ so I knew this was next in my middle school tbr list. Anyways, I enjoyed it a lot though I’m seriously concerned about how safe Hogwarts truly is for young children learning magic, I mean there’s a little annoying and cruel leprechaun like magic thing throwing things at little grifindors like nobody’s business and they have a dangerous and tempting forest filled with unspeakable creatures that could seriously damage an eleven year old quite easily. But leaving that behind, the new world Harry has entered and become part of seems rather special and welcoming, adventurous and full of great friends. Besides that, it was great to know certain details and scenes the movie had missed in portraying.


Week #100 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

I just watched the first two episodes of GG on Netflix and I’m already addicted, now I’ll have to hire it from my friend’s. Damn it. Anyways, during all this time I managed to read 3 particular books I really enjoyed reading cuz they gave me different scenarios and perspectives than the ones I’m used to.

The first book I read was Vampire’s Kiss by Veronica Wolff, the second book in The Watchers series.


tumblr_o5079cWelp1v1cdi6o4_250Now that Drew won the harvest and made it to her next year, she thinks she’ll soon leave and runway for good from that godforsaken island filled with enemies and incomprehensible trainer she might have feelings for. But when Alcantar shows her the truth of her next test outside the isle, she’ll wish she could go back time and enjoy what she had left.


There were times I was just drowned in the banality of some pages where I just didn’t care about that, but there were definitely more scenes that made my wondering mind work in suspicious way besides the introduction of new funny sexy needed characters and elimination of goody two shoes with nice girl hippie morals were exactly what the series needed to gain the approachable flavor a good vampire book requires. In other news, someone seriously should kill Alcantara and Masha; also I love my little fighter Drew.


The next book I read was The Girls by Emma Cline.


Evie is a young misunderstood fourteen year old girl living in California in 1969, with uncaring wealthy parents she’s pretty impressionable andtenor a sight has an impact on her. The sight of lovely and wild Suzanne next to her crazy friends, they live in a commune with their leader/father/husband/best-friend/provider/lover “Russell”. When she meets him, Evie couldn’t even suspect what will eventually happen but one thing is true: she’ll never forget that summer.


I must admit I’m pretty interested in the whole Manson Atkins ordeal cuz of morbidity and psychological purposes so reading a story inspired by the events and the criminals involved was out of this world. I was always interested in what made the girls fall so intensely for him to do such horrific actions, and he just grabbed simple dog training stuff mixed with simplistic psychiatrist questions to get into their minds and souls, to make them believe there was nothing more than him and the commune. Knowing all this mixed with the inclusion of Evie into the story line, until those last chapters I truly believed she had won in her secret way cuz just as Russell said “she was an actress”, portraying the image of a rebel, of an innocent, of unworthy in a splendid way for everyone but for Suzanne whom she couldn’t get away from, and continued following like the desperate puppy she was, desperate for love, for fulfilling her twisted destiny. Leaving the interpretation behind, this book is so well written that I couldn’t stop reading, I didn’t want to put it down a second; I felt horridly connected with some aspects of the character with the exception of the nonstop hopeless aptitude and the pessimistic views.


The final book I read was The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides.


There’s something off with the Lisbon family, everybody knew the tumblr_nqgsrsB5rq1t169dio2_250father was a peculiar man, the mother was a bossy Catholic fanatic, but their daughters were in every boy’s dream and nightmare as something unreachable and too heavenly for this rotten world. However, they become more of an important subject of conversations and concerns after the first suicide attempt of the youngest, Cecilia. This is the tale the their young neighbors still wonder about, why did they do it?


I’ve come to relate the suicides as an effect of time, the childish freedom and simplest beauty of the 70’s youth willingly giving its life and hopes for a brighter future because of an unstoppable hard headed conservative and shallow nature of the 80’s. At least, that’s a way of seeing what went through the author’s mind while the reasons and target of the Lisbon sisters remains tragically unknown, I got to know many factors that could have unleashed this desire as a way out or a reflection of their understanding unhappiness but there are still dots for the sisters we never got to know a bit, like Mary’s desire to be like Lux but never daring to defy all the boundaries her sister did, or Bonnie’s oblivious mind that centred her as the middle child with an apparent absent personality. Cause in reality nobody, not even the men narrating the story, truly knew them to figure out their reasons or just matter to them enough for a smile, to use them more than a little stop before their grand finale.


