At the movies… Fifty Shades Darker


It has been a long time since I’ve made a post with this tag and it has been because I still can’t find Fallen in my language and I refuse to see the new Zoey Deusch movie (<– no idea why), but now I’m here to review a film adaptation I was excited for since 2015, I’m talking about Fifty Shades Darker by British author E. L. James. This time I went alone, yeah since my friends were busy with their English classes and full time jobs besides I have no boyfriend so… Yeah, I did bought my ticket and watch it just three days ago desperate to remember some things because it has been also a long time back in 2013 when I read the trilogy for the very first time.

So the movie was everything a teenager wants of life and of course this charismatic blogger as well: a hot boyfriend pinning for one self, the dream job to work at an editorial and throwing champagne to an old bitter troll. I was glad they included a bit more realism to fifty-shades-darker-02-99c84418-8f36-418c-9519-d620b54aaf10 the story like Ana’s reaction towards Christian’s stupid idea of bringing her to Mrs Robinson’s work place or how fucked Leila truly is inside that little submissive mind of hers; but of course this wouldn’t had been Fifty Shades if it weren’t for the unrealistic fast passes events like the helicopter crash and the on going desperate but more mature romance. Though I still wish we had had more sex scenes showing Jamie Dornan’s ass or Marcia Gay Harden calling Mrs Robinson a bitch, or perhaps more Mia (yeah she was hilarious though I still miss the time when Ana was the funny drunk), and why not? More screen time for PLL’s Noel Kahn cuz I don’t recall seeing him at all.


No need to say I still liked the soundtrack specially when Halsey played during that folded eyes sex scene! And the whole cliffhanger with shitty Jack Hyde watching the fireworks as well as the picture of the Grey family. This was such a good adaptation, perhaps a little rushed but it was fine and entertaining as always so definitely can’t wait for #FSF next year! I give this a 4.8 stars out of 5.


Week #76 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

Seriously, that was the most formal I can get, other than sending “greetings”. It’s probably because I’m in happy/anxious state of mind since I got my third grade in my French Grammar classes and i passed again with an A- I must prepare upper hard to be perfect in my final exam and oral project so I’m not getting nervous about that second grade which was an unfortunate C+ so I’m trembling as usual; but I’m not here to explain my fears nor the fact that my manuscript is officially lost after a New Year’s Eve pre-party where I literally got the worst first kiss ever, and just to clarify I’m not a teen, I’m a 20 year old woman that had the worst first kiss ever with the brother of the guy she actually likes. Ok this feels like a diary, so I’ll start talking books before I write two more paragraphs of my disastrous social life.

The first was the third and final book in the Rebel Belle trilogy by Rachel Hawkins, Lady Renegades.


David’s gone but he’s not been having a picnic but an involuntary Dr Frankenstein complex creating paladins without trying and sending 475ea12d1bf9635f4bd83bb2f8ef9ad8his worst fears to them telepathically like the most concerning reason why he left Harper that threatens with turning him in an on-going cycle of self-destruction. So when Harper starts getting attacked as she tries to forget her heartbreak pain and she refuses to let thar awful prophecy become true with her sassy aptitude and killing moves, if it wasn’t for a little inconvenient: as David gets further and further away from his original paladins, both Bee and Harper start having intermittent access to their super strength and fear they might loose all their powers before they even reach him. With strange allies and destroying betrayals, Harper must hurry to help the guy she loves once again even if it costs their love.


Yeah, I kinda quoted Harper on that, her inability to admit she said the effe word was out of this world in that whole paragraph. But not only that was one of the things I looked up to, I also must praise the stubbornness that she portrayed so beautifully, her emotions were on point right in the time of need. It showed her strength and capability to fight others without killing and making the thoughest choices ever.


Other thing I felt connected with was the true redemption storyline a certain character brought to the picture and how thanks to smart and quick decisions this story had a unorthodox but joyful happy ending.

The next book I read was the second book of the Cahill Witch Chronicles trilogy by Jessica Spotswood, Star cursed.


All Cate is to keep the people she loves safe and avoid being sent to an asylum or worst, burned for being a witch. So she chooses the easiest way out of her problems and after being threatened by her former governess she decides to go to the weirdest convent ever tumblr_msin8mhalu1rq7vq8o1_500where there are no nuns but witches learning magic and the history of their predecessors besides waiting for the arrival of the new oracle that has being said will be one of three sisters, other of hose sisters will kill the one that’s left. Everyone thinks is Cate but as she becomes homesick missing his sister’s and Finn after their last tearful meeting, she understands the true danger hunting not only her fellow witches but all the women in the towns run by the Brotherhood; now she will have to choose between violence and repeating history, or justice and new century’s ideas. Whatever she chooses must be done quickly, the clock is ticking and she’s running out of time.


I wasn’t expecting to become so eagerly engaged to this sequel cuz I had a hard time getting used to Born Wicked when I read it a long time ago but with this… Lord, with this! It was such a different experience, I don’t know if it was the passing or the fact I could relate to the characters’inner thoughts a lot more since chapter five, it felt like a 90’s girl emerging from the ashes of the 1950’s which was so relatable in many ways, like need I begin to say Women’s Rights? The story itself was compelling due the characters choices and words were sharp and indulgent in some occasions while in others they were reasonable and just. This showed a great contrast between three factions: one the tries its best to save the witches’ survival in a meal way, the other spits in what’s easy and fair a burns justice and peace to the ground, and the final one takes the best features of both savage and naive parties to become the best choice when it comes to a better world for humans with or without magic pledging to mercy and rigtfulness. This is definitely a must read to anyone interested in the Salem executions and the inexistence of women’s rights, besides the dangerous supremacy of eclesisastic figures.

SPOILERS everywhere.
* I hate Maura with a passion, I mean I remembered I despised her in book one for being a spoiled little stupid brat but now she outdid herself on that specific matter. I swear to god she made me remember ‘Vera’ from V. C. Andrews’s “My Sweet Audrina”, such a hateful little creature. Shameless and proud of her wickedness and not because she’s a witch but because she’s a jealous peacock trying to ruin everything she touched with her stupidity since I don’t think that’s naiveness, that’s just being an idiotic at a great scale. She’s so selfish she even erased Finn’s memories of his love story with Cate just to please her spiteful dark heart, she broke all the ties that bound her to the right side and she has nobody left to blame but her fucking self.


* I became really into Tess and Cate even more, I mean that little oracle surely has some wits and a mind of her own so she’ll be no dough for Inez to shape; and when it comes to the eldest Cahill sister she might be a bit indecisive (alright a huge huge humongous bit indecisive), but she thinks and rethinks before putting more lives in danger and truly has a soul of gold and kindness. Besides now that she told Maura the truth, her villainess smile gave me he chills in he best way possible. I hope she gives more mental slaps to that bitch of a sister she owns.


The following book is the third book in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, Homecoming. (I love the Brazilian covers, the one with the tv show on it’s just deplorable!)


Glass has just arrived and Earth is not the green peaceful place she olivia-holt-carry-on-music-videoavyaudvexpected to see, instead just got her mom’s blood in her shirt, she landed in a destroyed ship where bloody bodies are around her and violence doesn’t stop everywhere she looks. All she ever wanted was a calm happy life with Luke away from everyone else that reminded her of her former flaws and her losts, but once she gets it she might think it twice and learn the hard way to survive like the rest of the 100. As with Clarke and the crew, they try their best to help and support the newcomers but when a power struggle strikes in the shape of the Vice Counselor’s iron fist when he sentences Bellamy to death, as Wells still doesn’t trusts in his management and Clarke becomes homicidal because of the injustice and the possibility she might have talked to her parents. The new Earthling colony is just starting and it already seems tyrannic and hopeless in the new planet Earth.


The passing was fine, I was used to it. To everything happening in a matter of a couple of weeks, so cheers for that. Here the story never crumbled because there was no personality alteration and the character’s reaction of their situations felt legit and raw and like a wound. They felt like actual humans and like you could relate to hem despite the fact that this is set like million years in the future. No doubt why I loved it, I felt intrigued, shocked, bubbly, annoyed, depressed and after all that I made amends and got to the conclusion that Kass Morgan is one of those authors the world should be looking after. Though I wish we had seen a bit more Glass’ like drama, just an statement.

* The tears were flowing down my cheekbones, I kind guess that Sasha wasn’t going to live longer when she said goodbye to Wells, was it predictable? Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from feeling amazed and melancholic because of it. The pain for her loss truly affected Wells and I just hope he can get through it, he can overcome and find love again in the future.


* Great conclusion to see Rhodes as a rodent being so afraid of the things he was warned of before, and giving power to Bellamy and Wells, these guys truly deserved it. A colony ruled by them shall be easy to carry in peace.


The next one is the second book in the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy, The Mistake.


Grace must not be the first virgin in College, right? But she knows why, she’s an over-talking little mess, she doesn’t have much giphyconfidence and can be a bit overwhelming but when John Logan approaches her after a random encounter, it all ends up with him giving her a finger and her giving him a hand. He becomes desperate when she doesn’t reach the fullest pleasure so he makes a promise to give her back what she gave to him and with it there’s a chance of him forgetting about Hannah for good. Their cbbaa97197c9643b546c5559499606befriend-/sexual relationship seems to be on air as he doesn’t want to play with her longer as a coin to get over someone he loves, but that’s not something she might have in mind when she is ready to give him her virginity and he refuses her leaving her humiliated and without a backstabbing best friend. Right there he discovers he has actually never wanted Hannah but only his Grace, but now it’s too late but he’s ready to fix his mistake by every embarrasing mean she makes him go through.