Week #99 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night,

I was so close to not finish my last book regarding the last two weeks I was absent but I did it and now I feel like I accomplished something bigger than my addiction for YA books (which I’m slowly getting tired of), I mean here I am writing reviews instead of watching GoT like the rest of the sane world but who cares?. Anyways, here they are, the four books I managed to read despite having a French Grammar test and some rehearsals for my students’ talent show.

First I read was Silver Silence by Nalini Singh, a book from the Psy-Changeling series.

Silver Silence v6a(i)

If someone is willing to never break silence is Silver Merchant, the tumblr_mvlstjyvbZ1qcvteuo2_500quiet yet analytical assistant of famously lethal psy Kaleb, but after suffering a death threat that could be coming from a family member she knows she’s not safe anymore and so does Valentin the alpha of the Bear pack in Moscow who shows an inexplicable desire for the young cold blooded psy. Will this bear be enought to save Silver from danger and her own self?


Nalini Singh never does anything wrong and her books complete my life in a way I never expected them to do, I obviously adored Silver’s story with her badass grandma that remind me a lot of Olenna from #GoT, and her brother is just a little darling whom I like to take care of like a falcon over its nest, besides Valentin the hottest and funniest alpha alive (don’t tell Lucas) was everything my heart could handle. Everything was like a golden honey pot of sweetness around Silver and her cold aptitude, like everyone was trying to set her up to fall for the cubs fluffy bodies and fun games, I mean just imagine Dima in his polar bear shape (😍😍). I specially loved how Silver became a part of the family and strong as an alpha bossing Sergei and Galina around to avoid the pain of her bear. But what I would have love to see would have been the switch between wanting to be under the silence and deciding to go for emotions, coming from Silver’s side and not just some side inner innuendo.


The second book I read was Poison Princess by Kresley Cole, from the Arcana Chronicles.


Evie has never been a normal girl but she has tried all she could to appear the most perfect teenager until her last breakdown where she28814f27596addcd72d823e6ecfa1a3b ended up in a asylum to force her to forget her messed up hallucinations about the end of the world full of famine and danger. When she returns to her old school, everything seems fine: her adorable boyfriend, her crazy friends and her untouchable reputation; until guys from the wrong side of town start attending her high school and her visions come back, this time stronger than ever. But are these just manifestations of a traumatized girl or keys to resolve the dangerous heat coming for all life? Is she destined to save us all?


When I started reading this, I wasn’t quite convinced because I understood nothing about Tarot and I was annoyed by the whole popular kids storyline, but once I got more info and character development I felt infatuated by everything. From Evie’s scarred growth and messy feelings, to the awful realization she must be who she is without her love boy cuz he made the sign of the cross to avoid her devilish appearance after swearing he would be by her side no matter what. One can truly drown in the thoughts and experiences Evie goes through, no matter one’s maturity level because confusion and resilience is no stranger to anyone, so props to the author’s writing skills right there. Creativity to its fineness.


The following book was What the Spell by Brittany Geragotelis, from the Life’s a Witch trilogy.


Brooklyn has always been invisible, not a memorable face, not a tumblr_o0uq2wtrSO1qkxolwo3_250quotable girl and she’s tired of it. She’s sick of not having friends, of her parents not understanding her motives and of having to have lunch with the school counselor to avoid being alone or become a mute in the process. But she has a secret, she comes from a family of witches and her parents have forbid her from using magic until she turned the mature age of sixteen, so when her birthday comes she knows she’ll leave a mark but will it be a good one or she’ll end up forgetting her nature to join the fascist clique called the Elite?