IT WAS SO SO SO FUCKING GOOD. (read in a LA chick voice)

As always Elle manages to make me feel so teenagery, she’s a genius at that. In a long time I hadn’t felt this sweet funny feeling that only certain characters can make someone experiment, it’s when you no longer need to raise your guard up anymore, when you trust the character enough and then your heart is not broken, it feels awesome a childish but still wonderful. That’s how Johnny made us feel, I think, and that was such a relieve. The entire relationship was set in constant mistrust, which was understable to be honest from her side and his as well, of not being able to succeed their own fearful expectations but once their heart was open everything fell into place with a tender happy ending which was predictable and I love that fact about Elle’s books.


* Ps: the funny bits were to die for. I gaged like crazy.

The final book I read was the third one in the same series by he same author, The Score.


All Allie wanted was to not give in and forgive Sean once again so tumblr_o8dtbgwijc1vwifzao3_250she went to spent the weekend in his best friend’s boyfriend’s house with his two roommates but one of them was gone unexpectedly and the other is a classic man whore so she knows she won’t fall that low. After a bottle of tequila and some spliffs, she finds herself in Dean’s bed remembering what happened, how she tied him up and how good everything was but she’s not once of the girls who enjoys adominic1 sexual affair so she seems desperate to forget it even happened. However Dean won’t let her in the time being when he becomes obssesed with her to the point of need, he needs to only have sex with her as she tries to feeling sorry for Sean and herself. When they ultimately get into a sexual sort of friends with benefits secret affair since non of them can’t get off each other and are eager to repeat the night of tequila, it’s unexpected but they’ve might have found their match.


It was such a good book, I was expecting it but I was so sure this male protagonist was gonna make me hurt and cry for betrayals and heartbreaks but he actually succeeded in bringing confidence, trust, unexpected love and tremendous comfort. Which let the book in a great direction, his interactions with kind-hearted and kinky Allie were amazeballs, there’s no doubt about that. The romance itself was slight and almost non-detectable until things just clicked and one realises that that’s how love must really be, when one doesn’t even notice about the tingly emotions or the deep attachments. Besides the jokes made me blush like a thirteen year old watching HBO for the first time. Seriously. A definite must read for any NA fan out there.


Just to clear out, I wanted to read the fourth one and I’m in pain since I lost the fucking e-book so I’ll have to wait till Christmas or something. (Insert sad face) Anyways I’ll be reading a teen classic next week, so get ready for funny angsty unbelievable 90’s contemporary.

Books and coffee,


Week #75 of Reading Like A Maniac

Evening to y’all.

Happy February! It’s the month I hate the most because here in South America it means that the weather is hot as a fuck with summer rain, and heavily sweeting people. Anyways, I’m feeling between conserned and OK and displeased, it’s weird as hell. I mean I’m giving my first oral test for French Grammar class on Monday and I haven’t even started practicing, then I also must clean my bedroom and make it habitable cuz my uncle is arriving home with his family that same Monday, so yeah I’m a bit stressed out. However, I couldn’t forget about my dear old blog and the books I surprisingly managed to read during this week.

The first book I read was the second book in the Engelsfors trilogy by Swedish authors Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren, I’m talking about Fire.


After the events and reveals of the first book, the Chosen Ones are somehow trying to get to their old calm and mundane lives back but tumblr_neyn3brgk31rc2s1ao6_250soon enough they realise it’s impossible since their powers and knowledge take over the secrets hidden in their simple suburban families. Like with Minoo who begins to suspect her little family is definitely separating when her parents fight and argue about almost everything not caring that their only daughter constantly watches over them; she also has to deal with her wrong feelings about her recently deseased best friend’s boyfriend Gustaf, as well as with her desperation to keep the group together and find out what her powers truly are (might them be as dark as the demons haunting the crew?). There’s also tumblr_nemld64czj1tihwibo5_250 Linnéa’s current situation of being secretly in love with Vanessa and hating herself for it, wanting Elias back, besides she’s avoiding her social worker and her father just came back sober as she refuse to believe he can be clean for good this time; also dealing with the weirdest cult taunting  Engelsfors nowadays threatening her life and stability as she knows it today. Then we have Vanessa who after seeing some terrible scene 2w2mzx2 conserning her mom’s fake happiness begins to question whether her life is like that too, that her love story is not real and that she ultimately tries to force herself to live her idea of a happily ever after without recognising that just like her old friend the oracle said: her true love is closer than she thinks. But let’s not forget about Ida who hasn’t change mostly  footloose-footloose-2011-31805128-245-300 at least that’s what she tells herself everyday while she goes through with her vain and shallow life, faking for her forced and violent boyfriend, for her uncaring family, for her vengeful and cruel friends, and for the crew that seems to accept her more than she does; now it’ll be up to her to see that silver lining at the end of such a bad lifetime. Finally there’s Anna-Karin and her coming trial for all the mistakes she made last year, for abusing her powers she could face tumblr_n52d38ohov1qfice8o3_r1_250 the most painful death at the hands of the Counsel; as she tries to once again help her mother give up on her depression and stop feeling guilty about her grandpa’s state after the fire. Their problems are too different but together they must become one large force to try stoping the demons sorrounding their small town and it’s inhabitants as the apocalypse gets closer.


This had a rough start for me because as usual I couldn’t remember how the Chosen Ones looked so I was oblivious and confused, I mean I only remembered Vanessa was the hot girl with the lazy ass fiancé and Linnéa was the goth chic friend of Elias. So yeah. Thank god I did my research in Google images and got their looks so I could invest myself in this thrilling read some more, anyways, was this better than The Circle? Hate to admit it cuz I always go for the first book but Fire was so much better! The character development, the struggle of each girl whether they realised of it or not, the ambiguity of the newcomers, the shocking twist and angsty heroic turn outs. This was everything I wanted when I first read the lovely previous book: “an edgy sisterhood of mixed feelings and intentions”. I just couldn’t stop reading it, to the point where I had read already half and a bit in nine hours plus a stop of two to have dinner. It was addictive and I literally can’t wait to put my hands on the next one.!

* The injustice and unfairness was real. How this girls managed to cope with the anxiety and depression this abuse that the treatment they received causes, is still a mistery to me. First we have Linnéa trying to fight her feelings for Nessa, her dad joining Engelsfors’ hottest new cult by going sober, the shitty things Erik (I just want to punch him in the nuts forever) and his two wing men did to her, and her social worker not being nice and respectful anymore. Then there is Vanessa struggling with the sight of her stepfather disgustingly cheating on her mom, the fear of having to tell her, the fear of the possibility of her mom not believing her, also realising Wille is a cheating dick as well, her secret attraction for Linnéa and her own inner insecurities in the relationship department. After that we have Minoo dealing with her parents probable divorce, then her being scared of her own powers and responsibilities with the Chosen Ones and her feelings for Gustaf, then was her dad risking his life and her mom leaving to follow her dream, besides feeling a bit lonely. Fourth there’s Anna-Karin dealing with the serious consequences of her scandalous use of manipulative magic in her classmates/tormentors, the chance of her being burned alive, that fox who bit her and then became her apirit animal or something, her grandad loosing his memory at times, her mom’s chronical depression and her own secret desire to succumb to the new cult. Finally but not less important: Ida, she not only fights her obvious feelings for Gustaf but with her own life, how all her life seems not longer attractive and correct but disgraceful and unbearable like with the brutal sadistic that is Erik, the fake bitchea her “friends” really are, the irresponsible parents she own and realising that her own actions were just as gross. How she’s drowning in that poisoned sea until she changes for the good and dies still.


* Overall the book was sickening! The Ida vs (that crazy bitch) Olivia fight with the electricity, discovering needy Olivia was a born witch as well, even the persecution of Linnéa by the moron crew after destroying her apartment, the whole changing bodies and the trial were treated. All the occult that we still don’t know like does the Counsel really could think Olivia is the actual Chosen One? Does Alexander really cares about his sister or is just playing his traitor card? Are Linnéa and Nessa going to break the obvious sexual tension between them? Is Minoo going to finally admit to herself that she fell in love with Gustaf? Could Ida return from the death? Will Anna-Karin send her mom to a psychologist or something? Many questions and only a book left to find the answers.


The next book was the third book of the Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater, I’m talking about Blue Lily, lily blue.


After her mother’s disappearance, Blue has to deal with the fear of loosing her forever as well as facing the truth of her forbiddentumblr_m8haawtwsw1qcmytjo1_500 feelings for Gansey. So her life couldn’t go worst when a recently dead mummy rises from its tombstone to tell her she could have powers on her own that she never thought she could harvor. Now he clock is ticking and Blue and he raven boys must find a way in a cursed cave from which nightmare creatures come out to find Maura before it’s too late: they must remember that there are three sleepers but just two must be wakened or there’ll be chaos.


For the first time in my life I feel in such a state of shock that it feels weird and exciting at the same time, all because I was able to read a Maggie Stiefvater book without complaining about the passing! Omfg! I still can’t believe it. I found myself enjoying the characters even more, even the ambiguous ones as well. It gave a reader like me what I wanted which was not much explanation of the surroundings/background/realisation feelings and instead it gave the story some more gruesome details, it focused in characters I used to hate with a passion, it had some twists that I still didn’t see coming at all. So claps for you, miss Stiefvater or perhaps it was my brain that gave a slow shot to this compelling story.?.

Some not so spoilery SPOILERS.
* Everything was exciting! Funny! Amazing! And romancy! With the clear sweet tension of forbidden love between Gamsey and Blue. The hilarious mocks made about her height. The discovery that maybe her dad had no idea he had a kid! The fact the crew found that crazy King’s illegitimate daughter, god she’s wickedly nuts! Adam’s redemption and his awesome power, besides he totally won the case against his shit of a father. Ronna singing that annoying as hell song. Lol. Gamsey being a true human hero, somehow.


* Overall, this felt fantastic and surreal. Loved it. But one thing I loved the most was the tiny resemblance this underworld sort of caves had with Julius Verne’s book, such a feeling! And now that homicidal cray cray of Piper just woke up one of the dreamers and it’s totally going to be the one that should not be disturbed. Fucked up, but somehow I can’t wait to read the final book. Seriously, it feels strange.


The next one I read was the final book in the previous’ series, The Raven King by the same author.


Maura has been rescued but she didn’t come alone, so Blue has to deal with seeing her strange Inmortal father hiding in a cabinet and a8396df6eb04049817fcbc1817667034avoiding all contact with her least favorite king’s bastard child as her deadly feelings for Gansey, who is suffering some serious changes on his own. His fears increase as he tries to figure out what’s his part in all of this madness looking for the favour of a dead ancient king before his unstoppable death. Also Adam and Ronan are facing difficult situations with their own powers and choices that could drive them to isolation forever before they all even realise they are currently in more danger than they think after Piper woke up the third sleeper.


I’m not complaining or saying the story wasn’t good because as an ending it was satisfying and pretty cool but still my problem with the storytelling and passing came back taunting me with headaches. I literally was falling asleep but that didn’t stop me from finishing this. I needed to know if Blue and Gansey were gonna have their happy ending, if Adam wasn’t a complete pain in the ass or if he was interested in Ronan in a romantic way, what would happen to Ronan’s dream creations, would the crew find the dead king, and what damage would Piper bring to this already messed up picture?. All those questions in my mind were answered, some I understood its responses and others’ I just couldn’t cope with them. But in the end this book was all about finding who you are, good or bad? Dreamy or a visionary? A victim or a victimiser? For this guy’s everything seemed so blurry until they understood their friendship, themselves and the fact they couldn’t change their past or how people view them but they can choose their future and how they see themselves for good. Good fucking message.


The last book I read was a sequel I had been expecting for quite a while to own, I’m talking about Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins.


Harper Price has changed a lot since last year, she’s still is a fashionable beauty with some harsh and funny comments with a hot boyfriend and a great future ahead of her expectations, but now 6a7001b0e69f293e817fccda6e0698fe.gifshe can kick some serious ass and her hot boyfriend is not a football player but the newspaper editor who also happens to be an Oracle that she must protect as his paladin. Also her best friend has been missing after becoming a paladin by force, her ex has become the personal wizard of her current boyfriend and she has just met the leading man of the Eforos community who’s btw a pain in her athletic ass. Now Harper must face the fact that her bff might be getting her job as David’s paladin, her ex blames her of his recent break up, and her love wants some distance after the lies between them get to hard to maintain.


I was so excited to read this because the jokes are marvellous and Harper’s personality is on fire, and overall it was good until the last 3 or 4 last episodes which was remarkably tragic for a fan like me. I was so annoyed by most of the characters, but it was ok I guess since I still want to read the next installment.

* Everyone should start accepting that Harper’s always right and they all must listen to her commands, that includes Bee and Ryan and fucking David. Nobody should choose on their own because they are incapable of it. I seriously wanted hwe to kick them all until they passed out for choosing her future. Those fuckers!


* Wtf happened with that ending, there was no hope, no silver lining but to move on?! Give me a break.


Wish me luck with my oral presentation. Btw have you seen Shadowhunters recently? It’s not getting better for book fans, just an statement. I’ll better hurry to watch some Riverdale.

Coffee and books,


Week #74 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good evening,

So this week I almost don’t make it to four, I had an entire lost day making some random dessert that ended up burned and uneatable so my Tuesday wasn’t the greatest. But I managed to read four books, I just finished the last one this morning before watching the series premier of Riverdale (that show just got me) but still I felt like a champ! Anyways let’s just go with the review while I watch CSI: Miami.

The first book I read was the latest of Charley Davidson’s shenanigans, The Curse of Tenth Grave by Darynda Jones.


It starts with our dear recently recovered from amnesia, Charley adjusting to her life as the wife of the hottest chef/son of Lucifer, tumblr_inline_ms3byo9cbc1qz4rgpthe estranged mother of the cutest beep/Saviour of mankind and a kick-ass goddess/hilarious private detective you’ve ever known. But things have change with Reyes, as they both hide many secrets in a marriage that could tear apart by lack of communication and of course sex; so instead of facing their issues she gets herself involve in two hard as nails cases involving a homeless child who thinks she’s cursed and a car covered in gallons of blood from a missing woman. At least, she’s keeping herself entertained without her nightly fun and the desperation hanging from her newly acquired portal necklace.


Was it better than the previous one? Definitely, did it have more detective stuff? Hell yeah, was the romance and couple dynamics enjoyable? Maturing and getting tastier, did it have any heartbreaking moment? It broke my heart and it made it crunch like cereal, was the ending unexpected and out of this world? I don’t think I’ve seen such way to finish a book before, everyone should try reading it while listening to Florence and the Machine’s “No light, no light”. No joke. So this was expected to feel more like previous books in the series, what I didn’t expect was for it to be so much more. It surprised me, it had me guessing, it had me at the edge of my seat waiting for the right answer; no doubt I need the next one!

* It broke my heart that Charley and Reyes were fighting, hiding so much from each other that she had to go looking for comfort in ‘Fabio the couch’ at Cookie’s apartment. It was disappointing that he was willing to let her go so easily, but after learning about his own insecurities it still hurt to see this super hot wonderful man going through these issues.


* So everything was pointing to the father of Emery, I was thinking he did since we learn how disappointing he was to his own elderly father. I considered many theories, the most called for was that he had kidnapped his own daughter to get some money for her death from grandpa.


* Then he turned out to be just a helpless gambler who just bet his own daughter in a crazy spiral, to the point the young woman was so depressed she run away trying to make him look guilty but only getting the love of her life seem like a cold-blooded murderer. Fucked up situation.


* Then that wicked god killed the body of Kim, and her conversation with Charley about protecting Beep and being a good aunt while he was mourning her absence in the most painful and inhumane human way. Then there was that tiny moment with Reyes, Charley and Been, and I lost it because of the angst and joy if that makes any sense.


* The final page was epic! What Charley said to that angel guy, that it was not His world anymore. I need more!


The next one was the second and final book in the Reboot duology by Amy Tinted, named Rebel.


After Wren and Callum escaped from their imprisonment with their reboot accolades, they thought they would be safe and in peace with no more wars and violence and no guilt. Unfortunately once they arrive they are separated by the head of the reboot camp filled withtumblr_mxwpg3asyi1qjozueo4_250tumblr_nemk8unlsk1reqitlo2_250 free children of their kind, they were promised salvation but instead got in another war: one for survival and segregation that tries to eliminate all the human race and make the world only of the reboots. Now is up to them both to figure out how to stop their own people from a mass murder, or will they realise that this plan of extermination is not as crazy as it seems… After all, humans have given them nothing more than cruelty and death. What will they choose?


Overall, this sequel was phenomenal in its own right. It maintained its paissing, personality and flavour without remorses, it managed to make a base for a great ending that didn’t felt incomplete or too soon; it was the best end to this duology. I also felt this was very character driven, not only with Wren but with Callum and some other known and new characters that were introduced, somehow the author was able to get our heads into their circumstances not only because of the double POV but because of ho their actions blew up to their faces like a constant physical karma. In the end, it was fairness the winner of it all. Justice.

Some fewer SPOILERS.
* The moment we met Mycah I knew I despised him. Since he was too close and happy with Wren’s presence, trying to manipulate her through her own inner arguments. Besides this old moron had all the reboots terrified of his punishments, he was a narcissistic psycho and I’m so glad his head got chopped of with his fucking smirk.


* I enjoyed the main characters’ growth. Both Wren and Callum discovered who they were meant to be and what they were for the other, she learned she was alright and wasn’t the machine she tried so hard to become when she was a scared twelve year old child. As Callum understood he also had some rage and coldness inside him, that he was a weapon but not one to be used by others, only he would define who he was; he also became a leader. These two learn to love and trust, to leave the past behind but never forget to forge a future not only for them but for the scarred reboots and humans in the new cities.


* No doubt this was a joy to read.

Next book I read was a companion novel from one of my first reads for pleasure EVER! I’m talking about the Sweet Evil trilogy by the always lovely Wendy Higgins, and on Wednesday I started reading her newest addition to this love story: Sweet Temptation.


We know the tale about the demon spawn and the angel child who fell in love and save the world from damnation, we know how she never lost her faith in God, him, her fellow nephs and their cause. And we know how it all turned out from her perspective, she made us cry and laugh in the minefield that is falling in love but we never knew how things were for him. How was it to feel enamoured with Anna? How was life for Kaidan? Was his love an instant one? What happened with his heart and brain she he realised he was in love with the most dangerous girl his father’s desire could face? How his loyalties changed? This book tells it like it is, as raw and dirty as only Kaidan Rowe’s mind could describe the three books dealing with his insecurities, his contradictions, jealousy and final redemption thanks to a pretty young Southern girl named Anna.


So yeah. I was expecting that this was just a PoV version of the first book, so you can hardly imagine my reaction when I found out about having the entire trilogy in his tempting perspective. This companion novella was just glorious, emotional and filled with joy, it was a beautiful ride while I went through all those moments I hadn’t experienced in two years. It made me remember all the precious things that were in the books, I mean the fact that this managed to make me fall in love with the characters all over again was magnificent. Not every book has that, most of the times you fall in love with the pov character only not with the object of his love but this was a great exception. Such a fulfilling read, this wasn’t a light one but really really heavy and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. So if you finished the Sweet Evil trilogy, you should totally read this. I mean it.