Don’t get me wrong I’m used to these kind of shallow immature teenage characters, and I grew to care for little Brooklyn. It’s just that I felt everything was a little too childish for my taste and surreal like with miss Zia and her inappropriate friendship with a student which is not OK, she should only have a teacher alumni situation going on with boundaries for both of them to avoid awkward future drifts. And the fact that the author will narrate another young witch’s tale in the next one instead of fixing all the crap poor Brook has going on like she should, it is quite a pity. But those are only my thoughts, I know things could soon make sense but not in the way I’m looking for, which is a closure and some justice for the annoying main character I grew to love.


The last book I just finished reading was Isle of Night by Veronica Wolff, from The Watchers series.

Isle of Night

Annalise Drew lived a far from perfect life, she has almost no memory of her mother, her dad is an abusive drunk and her stepmother is atumblr_o00m75dcbs1qebbs7o3_r3_250 backstabbing nightmare but she still has her grades and is graduating before time so she’ll start a new life going to college because of an scholarship, where she truly feels she belongs. But despite all odds, fate said otherwise and she ends up attending to very different classes in a secret unknown island with a bunch of vampires training young girls to battle their enemies, now her struggle is not only to gain a home but to obtain her life.


I still a bit confused by some unfinished business in this first book but I’m just gonna get over it because of how amazingly graceful it was despite having the overly used vampires the world relied on the late 2000’s, I must admit I was almost put off by the fact there we’re gonna be vamps in here but I was shocked to find out this is a dark story of self discovery and dark fights for survival. And though I wasn’t entirely amused by Drew, (she wasn’t as smart as she was conceived to be) I still grew to respect her strength and her overachieving nature. Now I wanna know how her life goes and if she will still try to scape what has become part of her.


Week #98 of Reading Like A Maniac


I want to apologize and sort of explain what kept me from updating, I’ll give more than one reason/excuse for it so… Let’s start. During my first absent period I was in speeches and finals week so my mind was full of headaches and stress driven fevers that made my life a living hell (literally, I mean I was sweating like a rabid monkey and it was winter in my country!). Then it came my first free time in months that mixed with Peruvian Independence Day, therefore there was not such thing as “free” time for me since I had to take some Teaching Lessons to work for a Language Centre (I’m still going through that), I also had to visit my annoying grandmother’s house for the holidays and see my obnoxious little cousin and try teaching her some English (she’s not very cooperative), besides all this I’m doing some French Grammar classes again and it takes all my time. So yeah, that pretty much sums it up; changing the topic I was able to read five books during this huge hiatus. And BTW, I’m probably going to update once every two weeks from now.

The first book I read was The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series.


Three strangers find each other in a bus. One has no memory, the other tumblr_nsdb6thGsc1s4selvo3_250two seem to know a lot about him. And one satyr couch seems to know the three of them, specially when some air creatures attack the trio and they end up being part of an adventure to fulfill part of a premonition that sees all gods and humanity extinct by an unlikely for if they don’t succeed.


Look, I’m not complaining like a crybaby but I felt not so connected to the main character and the individual archs themselves, though I must admit I’m intrigued by this whole Greek Roman demigods plot. I felt Jason was too plain to be the main lead, like he had no personality thanks to his memory loss, while on the other side there were guys like Pipper and Leo that were fun to know about and to read from, their perspective and personal background is rich in so many levels and there I felt like they were truly characters one can trust and relate. But anyways, I was shocked when then most obvious plot twist was thrown at us reader in the end, I was like: how didn’t I consider this?!


The next book was The Son of Neptune by the same author.


Percy will have to deal with the same trashy situation that Hera forced Jason to handle. With no memories more than that one of his lovely 2j3fwit_largegirlfriend Annabeth, he’s left to survive the harsh Roman nature of Camp Jupiter and their way of working things out. There he will meet the two other heroes that will help him recover a sacred object and a deadly God from the claws of a new giant living in the end of the world where no divinity has power, therefore no demigod neither.