Some SPOILERY details.
* As with the first book, Kaidan was perfect at being a dick, he had literally no competition in that area. I hated him like a mad person for many many pages but somehow he made me love him again, his sense of humor was immensely insulting but hilarious at the same time? If that makes any sense, it’s insanity, I know.


* The tears were flowing in three special occasions, when Ginger lost it and cried in Kaidan’s arms because Marna was pregnant and Blake was to get married to someone who wasn’t her, also the moment Patti died and she looked (I’m crying again, no joke) at Kaidan with motherly love and the other Nephs too, and finally when Kaidan accepted he was the father of that little girl and knew that was his family, that he would take care of his sweet daughter. It was too much for my mortal heart.


* I don’t regret reading this lovely book.

The final one I read was the end of a trilogy that made me laugh and scream the highest “awwww”s ever because of the OTP, I’m talking about Remember Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram.


April O’Neal has no idea of her past, since the great explosion she has find out about her powers and her runaway status thanks to her pushing boyfriend, Tony. They are both secluded in the middle of giphy-6nowhere to escape from the company that wants to use them as lab rats, but she’s desperate to know herself, to get her memories back. But after an argument that drove her to break up with Tony, she discovers that perhaps he’s not her friend but her enemie, that she was a runaway but a lost girl, that she had a boyfriend that loved her but wasn’t the one she thought, and that her name is definitely not April but Jamie. Her memories are not meant to return ever but a group of powerful people like her might want her to know the truth about the surreal life of Jamie Baker.


This was a fun and warming final book. Though I had some issues adjusting to the topic, and who was who since I read Jamie Baker exactly a year ago and many things made me forget some things, but this problem was actually pretty helpful since I was in the same page as Jamie Baker with the exception of my instant liking for Ryan and my hatred towards Teodoro (I volunteer to kick his telekinetic ass), I merged with her and I wasn’t upset with her cuz somehow i put myself in her badass amnesiac shoes. Making this ride even better, I suffered and I laughed and that’s what these kind of books are supposed to be like, so… challenge achieve. It was not only a physical journey to destroy that fucked up experiments but an emotional one as well since Jamie had to face betrayal, impotence and her past self. It was the hard though satisfying ride of her lifetime, and it was surely worth reading.

* I needed to mention this. I fell for Ryan all over again, he was just so effing cute, and nice, and flirty, and respectful, and cherishing, and lovable like the sweetest of puppies. BTW his jokes were fantastic, cuz he doesn’t conform with being hot and a good guy: he also has to be quirky as hell.


* I have a place in my heart for Teodoro… And it’s full of hate and disgust, seriously from moment one I knew he was a manipulative bitch with his twisted idea of love. He was just a disgusting person to me, so I couldn’t understand how Jamie wasn’t able to see through the pitty she felt for him and see him for the creepy sociopath he truly was. Thank God she did in the end.


* Everything was happiness in the final chapter because Natalia will be her little sister now and this sweetie healed her brain therefore Jamie’s got her memories of Ryan again and they’re gonna a get married and consummate their love, and fluff fluff. I’ve lost the ability to even.


Hi! I wanted to share some inner thoughts so… Omg, Sebastian was casted in Feeeform’s Shadowhunters and I’ve already seen his perfect ass in GoT!, also I wonder how they’re going to bring Jocelyn back to life without going too much in a TVD direction, finally the CW’s Riverdale has become my newest TV addiction!

Ps: Yeah, I know I picked Willa Holland for both Charley and Jamie but blame my eighteen year old brain for it, I guess. However, I picked the O. C. Willa for Jamie and Arrow Willa for Charley.

Coffee and green tea,


Week #73 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, y’all.

I was supposed to post this yesterday but guess what? The effing electricity company decided to make some reparations without warning the users so since Friday at ten pm until yesterday at six pm I was disconnected from the outside world known as a WiFi connection, it was the worst. But no I’m here to share and spread my emotions relating books all over the internet, I would like to make a mention, though: I only get two or three books per year in their physical shape, the rest I’m currently reviewing are all eBooks or Kindle versions I got on Amazon, so…. Yeah, I just wanted to let that off the table, anyways let’s start with the reaction/review/gif fest that I made to the four books I was able to read this week.

First is book number two in the newest Sarah J. Maas’ epic fantasy series, I’m talking about A Court Of Mist And Fury.


Once again we find ourselves drawn to this fantastic universe filled with danger, lust, betrayal and wonder. This is the world that Feyre tumblr_m8ez5ossfb1qac31uo1_500tumblr_inline_nndlxw6d7v1rrn1sg_500is currently living in as the newly appointed betrothed to Tamlin, soon to become his submissive loyal concubine. It’s all she ever wanted, feeling safe and without worrying about anything at all, or at least that’s what the girl she once was desired. Now after what happened in Amarantha’s court, she not only died in body but her spirit changed and nightmares fill her days noticing how her relationship has changed and how trapped she is; besides all that she now has to deal with the treaty she made to Rhyzand in her darkest hour specially when her life seems no no longer be hers to decide but will his arrival be the help she so desperately wants to give her a reason to stay alive or just another block to her doom? All while a realm tries to crumble the short peace the world was starting to rejoice in.


Omfg. Yeah, that sounded so trashy for this gorgeous book which was and shall always be my favourite read in 2017 cuz it’ll be so hard to beat down this beautiful story whose third part I’m desperate to Read already. I began reading this with fear in my eyes cuz of what the author had done to my ships in her other saga SOOO I didn’t know what to expect, though there was a piece of time I was about to say that Sarah just hates the ships I choose until SOMETHING changed from the normal ways, there was a reasoning behind it all and I appreciated that. Now I feel so attached to this saga that I’m not longer afraid of any plot twist that might come (Sarah please be merciful).

There will be the order I’m lately putting in my other reviews.
“Wtf is going on?!”, to all the moments that Iathe or Tamlin were bitches to poor Feyre. He never supported her and wanted her to be a puppet, that wasn’t the love I thought he had for her. And I never liked Iathe, I didn’t know why but I never did; there was something in her that was too unlikeable.


“Yay!” when the wedding was stopped, though it was a slow happiness cuz Rhysand was the one who rescued her. And you know how I feel about him.


“You are my new bff”, the moment Morrigan opened her mouth and all the sass came out. “Love this fae!”


“Run, girl, run!”, Tamlin became violent with Feyre.


“Interesting”, Rhys smells like rain and citrus. Strangely hot.


“I’m having some serious split feelings”, so Rhys wasn’t bad, he just was a fucking victim. “My brain broke”.


“I like you too”, meeting Amren got me theorising stuff about how this was a possible spin off, and also got me loving her (Btw, the Bone craver looked a lot like a mini Dorian from ToG).


I was so fucking afraid during all those Bone Craver and Weaver encounters. Sarah surely knows how to create fucked up monster like creatures able to terrify you to shreds.


“Flirtation alert”, such slight looks and words between Rhys (God! I’m calling him Rhys!) and Feyre.


“Now I remember why I hated Nesta”, cold-hearted bitch.


“Fluff”, Rhys was getting my smiles. That hadn’t happened in a long time.


“Why?!!” Rhys made my heart bleed when Fayre was imagining him with Cressida after seeing him with her acting so flirty.


“The sexual tension is unbearable” the shipping was so real, so damn cute and hot as hell (Nightmare court, cough cough), “They are mates and just admitted their love for each other”.


“My respect for Nesta is real”. Her sharp tongue is a force to be reckoned with.


“Fuck Lucien, fuck Tamlin!”, those bitches allied with the Hibernian king, I’ll never forgive those fuckers.


“Oh shit, no”. Nesta and Elain, don’t hurt them. My poor babies.


“Not now Lucien”, so Elain survived just like her sister and suddenly becomes his mate, is shocking but I still can’t forgive that pussy.


“Now suffer, bitch!”, me to Tamlin after finding out about Feyre’s façade to destroy him, cuz now she’s the Night Lady and has a weird alliance with weak Lucien.


I give this book a five point seven from five. Recommended to people who suffered because of ToG.

The next one was the dearly expected third and final part of the Splintered trilogy by A. G. Howard, named Ensnared.


Alyssa has lost the two loves she couldn’t admit to herself to the hands of her evil ancestor, the Red Queen, and now is traveling to an even crazier underworld in the company of her father to rescue her friends and mom. She has learned from her mistakes but will betumblr_mj99pszkrh1roa7ojo2_500 surprised when every plan she makes turns out not to be what she expected, it will take more than simple ideas to succeed in the wrecked mind of the Red Queen, so Alyssa will have to become her to gain her crown and decide if she deserves a human life with her sweet Jeb or an inmortal existence with ambiguous Morpheus. The decision she makes is not going to just affect her future but could destroy the destiny of both world she has grown attached to forever.


The moment I got my hands in a copy of this book I felt excited and I made the awful mistake of spoiling the epilogue so I was afraid that A. G. Howard was going to Clockwork Princess me and I didn’t read it till this day, somehow there’s still a little whole in my heart but is not as big as I thought it would be. Because this final part actually brought me to understand why I fell in love with this love and the world itself, how everything was so creppy but beautiful, how connected I was to the disturbing creatures and their misfit status. After all, I always had liked that kind of stuff; just imagine a seven year old into the almost goth and terrifying ways of Mr Carroll appreciations. I felt amazed and emotional to see all this click in my mind with such sort of happy endings but keeping it real still. I’m pleased, I’m hurt but we all can agree this was a trilogy to remember.

So these ones are not as classy as the others, they are messy and disorganised at its finest.

-So Jeb is magical with his living art, it makes my heart aches with his aptitude but I still love the guy.


– He’s being so condescending and mean to Alyssa, and I was cruel to her in the previous book but it hurts no matter what. “I want my old fashioned artsy kid back!”.

– Stop this shit, I hated when she kissed Morpheus so passionately, besides he gave her lingerie made from a mask. “I’m never going to stop despising this moth.”

raw (2).gif

– Oh, “shit just got real” when Alyssa’s dad was about to become a stone and Jeb wanted to stay in the fucking place instead of going back with her.



– The cutest OTP scene goes to Jeb and Allie cuz that sweet confession in the shore was spectacular and so heartwarming, I cried because of how lovely and sincere it felt.


– Then Morpheus and the Red bitch want to marry him to Allie, and take Jeb’s heart for the Queen of Hearts. No need to say I lost it, my mom thought someone died for real when she saw my face.


– The epilogue had me like, “I guess this is ok…?”. Cool journey though.


The third book I read was the second in J. R. Ward’s fresh new series Black Dagger Legacy, Blood Vow.


There’s no doubt why Axe hates the Glymera and everything that comes with it, he despises how they do not live his unhappy life, how they seem not to suffer nor understand what other people go tumblr_lsgs12oxus1qfupqho1_500through to survive, he hates them for not saving his father and he hates himself for doing it so. He wants to change because of this last part (even though, he won’t admit it) quitting on drugs and his blackout days to become a Brother, tumblr_inline_n0r2ejnj6g1r0awaiprotecting people in their hour of need. The last thing he’s looking for is a female, specially not an aristocratic one like Peyton’s cousin: Elise, even when she’s everything he ever wanted. She’s not a bubble head, she’s not an elitist, she’s strong willed and genuinely good. She wants her independence and cannot understand the reasoning of her family towards the disastrous and sad passing of her estranged cousin Alisshon, she wants to mourn her like it’s supposed to in the normal world, she wants to know what happened that made her father protect her to the point of locking her in glass cage of overprotection and distrust. Though she never expected that in the middle she would find a kind hearted male under the deadly annoyed façade that is Axe. Will their own lives cope to love to the fullest.


Overall this was a good follow up, it might not have been the best but it was perfect in its own way, I felt the new romantic couple was not the most inventive though it was lovely but I didn’t felt like it was as strong as the others despite this it showed a different side of this meant to be relationships in the vampire world, a less human but still sensitive way. But when it came to character development and family liaisons, this was so on point since it made me cry and laugh and just enjoy the ride as in every other story of this wonderful series.

Here goes the technical SPOILERS.
* So the moment I remembered the part of Rhage, Mary and Bitty in the book, I begin to cry because of its unfairness. How Rhage and Mary had fought so hard for this sweet little girl and now they were close to loose her to an actual good person was everything that took to make me loose my shit.


* Ok, I know it’s more than just bizarre but I’m on the Noovo+Peyton ship right away, oh and I have first class seats.


* So…. Elise and Axe? So fucking unexpectedly cute! Fucking cuties! Fucking hot as hell cuties with their monologues and feelings and rapidly resolved crisis.


* How tragic was for genuinely worrying Elise to discover the true nature of the parents of her late cousin, how they weren’t shaken by her death but for the shame that it would bring. It was really harsh to witness.


* Seriously, every fucking time Peyton says some condescending and shady shit about how women should be, if I had been Noovo I would have kick the crap out him agonising or not.


* When Rhage, Mary and Bitty got to stay together forever, even with Ruhn or however it’s spelled in the family, and then implying he’s just a bit older than John Mathews so he could be like their son as well, specially in Rhage’s side. Oh, too much fluffiness.


* The sweet reunion of Axe and Elise was adorable as their steamy shower scenes and as romantic as her admiration for his father’s wooden figures. Love ’em.


The final book I read was a sort of companion book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, named Oblivion.


The world of Daemon seems to only get worst. Just a while ago the mysterious death of his brother and the disappearance of this one’s human girlfriend, rocked the emotional stability of his family and noeltumblr_m8x2g1cl9x1qdxxytthe political balance of their government landing in Earth and ruling the resident luxens. So the last thing this cocky alien wants is to be near to a human girl, one like the one who drove his brother to his death; therefore there’s no surprise in seeing his main reaction to his new neighbours, after all mother nor daughter should have moved next to the house of the alien siblings. But what he hated the most about this new acquisition was how he’s not able to be away from the new girl next door. He doesn’t want to but he still does it, it’s like he cannot control his impulses around Kat, everytime he looks at her he get surprised by another tendency that attracts him. Apparently, he turned out just like his brother with a soft spot for quirky human girls.


In this version of Obsidian we got to know more of how Daemon’s brain works and as I expected it was both annoying and funny as f. Somehow he was not all into Katy as we knew but actually he was not realising he was so having a singular crush on her from day one, spying on her while being invisible, chasing her while not being invisible, worrying like a first time mom, drooling because of her beauty inside out, and denying his obvious feelings by being a bitch to her. Still he had his accustomed quotes and inner thoughts that defined him as the loving character that Jennifer L. Armentrout once brought to life, the one that started making girl fall in love (and lust) with aliens. Recommended for hard core fans of this qualified science fiction love story.


Next week I might read only 3 or 2 books, this time for real, I have my midterm French Grammar exam so.

Love, peace & books,



Week #72 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi y’all

So I just finished watching “La Vie en Rose” for the first time ever in French with French subtitles and I must say it was a realistic biopic with dynamic edition, btw the fact that i understood almost everything that was in the subtitles was an improvement. But I’m not here to talk about my most recent A-, I’m here to let you see my ridiculous reviews. Remember told you I would probably like only read two books or something? Well, I manage to read four! Four hat I loved and learn to appreciate. So here they are.

On Sunday afternoon before the Golden Globes I began reading Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas, the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series.


Now that Aelin has killed the king of Adarlan, proclaimed Dorian as the next king and publicly claimed she was the queen of her rightful land, she thinks that her life is ready to get rid of the Darkness that threatens her world but it won’t be when she realises she doesn’t know the people neither the high lords that she thinks are hers by birth. She’ll have to make her way through blood to face reality and do what she thinks is her duty as saviour, without realising that perhaps it is better to remain ignorant of the ugly truth.


The plot itself was pretty cool, pretty badass with its classic downs but here there was a remote change when it came to my personality preferences + plot holes and how Sarah J Maas never used to make me happy enough with it but in the last chapters of this one she managed to sort of make me understand the complexities of that thing I don’t like yet entirely, is like in my mind these ideas and plot fillers were inserted in a way that I now can begin to understand the character’s backgrounds matching their starts from book one, like if before they proved they had changed in the worst way possible (ex. Chessyness) now they’re back in their great times despite the awful experiences and too steamy romances for my taste, I felt like they are themselves again and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Seriously. Though I still want a small novellas between book 3 and 4 in the mind of certain characters, just their thoughts on each other. That’s all.

I’ll do this in order of how I read it and how I reacted towards every fucking thing that caught my fangirling eye.
*when Manon was about to be forced to kill Asterin under the order of her bitch of a grandmother! I was about to loose it, I was crying remembering how good she is and how she suffered and how this was gonna break Manon forever….


*but then Manon kills the old wrench instead and I literally party up!! Shocked but excited as f.


*Unexpectedly the wrench doesn’t die and reveals she killed her loving parents and that she’s half Crochan and my jaw dropped, that bitch!


*The first two most powerful chapters.


*Lorcan and Elide’s growing flame was so good for me, such an innocent relief. So soft, tempting and weirdly entertaining.


*I enjoyed Elide’s new aptitude, she doesn’t take anyone’s crap anymore showing how tenacious she truly is and proving you don’t mess with a girl who’s going through her effing period.


*But of course, then drama arrived and my heart and Elide’s and Lorcan’s were shattered by his stupidity and sick alliance with Maeve. I mean they don’t even talk anymore.


*Aedion was being a dick to depressed Dorian like a bitch for past reasons that weren’t even his fault sometimes.


*That battle in the water with Lysandra was life! I ship Lysandra and Aedion like a teenager of the 80’s.


*I feel bad for poor Gavriel.


*Manon and Dorian, just a steamy statement. Omfg. That bed scene.


*I don’t like when Aelin is a hypocrite towards everyone. No longer sassy just a hypocrite.


*Many GoT casualties. (LMFAO)


*The twelve returned.


*I felt meh about Rowan and Aelin for the beginning of the book until almost the end as always but now something had changed, while Elena fucked Aelin’s future and Maeve changed her destiny, I could understand them because I saw that slowly burning couple I fell for in book 3, cuz I still hate the teenagery version that was portrayed of them in book 4. But this one was the definitive one. Their meant to be romance was believable and their determination to save the other way in dystopian levels so that’s a fucking lot. I trust Sarah more now, and hope she keeps going on this track.


*Aelin proved she’s still Caelena and that poor almost dead child in the river putting people before her choices, choosing to save Elide and risking everything and loosing for the good of her friends. I just hope she doesn’t mess with Dorian’s capability of ruling anymore.


Overall, the book deserved a decent 4.9 stars.

The following book I began reading was an expected sequel named Ice Like Fire by Sara Raasch.