I missed him so much, his badassery and his ability to make me laugh with his so called ignorance when he’s actually a freaking genius. But in other news, Rick Riordan started to set up the drama for the next books like a possible love triangle between funny useful Nick, kind hearted Hazel and sweet old Frank, and I’m worried about suffering for my favorite baes! Talking about baes, I was so glad to discover that one of the few things Percy could remember was Annabeth’s status as his girlfriend. In other news, I want to fucking kill Octavian and anyone in the middle of the peace between the Greek and Roman demigods.!


The following book was The Mark of Athena.


tumblr_npv90iSiW11up42jgo4_500Annabeth has been keeping a secret, one that could join Romans and Greeks for good but could also kill her in the process. The Mark of Athena is real and is a new bus stop for the Argo II, but is a defiant test that only a child of the goddess of Wisdom alone can achieve.


OMFG. I can’t believe that final plot twist, I was like, “oh shit balls!”, I knew that fucking floor was gonna fall, no spider web is that strong to hold some demigods and a huge statue or Argo! But going back to how the whole story began, I don’t like how ignorant and just batshitcrazy Romans are and I don’t know why but I’ve got some Luke vibes in Reyna, I mean a person is only capable of handling loneliness and heartbreak for a while and it’s supposed to get worst in her teen years so I would be interested in seeing her as a future villain like working for Gea the way Luke did for Kronos: I would be intrigued to see that angry and sad side come about her unfortunate luck in life. In other news, Joan Jett’s repertoire is amazing while reading the fights of Jason and Percy vs the Musical Theatre giants, so fucking good. But I’m still upset about Percabeth going down there because of Aracne’s tricks.


The fourth book I read was The House of Hades.


Not only Nico is left traumatized and everybody feels guilty, but Percy everyJordan-in-Dance-Academy-jordan-rodrigues-39714686-245-245 and Annabeth are in the horrific kingdom of Tartarus where every nightmare is a divine fantasy in comparison to having to survive there; in other news our heroes will have to face their strengths and secret weaknesses to keep going through the path of their destiny.


This took me days to finish cuz it was too damn long and there were some things that bored me, like inner thoughts coming from Hazel or Frank and now I get that Jason is super lame. But the story line that made me finish this pretty descriptive book was Leo’s and the whole thing with Bob and Damasen, oh and also Nico’s secret feelings (that I had kinda already figured out, the moment everybody started presuming that it had to be anabeth). That kept me going, Leo’s slow burning romance with hopeless Calypso (he made me like her, which a surprising accomplishment), then Damasen and Bob’s wish to see the stars and be good like two huge Teddy bears, and Nico with his angsty emotions. Even Couch Hedge’s new family addition got me into this (I kinda knew that also cuz Shrek 2’s ending scene). Overall, it was a good book with badass monsters and some lame thoughts, so I want to read the last one.


The last book I read was the Blood of Olympus by the same author.


Gaia is going to raise from dust and the underground and there’s no tumblr_inline_mgsxjbtoXQ1rt2432way to stop it, just like the rest of the prophecy that includes a dead hero to end mother Earth’s journey through the land of the living. Anyways, our darling demigods find their way to make it happen their way, with their rules and their weapons but will it be enough?.


I became emotional for things I never thought I would get emotional for, like music and cheesy Greek love archs between demigods and immortal entities. I was shocked about many things, like Leo’s whole ordeal and secret plans that included self sacrifice (a thing I hate everywhere I read about it) and the entire “let’s go along with the prophecy” aptitude but I couldn’t cry when he made those things true, I don’t know, perhaps I knew he couldn’t be gone forever or something but I didn’t even felt but and I love Leo and his funny emotional side. Another thing we that There was a lot of closure for many characters like Leo and Reyna, their fears where not eliminated but they learnt to cope with them and not allowing the past or their perception of life thing their future, I love their strange bonding time. Besides all this, I’m glad for the comic relief overall, because I would have died over the drama and stressing situation they were all in with Gaia and her giants. Cool story, can’t wait for the Trials of Apollo.