Everything has change, Meira and Mather have changed and they didn’t choose it. One was an orphan nobody and now is a queen, the other was an orphan king and now doesn’t even know what he istumblr_inline_nynwypzhhx1t6inv2_500 anymore. Meira has been waiting for her friend and first love to return to her like before, but Mather can’t bring himself to do it. His feelinga haven’t altered like hers for him did. They are both running away in opposite directions because it’s what’s expected but they’ll soon understand that they must take what they know and their previous lives to make themselves useful and happy again, not only for their irreparable hearts but because of the welfare of the world as Angra seems to remain alive somewhere, somehow, and it’s time to act.


Though it had a slow kinda lazy start, it was able to still gain my reader’s heart with the realisations and characters growth. I must admit I wanted to kick some sense into certain main character for a long time cuz it was unbelievably ridiculous for nobody to understand what was truly going on. Yet somehow this was saved by the fight sequences, the omfg moments, the “everything seems so fucked up and impossible to save” instants, the political aspect was a like a baby chicken with Meira, and overall the constant description of places, fashion and just the beauty even in the most hideous places; the author managed to show us the degradation of people with no magic, the injustice of being just a pawn, and the impossibility of putting one’s trust in strangers hands which comes out of a terrible mistake. No need to say I enjoyed more than I expected.

First, Theron is not worthy of trust. From the moment he began making choices instead of Meira, acting like a stupid helpless child! God, he was so annoying so when she put him in his place I clapped like there was no tomorrow;

But then he still was the bad guy, the stupid bad guy the brought Angra back because he’s a moronic simple minded idiot. So fucking weak, and I know he lost his mom and stuff but there’s excuse for being so ridiculously naive, besides selfish. God, I hate that bitch!


Second, love Ceridwen. She’s such a political maniac, and kicks some serious slaver’s ass, a fiery redhead with a friendly smart heart. She was surely better than her shitty brother, she would have made a better queen than anyone, including Meira.

Then she had this thing with the weak king of Ventrallis (I think that’s the name, right?), whose wife is a fucking psycho who doesn’t give a shit about her own kids. The bitch just wants the fucking power, and she jailed sweet Ceridwen and stupid Jesse! What the fuck!


Third, was Mather’s path of self discovery. He cares more than he looks, he wants the best for Winter, he’s still in love and pain with Meira and he’s a fucking sweetheart. He reminded me of a mix between King Arthur and Robin Hood, such a badass with his new crew,


But let’s not forget Alysson was killed in front of him and Winter is a slave “colony” of Carnell, and everything is so fucking unfair.


Fourth and last, Meira. Where do I begin? She tried not to be herself and act queenly when she didn’t know how to act like a political queen, she knows shit about intrigue and how secrecy and mistrust works in her world which was disappointing. And in the end she still wanted to help the traitorous bitch, but thank God the little old man took her and she now has a real shot to set the world free from hose kingslaryer monsters under Angra’s wing.


So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

The book I read on the next day was a sequel I had begged to get my hands since I knew of its existence two years ago. I’m talking about Invaded by Melissa Landers.


After the whole escapade idea both Cara and Aelyx had seemed perfect at the time but now she has to remain as a soon to be member of the new L’eihr colony of humans unable to return home giphy-9and Aeylix is forced to go back to Earth to try fixing the trouble his former gang made when they almost destroyed a possible alliance between both planets. The problem is not only that they’ll have to endure the most exhausting long distance relationship ever but also discover what’s behind the sudden need L’eihr has to make friends with Earth, as Aelyx faces life threats and Cara does her research on the history both this planets have when it comes to intergalactic enemies; they’ll have to figure out what’s wrong without losing their love on the way.


No matter what I love it, it reminded me that this is a romance focused story with a slight acceptance message and not a dystopia or an action packed “let’s destroy the bad guys of the corrupt government” tale. It’s like a soft version of Lux and I fell like a sixteen year old back again, when all I knew was so cute and romantic, and there were no tears (technically) nor fears. Besides the mystery aspect added so much to the mix of the long distance relationship + adjustment to a new reality; the knowledge and theories made me make my own like that sort of Darwin character, besides there were new people who made me angry, happy and disappointed for different reasons so the author succeeded in getting my attention and almost desperation for the next installment. Totally recommended for beginners that think you could never ship a human with an alien, I dare you.

So where do I start?.
My main thought during the first chapters of the book was “God, I can’t remember how I pictures the characters before”, so I gave them a new look, specially Cara.


First thought: “this is the number one time I almost cried” when Troy was ready to leave and decided not to because of Cara, which somehow fixed their relationship. That was pure siblings gold, and then the blog post she made!


“Oh, hell no!” when we found out that the L’eihrs don’t allow attachments from birth, so the babies are so alone and sad, not effing fair.


“Creepy corn siblings alert”, because of Jaxen and his sister whose name I refuse to try to memorise. Those bitches trying to control everyone, including gentle funny David!


“If a guy smells like a forest after rain, keep him”.


“Awww”, when Cara calmed down that crying two year old baby and she dared to suggest she wouldn’t want to be a mother.


“The shipping heart is melting!”, after seeing all the interactions between David and Syrine, so freaking adorable as little Vero.


“Oh, shit! Those evil siblings are the main kidnappers!”, “Oh, shit! They aren’t siblings but a fucked up couple!”, that was a tough ride, my face during my French class was priceless.


“Wtf did you do Jaxen?!!!” when he injected Cara and made her pass out, and then she and Aelyx were getting it on so my first instinct was that Jaxen had removed her birth control chip to create a strange race and keep her locked up or something, after that my mind went even more crazy theorising that perhaps Jaxen’s “sister” had shapeshifted into looking like Cara to get the new race herself.


“Thank God for Syrine”, after she fixed the broken relationship of Cara and Aelyx with her badass emotion healing powers.


“Oh yeah!” when Jaxen was shot by babe Aelyx, and when Alona shockingly listened to what Cara had to inform.


“Oh no!” when Aelyx was dead for a while and Cara was suffering doing all the human mind could manage to think to get him back, the again after we found out Jaxen was brought to life the same way but by his “sister”/wife.


So everything is fine but they must find Jaxen and fix many many issues.

The final one was a book I waited for my parents to give me on Christmas and that’s why I didn’t bought it myself on Amazon when it came out, I’m talking about The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones, book number nine in the Charley Davidson series.


Jane Doe is a young woman with no memory living in Sleepy Hollow, working in a cafeteria where a quarter of the staff dislikes her and the rest loves her to death. She’s different because she can see and hear the dead that sometimes are hilarious but other times justtumblr_inline_n7utwyijtv1sz03jf annoying threatening her sanity, she’s loved by her clients which includes a hot ex detective and a young hot angelic guy but they are not the ones she wants since the man she desires with her childish heart and lady parts turns out being the one that doesn’t want to talk to her. She wants to remember cause she feels there’s one thing that she didn’t do well and feels guilty for abandoning someone or something; she has no idea that she is the angel of death made a goddess, she’s married with the quiet man she craves, and her guilt comes from her separation from her baby. Now is time for her to figure things out alone, at least her friends were thinking quite the opposite…


Overall I loved the story, cuz no matter the amnesia Charley kept her sass, screamingly funny quotes and badass mind. Besides she was able to solve crimes and do one of those poltergeist things go away to hell, she’s a superheroine. The book was entertaining and I just can’t wait for the next one, it was still sometimes terrifying and other times sweet and lovely, and ultimately a bit melancholic because of her own feelings of self hatred and the unfairness of certain lives.

I know that’s not enough of an opening but all I can think of is filled with spoilers, so… LET THE SPOILERS BEGIN.
These are my thoughts and sentiments in chronological order:
“Cookie!” I was so happy and amazed to see her taking care of Charley in secret as her new friend working in that cafeteria/dining room. Then I was like “Garrett!!”, my hot former cop was there as well.


“My heart is being shattered into fine lines”, the fact she remembered the loss of something (her baby girl) that made her feel so guilty and in literal pain was so sad and had me about to cry and crumble.


“That Ian guy is a serious stalker”, I fucking hate him.


“Oh, oh la-la”, once Reyes answered Charley by saying he would swallow her or something, “oh God, this man!”.


“Sweet baby Jesus eating cornbread!”, I literally said that in the middle of my fifteen minutes break in French class, (*feels embarrassed/scared as f*) when I read about the Headless horseman in the bathroom and following Charley home.


“Ok, this is different but not so”; I mean Charley became a little shy to the world like a teenagery version of herself but maintain her priceless jokes and hysterical moments.


“Wait what?!!”, when she cut her throat a bit to get Reyes telling her the truth while he was trapped.


“This is so interesting I want a prequel”, the subplot of Erin and her dead great aunt was vicious and craving. It literally kept me reading every word to find out what happened and how it all connected.


“Bloody and gory is a cool/yucky experience”, the whole Vandenberg family being kidnapped subplot was also good, it was a bit confusing to understand the motives of it all but the reasoning that Charley gave to her actions were suitable and so selfless.


“Oh, no Shayla is dead!”, it wasn’t fair for the poor girl to be gone so fast after her shitty beginnings and now she was so close to get the guy and prove that good girls can get a happily ever after but her allergies said otherwise.


“Omfg not Cookie!” I almost lost it when that Michael angel said Charley had killed everyone in the cafeteria with the glass of he windows she had broken in her rage.


“Fucking Ian!!!!” need I say, psycho?! At least the body of Reyes’ adopted father was good for something when it broke that maniac’s neck.


“I imagine this way differently but this is cute too.” I had theorised that perhaps she would get her memories back after seeing a pic of her baby in Reyes’ phone but having her dad back saving her with all her life in technicolour was still unbelievably melancholic and beautiful.


“Haha fuck you Kurr” when Charley fucked him over.


Now the only thing left is find a way to save Reyes from his promise since he’s one of the Gods he must kill thanks to that fucking angel.

See ya,


Week #71 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

as I’m writing, my cat is meowing for no reason and apparently a spider bit me last night cuz now I feel the aching necessity of scratch my leg, hand and wrist. It has been a long week after my week off and I’m currently attending to my French Grammar classes from Monday to Friday, I just hope I can memorise all things I learned so I’ll pass with a A- or else… You can imagine. But I’m not here to discuss my dilemmas or the world’s worst first kiss ever, I’m dialing from my tablet to inform you of the 3 books I manage to read for this tag during the busiest week I’ve had in three weeks.  These ones were brilliant and emotional in distinct levels, many different reasons to love them or hate them, you’ll soon understand what I’m saying.

First book was A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire, which I think is the end of Maddox Brother’s series.


Giving a short synopsis, this tells us about the future most of us saw during the epilogues of every book we were given where everyone is happily married with kids and living life to the fullest in love. Or at least that’s what they all think, but soon they’ll find out some lies made by their family members could cost them the life of those they love the most. Let’s just said, a couple of Maddox brothers just upset the wrong criminal family, and not even the FBI protection will save them from fate.

I kinda knew who was gonna die in here, like only a bit of it because I read like the final pages of the book by accident so I thought: I’m so ready for this angsty feel. And then I found out about the other bit of death, no need to say I cried like nonstop. I was filled with emotion and feelings, like most parts of the book made me feel. This was such a rollercoaster of reactions and gif like faces, that no person can explain with plain simple words because it’s just so magnificent and complex. But this book wasn’t much of an end for me, it was like the book before the series’s end, so much emotional trauma, so many feuds and not believable commitment and forgiveness. I just wish it had more pages to explain how things match with each other making a perfect ending for such a sweet loving and caring saga.

Now for my *Spoilery section*:
I hate lies. I hate when characters choose for other characters and with such a big fucking lie as faking Thomas’s death, it was just too much to handle and it brought consequences to everyone’s life, relationship and family. I feel that Travis and Thomas and each of their wives tried to make the best out of a fucked up situation but failed really hard, they trust too much and rely on the probability that everything would be alright when it was never going to be that way. They were selfish in their wish of being selfless, too much confidence.

Then was Abby’s aptitude towards Cammie, and I know she did it to avoid her making conclusions about Thomas’s condition, but still it went too far. She emotionally destroyed her, and I don’t even like Cammie that much but I couldn’t help but to feel bad about the poor woman, Abby cruelly played with her insecurities and that has change my view on her dramatically. So not cool.

Then Travis’s immaturity towards life despite being in his thirties already and having 3 kids, it was disappointing to see him being and expecting America and Sheppard to be selfless for him, he was putting all the children and the lives of his family in danger being the worst kinda of selfishness that could ever exist. And then he played with the idea of being threatened again, and making fun of his decision to stay in the FBI when Abby was clearly worried and concern about their life together. He was one of the characters I just couldn’t take.

Finally this drove to Olive’s passing which was shocking and painful, because this sweet girl had such a bright future ahead of her lbff8fwas involuntarily exposed to this family’s dangerous trouble that secretly reunited her with her birth mother Faelyn; and then she was gone protecting the newborn baby Stella. I can’t imagine the guilt and hatred Faelyn and Trent should have felt towards Thomas and Travis for trusting, for their mistakes, for their lost. So so raw. I keep remembering her as this little girl wondering around with Trent and showing his tender side, this little baby in Faelyn’s arms who was taken away from her young inexpensive mother that showed her inner trauma and unstoppable love for her daughter. She was an innocent and she died, and I still can’t believe it. (*Not joke, I’m ugly sobbing again*)

But the one thing I loved was the reactions of Ellie, Tyler, America and Shep cuz even though I didn’t know much about the last two I had a great time, I understood their posture and thoughts, their reasoning was just like mine. It was serious and not violent but just heartbreaking. I fell in love with them and now I want to read their book Something Beautiful.


Second book was Winter by Marissa Mayer, the final one in the regular Lunar Chronicles series.


Let’s offer a quick synopsis right here. With Scarlett kidnapped up in Luna and Levana fucking things up down on Earth, Cinder must begin taking care of some unsolved businesses that might include giphy-1some kisses with a kind Emperor and the throne that her homicidal aunt took from her. While Thorne must confess his feelings before is too late, Wolf is desperate to get his Scarlett back and she’s getting sucked in becoming friends/allies with crazy Princess Winter to survice. We are entering the world of Lunar politics, economic injustice and superficial suffering; all in the way of a star-crossed love story threatened to be taken down by an evil wicked Queen, Winter and Jacin’s liaison will not be as easy as the fairytale said.


Wow, where do I begin? Cuz everything seemed perfect with the exception of an insignificant cheesy moment that was almost nonexistent, so all was bright and shiny and PERFECT. The character development, the constant personality characters maintain despite the time, the badassery of battle scenes, the description of places in Luna (God, even the fashion was as cool as THG’s), the emotional and lovely conclusion. God! Everything was just too good to be true, cuz most final books end up not being what was announced, or too sad, or too unrealistic, or just not good enough but this one was everything any fan could have asked for: it had smooth passionate romance, sassy Kai, Iko’s memorable lines, Levana’s true face, Cinder kicking ass, Cress kicking hacker ass, Scarlett showing why she’s a boss, Thorne being Shockingly tender and a sweetheart, and of course the inclusion of cray cray Winter and goose Jacin. No need to say, thank you, Marissa, for these awesome books; cuz these ones where the ones that got me into science fiction I’m cyborg level and creative retellings. So thanks.

Omg, sassy Kai was everything. There were many times where he just read Levana in the most sophisticated yet ghetto way, and I had no idea this young emperor was capable of it. Sass, sass, all you need are sassy lines. Besides the knife scene was just too much to redefine my love for that man.

Then was Wolf’s reunion with his mom, God that broke my heart cuz then she was force to kill herself and he had just gotten her back. I almost lost it when they hugged but at least she went away knowing he had found love. (Let’s not mention his other surgery).

Talking about sad moments, there was Ryu’s death. Oh, I suffered for that death. I understand it was necessary but it still hit me, and the fact that Winter sees his “ghost” was enough to make me sob.


But what about the ships? Cinder and Kai making out and she counting all the kisses in the ship, oh lala. Scarlett not denying she fell for Wolf and then the wedding, I lost it, my babies! Winter and Jacin’s cheesy yet sweet moments, too candy like for my heart but still nice. And finally my favourite couple, Cress and Thorne with that Kiss at the wedding party! Oh, that Kiss was life, it was the truth of it all! I literally had to contain my fangirling emotions since I was in my French class, but my smile was undeniable.


This book was too good to be real, and it was real. I was scared that it would be boring or not as good as I expected, but I ended up in love with it like there was no tomorrow.

Third and final book I read was a crazy ride named Eighteen by J. A. Huss.


This tells us the life of Shannon a young girl living with the husband of her late sister and her baby niece, she’s always been smart and tumblr_inline_nnesu52kgq1sccn28_500clever but when a though challenge about her future reaches her, she’s had enough. After all her life hasn’t been the best, her dead mother, her dead neglecting sister by an overdose, her abusive drunken brother-in-law, and the on & off babysitting duties with her niece, has clearly given her enough drama and tiredness so she’s ready to drop out school and her tumblr_inline_mrnofceg0f1qz4rgp dreams when a young good looking teacher takes charge of not only her education but her life. Mateo is not like other guys, he actually wants to see her succeed and worries about her well being, he makes her feel worthy and good enough, he helps her heal and believe in herself; but she knows he must be hiding something cuz in her lifetime there’s no perfect guy specially not one who’s her new math’s teacher.


I must be honest and admit I was in a reading break since I had finished my TBR list of 2016 and I started reading this a week before Christmas. I was captured by its simplicity and complicated characters, because not everything is what it seems from a surface, not the lives not the relationships neither the plot sometimes. This was a rollercoaster from the first kiss, even the first argument a couple of people had during the first pages of this book; it was explosive, emotions and deception without crossing the fine line of soap opera drama, it somehow felt real and until now that I’m slowly checking out the cover I realise it was based on a true story which makes me happy and even more excited by this tale about the classic ups and downs that teaches us that sometimes life can be tough on us but we also play a part in our own doom if we don’t change the chip that tells us we’re not good enough or that everything could go wrong: because we’re are worth it and we can succeed if we want it that way.

SPOILER ALERT, technically.
The first omfg moment I experimented was the first time Mateo and Shannon had sex up the table in the classroom, I was like whaaaat is going on here. It was too fast paced and hot but still way too rushed, he was clearly not shy and she was on it. As shocked and confused as I was because of how she was approached by him.

Then was the time when all the truth was unveiled and I wanted to kick Mateo right in his balls cuz he lied to dear Shannon and broke her heart, and the poor girl had had enough of that shit. She was in a bad path there, I mean her niece had an overdose, she was blamed for it, she found out her brother-in-law abandoned her and was a drug dealer or something, and Mateo was an uncovered officer tracking the in-law for his crimes and also his boss’s crimes. She was so punished by this, she thought everything was finally going to be alright and then it wasn’t. And it was really depressing; at this time I knew the book had hit me when I cried for the unfairness of her life.

But in the end she had her happy ending and I was pleased cuz she got to keep and raise her niece with the love of her life, and at the same time built a future she wanted for a long time. I recommend this so much.


And that’s it for now, kiddos. There’s a strong possibility I might be reviewing only two books next week cuz the one I’m planing to read is huge.

See ya.

OTP Soundtrack #4

Good afternoon,

Ok, so I tried to sound formal and was unsuccessful on it, therefore I’ll do my normal intro where I talk about my regular week. But somehow this week wasn’t as exciting and fucked up as the others before, perhaps since I’m “having a blast” with my stress-free holidays… Oh but wait! I did had a shitty Monday morning and afternoon because I had to sign myself in a French Grammar course to ruin my January and February vacations, and I was forced to make a queue from 7:50am! When I arrived to the office (after a two hour wait) the course had no hour hand and I had forgotten my ID so I thought “maybe I could go back home, get the stupid thing and return, I just hope there are still some people and the office’s still open“. At 11:45am I found myself in the largest and slowest fucking queue ever, then the system wasn’t working and they had a two hour delay; in the end I was hungry, bored, tired and annoyed by the arguing couple next to me, it wasn’t until it was 17:30pm that I finally was able to sign myself in and finish that madness. The worst day ever! Anyhow, this was not intended to be such a long story but be an opening to this week’s tag couple: It’s Christmas time and I wanted to be different and lovely at the same time so I chose Josie and Seth from the Titan series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. These two are such cuties!

They are both really different not only in personality but also in their upbringing, how they were raised caused a deep influence in the people they are now but some they are what the other needs to be truly happy. Two pieces of the same puzzle. First of all, Josie starts off as this shy, awkward and naive girl with low self-esteem, she doesn’t realise of her own beauty and attractiveness; she still sees tumblr_mdhr0btjcg1r3gi71o1_500herself as the child born out of wedlock from a partially insane mother who only could fantasise with her father. She is helpless when it comes to fighting skills or reading people’s true intention and is definitely infatuated with Seth, after all he’s sexy and dangerous so she decides not to be so obvious about it. Then Seth is all a girl would avoid, he’s just out of a toxic “relationship” dealing with his inner demons and just trying to succeed in his tasks so he can finish with it once and for all, but when he meets Josie he begins having feelings that go beyond sexual attraction because she’s everything that was denied to him since he was a child: kindness, gratitude, love and tenderness. He believes he’s not worthy of her affection because of his past actions, his desire to feed on her power, his own shattered childhood. But for her, he’s a scared boy desperate for some true caring.

They obviously end up falling in love, she manages to see his sweetest side, that he cares and is not the same guy he used to be; he sets her free of the shell she’s being hiding herself in. He makes her believe in her beauty and capacity, and tells her she doesn’t need Apolo to be happy, that she’s perfect the way she is. Just as she makes him sort of believe that he’s worthy. But things go from nice to bad, and from bad to the worst possible scenario where he’s not tumblr_nhb0gnmfpa1s271sio1_500able to control himself and his greedy hunger anymore, and in a selfless decision chooses to abandon Josie for her own good (he does this twice but I’m talking about the second meaningful time), she denies to accept this as she did the first time. Josie chooses to go find him and bring him back no matter the cost, he won’t choose for her anymore cuz she’s become brave and unstoppable, not only because of her powers but of her confidence. And I can’t wait to see how this turns out in the next installment coming out the following year.!

I picked this song last night, I wasn’t even thinking about the tag neither the ‘ship’ I just wanted to relax to some Nabokov’s themed playlist and I found this tune, *Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood*. I got so into it that I did my research on the lyrics and i was besotted with the way this one matched the OTP: just imagine Seth singing to this (his POV), discussing how Josie “has daddy issues” because Apolo is not a real dad to her, and how he “has them too” referring to his birth mom and his dad figure residing in Lucian, how he’s broken as well. Then he “would do whatever he could do, he’d run away and hide with her“, that shows how much he adores her. Finally, how “he keeps on trying to let her go” but she just won’t take it; she’s stubborn and he loves it.

Anyways, Merry Christmas! Happy Hanuka!! Happy whatever you celebrate! 

OTP Soundtrack #3


So finals are over and I passed all my courses maintaining my score of sixteen out of twenty, therefore I will keep paying half and a quarter of what I normally would have to pay if I were a regular private university student. All thanks to my persistence, a bit of manipulation, and cleverness when it came to the hardest course of them all in my career: French! And now there’s a new challenge, finishing this year’s manuscript before Christmas or at least before 2017 arrives. But I’m not writing just to report my current status, I’m actually writing about a pairing a had a struggle to adjust to. I mean they were sweet and cheesy and I loved that, but somehow my post feminist mind messed with my first impression and I had a hard time seeing the right things of this ‘ship’ while reading the final book of the trilogy to which they belong to. Now I’m back on track, I refer to *Gwendolyn and Gideon* from the Precious Stones trilogy by Kerstin Gier.

I’ll start by saying they are an inexperienced young couple. Their relationship sets off with Gwen becoming the new Ruby time traveller in the most unexpected way, Gideon sees this as a ridiculous profilepicturequotes-com-6lo_young_love_is_a_flaminconvenient to his plans to gain the heart of the next ruby as desired by his ancestor to control the girl. All because Gwen is not the girl who typically manages to be impressed by a cocky and many times cruel little moron like him, so he doesn’t know how to be with this clumsy but “smart with words” girl. He begins to laugh with their adventures instead of worrying about duty, she starts seeing the honestly good guy he can be when he’s not so stiff and a dumbass. Together they travel through time as falling in love without even noticing it, in the meantime they form an unbreakable connection which is threatened by former untold truths, wicked ancestors and the agonising heartbreak of the first love.

However, all they needed was to talk and confess for their issues to be gone. They needed to trust, risk  and loose for them to realise how much they love each other, that this is not just a childish crush 95741caf8037ad65f6244584819ba7d8provoked by the heat of dangerous instants but a strong pair of individuals willing to fight together to make a better future not only for themselves but for the rest of the world. They realised they are better together than split up, they are stronger with no secrets and more real promises. Once they let go all the past (this is a literal thought but at the same time it isn’t so…), and find this young love as one that is meant to last, their first and only true love between betrayal and intrigues, behind appearances and traditions: they dare to defy what only other former couple did before, they become independent and free of any attachment with the lies of selfishness and cruelty. No one rules their life anymore, not their families, not their genes; only themselves.

For this OTP I thought of two possible candidates but then I decided for *Clearest Blue by CHVRCHES*, I chose this track because Gideon is the mentioned “perfect star” in the naive eyes of Gwen through out her first sight of him in book one because of his golden boy status in his family and the whole time travel society besides being undeniably gorgeous, then also all the times she “falls down” he manages to rescue her not in the typical damsel in distress way but by teaching her what to do in this situations, anyways she does manages to save him once away of the claws of a slutty companion, even though he does help her survive these journeys through time that a common raised girl like her would feel overwhelmed by. Always been connected and kept apart by moments of their future that were misinterpreted by themselves, meeting in unlikely places just to be drawn to each other yet again. It’s a matter of understanding the depth of the lyrics to relate them to this couple but is wonderful in reality.

OTP Soundtrack #2


So it’s been an OK week after all, I mean it turned out that my secret friend was in fact my crush and I couldn’t be more pleased! He’s so dreamy, besides he remembers my smile and not other ever thought I smile which makes me feel appreciated. Don’t know but perhaps life got me ready for this, after my depressing growing up. But I’m not here to discuss my personal life, I’m writing from my tablet to tell you about this gorgeous yet rocky young couple that I had fallen in love with since I knew Cassandra Clare was going to unite them in her next Shadowhunter trilogy, yeah I’m talking about the ever so star-crossed lovers known as the ever badass Emma Carstairs and the always clever Julian Blackthorn.

Their love was meant to be but no person saw it. Not even themselves, by the exception of Mark, Simon and Malcolm but even so they thought it would go away as other childhood desire but theirs did not went away with the wind, it actually just got worse. As 222228-oparabatai they could no longer be so close, at least not Jules cuz for him the attraction he felt was now undeniable but for Emma it meant only pain of thinking her best friend didn’t like her no more, she had no idea how much he craved for her. Until the time came that everything was clear for them, and for a while they were free to experience that controlling sensations, the fire of need, the love for each others breathe. With small yet powerful touches, caresses that made her realise they were no longer children of twelve playing around in the institute while their parents had the adults talks, now they were two people with necessities, forbidden ones. He was no longer her sweet old Jules but had become passionate Julian in no time, and she wanted both like no parabatai should ever cherish the other. But they gave into love.

Unfortunately, she chose for him what she thought was the best for him. To let him think she didn’t love him but wanted his elder fairy brother, to break his loving heart in order to protect him from their dangerous love. Now in the next installment of this thrilling trilogy, how will characters react to this arranged union? How will Julian cope with his inner rage, outed resentment, and extremist love? How will Emma survive the rejection of the one she will always love when he finds out of her new relationship? How the interference of Mark damage this family even more?

Wow, too much drama, right? It was intended so this paragraph would be seen as relaxed and comfortable. Anyways, the song I chose for them had been floating through my head for an entire tumblr_lgkdrwdhw61qcq13bo1_r1_400week since it was featured in the new CW’s Riverdale promo. I’m talking about *Paint the Pictures by Of Verona*. And when I looked for the lyrics, everything clicked and matched perfectly. First of all, the whole “paint the pictures of the oceans” gives me Jules and LA feels, then the “candle through the darkness” would be what Emma and Jules through each other. How to forget the “sorrow of an island” was too meant to be her betrayal of going to that exact island without him, besides the “home away from home” line totally is the fact that Emma will still live with Julian as his estranged parabatai but won’t be able to hold his love with words nor actions. It’s sad but so perfect for the OTP! Right song, right feelings.